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Let's start with some South Florida moranity. Then let's talk about what a deadbeat it turns out COVID Caligula is. And then there's his SCOTUS nominee, Handmaid Ofdonald. Her "originalism" is a sticky wicket, to say the least. Why does she vote if she's such an originalist? We also get our first call from the African continent, Capetown, to be precise, and an old friend of the community. Hey, look! Wilbur Ross is still dreaming of a White Census. 
Death and Taxes seems to be the definitive platform of the 2020 election cycle for the GOP. A pandemic, mass misinformation regarding said pandemic, as well as tax fraud, are just a few of the actions of an idealism that far exceeds any words that could be spoken to the contrary. A faction of Machiavellianism. This year will be the testament to us and our dedication as a nation as to what we perceive America to be, Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. We certainly aren't that at the moment in anyone's eyes.
The broadcast week comes to a close with a fantastic conversation on elections, the noxious appointment of a theocratic maniac to replace RBG, what should and shouldn't constitute vote-buying, and the ongoing exploits of Buddy the Beefalo. 
Two cops shot, but not killed, overnight in Louisville. That body armor's just something, isn't it? Still not enough to keep three cops from slaughtering a black woman in her sleep because they were a-fearin' fer their lifes. Who doesn't enjoy a good condom crime story? Sometimes we just need something besides the daily dose of horrors. Corona Caligula lustily boo'd at Supreme Court. He claims not to have heard it, but KayLIE MAGAninny sure did. What will a stolen election look like, if he gets away with it? Joe Manchin finally reads the handwriting on the wall. ProudBois plan violent confrontation for Portland on Saturday. Thom Tillis apes QAnon. Not much of a lawyer, that Danny Cameron of Kentuckystan. 
We interrupt this here Prayer Meetin' to discuss the monumental, howling paean to Injustice that emanated from the disgusting mouth of Kentuckystan AG Daniel Cameron on Wednesday. There will be no justice for a young black woman slaughtered in her sleep by rogue police thugs. The claimed self-defense against a WOMAN WHO WAS ASLEEP! Not even a charge of involuntary manslaughter for hitting the wrong target. White-wing thugs wander the streets of Louisville, unchecked by their brothers in blue. P.S. Rand Paul is an idiot.
Our program today on China, the upcoming elections, and Tick-Tock, are just a few of the issues discussed with Dr. Obrien's guest, Dr. Kevin Shanley. Listen carefully for the referenced reading in the podcast, because information, source information to be precise, is crucial to understanding what's transpiring within our nation.
The Old White Horse just ain't what it used to be. He pulled up lame . . . again. Is there anything more worthless than a pontificating Romney? Wait. Don't answer that. There is, after all, an entire GOP caucus running the Senate.
Today's abbreviated program is dedicated to RBG, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and her legacy. May we do the right thing and honor her memory this coming election and find a path back to semi-normal. 
Morans! We got 'em! Tennessee COVIDiot QAnon MAGAT dies from disease he declared a "hoax." Speaking of "hoaxm," Nitwit Nero claims RBG's dying declaration was written by "Shifty Schiff." Sleazebag. Georgia congressman who's a lawyer and a Baptist gospel sharp slimes RBG because of course. Gaming out the potential scenarios for any hope the Dems may have of slowing the Hypocrisy Juggernaut to replace RBG. 
Whatever we were discussing on the Front Porch (and it was, as usual, a dandy) came to a screeching, grinding, despairing, tearful halt with the news of the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. To anyone who may have asked, "Can 2020 get any worse," the answer is an emphatic, oh, yes. Yes, indeed, it can and will.
Nitwit Nero vows to keep killing, via "herd mentality." Big10 caves to MAGATS and money, announces 8-game, who-knows-how-many-deaths football season. Michigan priests declares Black Lives Matter no different from al-Qaeda. Catholic Prayer Breakfast makes a mockery of its Faithful Servant award by giving it to Attorney General Bill "Pepe the Frog" Barr. Maskhole Covidiots launch bioterrorist attack on Florida Target. MAGAT in Missouri declares her "k-k-krischun" freedom from masks at O'Fallon, Missouri Wally World.
We encourage you to listen closely to today's program and come to your own conclusion with regard to education, politics, and philosophy. Let us all reflect On the Happy Life. 
Lots icebergs for the MAGATS to ram! Football coach confesses most of his team has or has had the 'Rona. Breathes sigh of relief that they won't have to be tested anymore, contagious or not. No, really. Nutbag covidiot maskhole in Oz would fit right in with the MAGATS. Louisville settles civil claims with Breonna Taylor's family. Her killers still walk free. "Q" has been identified. ROFL. He works for a big bank as an IT security guy. Talk about "suckers and losers!" Those would be the QAnon goonie MAGATS. Covidiots have killed seven people in Maine from one filthy wedding reception. Some marriages, though, just don't last. Sad.
The Commons are in a state of flux and the Pandemic is making it intolerable for everyone involved. The idea of Darwinism in action isn't a good choice for any nation. It's not a look we want to rap ourselves, especially with the allies we've chosen to align ourselves with over the last few years. These and many more topics are explored in our program simply because we're all in this together whether we want to be or not. No man is an island unto himself although we feel that isolation more now then ever. Just remember you aren't alone and we're here to prove that point.  Thank you for your continuing support!
Don't wear your deer antler hat at night on a South Dakota highway. Bad things, man. WV MAGATS have a super-spreader to grunt and shriek at Make West Virginia Great Big Ol' Governor Jim Justice cuz he won't let's them play footbawl. Mad MAGATS hoot n' holler in Utah because they don' wanna wear no maskseseses no more. Marine who murdered a transgirl in the Phillipines gets a walk from Donnie's pal, Duterte. Ohio cops invade funeral of African-American man they chased to his death, declare funeral a "riot." Oregon cops suspended for spreading the LIE that Antifa started the wildfires. Nitwit Nero: Macho Man.I try again to quit smoking. I really want to succeed, but damn, it sucks!
Our program explores the legal aspect of who is responsible for criminal acts under law. Is there a division of justice for those who have verses those who have not? And how are those who are sworn to represent us and act in our best interest not held to their oath to serve the people? These are just a few of the questions that were addressed in today's podcast of the Virtual Center, and we invite you to join in the discussion.  Thank you for your continuing support!
MAGAT Covidiots along with their god-emperor have killed 62 times as many Americans as the 19 hijackers did 19 years ago. Bioterrorists. No one's shocked anymore, but we have further proof of what a disgusting, perverted, child sexual abuser Donald Trump is. What kind of of sixty-six year old man tells another man he wants to have sex with a fifteen year old girl? The Pervert-in-Chief did that. Speaking of perverts, CuckyJerry's troubles continue. MyMethedUpPillow guy threatens to sue CNN. There's a Beefalo on the loose in Connecticut! Run! MAGATS continue to hoot and grunt about "Antifa" starting the fires out west. New peer-reviewed study shows that living near toxic industrial areas makes COVID-19 worse than it has to be. 
This bundle of thorns brought to you by the South Dakota Tourism Board, using your money to deny the seriousness of the Dondemic. "We didn't not neither spread 250,000 cases of the 'Rona," whines Kristi Noem. Wisconsin Supreme Court tries to (further) monkey-wrench absentee ballots in that "battleground" state. The weapon of choice? The *!^#&* GREEEN candidate, Howie Whatshisname, perpetual loser, who couldn't win an election for Cesspool Skimmer.  Trump notches another victim, a 29 year old black teacher in South Carolina whose black life definitely didn't matter to Corona Caligula.  Even without a crystal ball, I correctly predicted the MAGAT response to the fires out west.
He knew. He knew and he lied. He knew and he down-played the danger of COVID-19. With today's all-too-late revelations from Bob Woodward (who kept a lid on this because he isn't wealthy enough yet instead of being a patriot and speaking out when it happened), this really and truly is the Dondemic. But don't worry. He's still not going to do anything. Fires raging in California, Oregon, and Washington have sent smoke swirling as far as Connecticut. Baring it all to vote in New Hampshire. Texas legislator prepared to witness to the aliens. 
Our program explores the aspects of what the Constitution was designed for, which is how we are governed, our rights as citizens, and the freedom to be all we can as a nation. The process of defining what's wrong gives us the ability to find solutions for what's ailing us and gives us the ability to work as a team in order to make it right.    Please note: There were some technical difficulties in the studio for the second hour. Please accept our apologies for any discrepancy in the recording. 
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