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Venereal Vespasian was, shall we say, feeling a bit flushed on Friday. Naturally, the Extraordinary Ordinary Roundtable had to address it. Nitwit Nero has said some plenty bizarre, er,  stuff over the last three plus years, but this was weird even for him. Nimrata Haley gives the game away in her confederate flag remarks to the Beckerhead. Adam Schiff drops a line to Mike Pencel-neck Geek. Wait. Beavis was in Ukraine? We must investigate!We pulled up a mite short for the week in fundraising. We finished with $95 to go. The podcast crew can clean the slate.
It's Nancy Pelosi day, as she demonstrated what real leadership, real will looked like. She got a two-fer, taking down Venereal Vespasian and a lick-spittle MAGAT reporter for Sinclair. Elsewhere, 350 psychiatrists begged the House Judiciary Committee to take Combover Caligula's mental illness as seriously as it deserves. And hey! We may have found one of Moscow Mitch's ancestors . . . in Congress, no less! 
Coverage of today's House Impeachment hearing. Professor Pamela Karlan ROCKS. 
Impeachment is on everyone's minds today and will likely continue to be the focal point of news until all of this is settled. That being said, when will it end? We as a nation have fail safes built into our Constitution to prevent what is happening within our government by our Founders, but it takes a functioning governing body to make it work as it was designed.It's past time for those fail safes to take effect and we get down to the business of fixing what's been broken. Our nation. 
The House Impeachment Report is out and the dime has dropped. Devin Nunes should be wearing orange and staring through bars. Mike Pence-lneck Geek gets fingered for his involvement in Trump's bribery conspiracy. Nitwit Nero embarrasses us once again on the road in Europe. Origins of the religion industry support for him. Pipelining on the Appalachian Trail. Insurers bail on coal. 
The DoJ comes in for an early Moran Monday nomination. When a federal judge says your arguments are "disingenuous" and lack any merit, that judge is essentially calling you a moran. That happened Monday. Also Monday, the nation got showed up for morans when Mueller's investigation notes came out. Man, were we well-chumped! As I said so long ago, the fix was in. Is legal eminence grise Alan Douche-o-witz a moran, you ask? Why, yes! Yes, he is! And hey! Thanks, CNN, for putting up a picture of Elizabeth Warren next to Karl Marx. Overnight Crew: we need $30 more to finish Bruce's Memorial first of the month challenge. Click the link, please, if you can help. 
The post-Thanksgiving front porch! Stabbings in Europe have the continent on edge. A majority of Republicans (!) approve of Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax. AOB (Michael Bloomberg- Another Old Billionaire), on the other hand, wants to tax the poors so they won't do things poor people do, like make their own choices. Mayor Pete, meanwhile, seems to think the children of millionaires go to Busted Knuckle Community College and not the Ivy League schools (y'know: like *he* went to) and that's why we can't have free college tuition at state schools. Sheesh!
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in the HORN Family/Community/Congregation. Just as I suspected, in the bizarre times in which we find ourselves, even Thanksgiving provided no respite from the madness. 
The deacons are snoozing off the Fellership Hall pre-Thanksgiving dinner, Dave Daubenmire has a thing for non-humans, Rick Wiles declares a "Jew Coup," and a homophobic Anglican priest gets caught sharing his cassock. Meanwhile, the mental deterioration of Julius Sleazer continues apace, he claims to get flattered by medical staff, and the former Secretary of the Navy says Tangerine Tiberius has no conception of how the American military works. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 
The Pardoner turns a lighthearted turkey-pardoning ceremony into an assault on Adam Schiff and the free press. A DC UFO? No one seems to know. Our little Nutmeg doesn't get why people are upset with her continuing defense of Uncle Quisling. MAGAT Regime seeks to hide disease clusters from EPA. Rudy sees the underside of the bus.
The Supreme Court is chock-a-block with morans and MAGATS, so who better for a Moran Monday focus? It doesn't hurt that an idea for reforming the body is being floated by a domestic abuser who still gets to write for the National Review. 
Dr. Bill explores the issue of Impeachment within the context of the ratification of the Constitution. 
The week reaches its end and it's time to look back at one of the most momentous weeks any American younger than 60 has ever witnessed. HINT: you wouldn't know it was momentous to hear from the MAGATS . . . or maybe you would. When the "Ah suppawts th' trupes" party openly slimes the sort of officials whom they once lauded (or simply run away from them with a curt "That's it," you know they know it's bad.  Even Nitwit Nero himself showed the lacy edges of his Freudian slip when he declared Friday, "I do want, always, corruption. I say that to anybody." Yeah, I'll bet he does. He said it. The Goddess of Irony made him say it. I'm preparing to sacrifice a rubber chicken to her as soon as I finish here.And hey: we're all gonna read Federalist 10 over the weekend and have a rousing discussion about it next week. It's worth the miniscule portion of your life it will take to read it to have the understanding of how we got from 1787 to 2019, from the Enlightenment to . . . whatever this is. So we're at the end of fund-raising for November . . . or should be. We started with $915 to go to finish the week and the month. We raised $226 of it. If you, who listen to the program in delay, would like to help make a week of fundraising free radio possible, now's the time. Please click the link if you'd like to help fill in the $689 hole. Far more people listen to the program than help keep it going. It would be wonderful if we could reverse that trend. 
From the Impeachment Hearings to the Democratic Candidate Pageant, thorns as far as the eye can see (and the hide can feel). The words we use matter. Another rough night for Grampa Joe. An even rougher day for the MAGATS on the House Intelligence Committee. That bunch could screw up a one-car parade . . . and then blame Adam Schiff for it. 
Those "support the troops" Republicans aren't as good at it as they used to be. As they desperately sought help for Nitwit Nero's bribery problem, MAGATS like Deven Nunes, GymShorts Jordan, John RATcliffe, and their pet pettyfogger, Stephen Castor, decided the best way to do it was to slime all over a decorated Army officer. Spoiler Alert: it didn't end well. Also: Ohio pushes for The Jesus Defense to students' wrong answers on tests. Good news! California Governor Gavin Newsome steps up and announces a moratorium on new fracking leases and permits. It's a start. He must think more of Californians than WV's politicians think of West Virginians.  
I can't be away from the mic for even a couple of days without the MAGATS running hog-wild. Speaking of hogs, did you catch Elise Stepanik's performance piece during Marie Yovanovich's testimony? A certain orange-colored presidenty-thing seems to have the hots for her. Does Melanoma know? Also: we engage in rank, wild speculation as to what sent Julius Geezer to the hospital on Saturday. And Grampa Joe shows why he isn't the guy to lead America into the third decade of the 21st century. "Gateway drug?" Really, Grampa Joe? Oh, well! You know how it is with almost-octogenarians: sot in their ways. 
Merry Impeachmus, Day One! WARNING: more than the usual cascade of F-bombs in this episode. It was cathartic. On the other hand, GymShorts Jordan (R-LookTheOtherWay) had a very bad day. He was laughed at, politely called a liar, mocked, and taken to school by Ambassador Taylor. RATcliffe didn't fare any better.  Nunes was a numbnuts. Meanwhile Nitwit Nero stewed in his own juices and rage re-tweeted. All-in-all, a pretty good day! 
Medicare For All: why it's an absolute necessity. We can have it, or we can watch the health insurance scam collapse and take millions of precious human lives with it. A real world example of what's  really available in the "Marketplace." 
The dimes are dropping like rain on Nitwit Nero. Desperate for attention, he ruins NYC's hundred-year-old Veteran's Day observances, having already jinxed the Alabama Crimson Tide over the weekend. So much losing! Changing the language we use about Impeachment. Also: A Tale of Three Boobs (as in idiots). Hey! I found a Biden supporter! Best of wishes going forward to President Jimmy Carter as he undergoes surgery and, even while unconscious, is orders of magnitude more intelligent that the current squatter in the Oval Office. This little independent, non-Capitalist effort at broadcasting is into its 16th year. With $1010 needing to be raised in the next two days, we decidedly need your support.
When you've been doing progressive talk for more than a decade and a half, getting a telemarketing pitch to subscribe to Sirius XM can be downright amusing. Nitwit Nero emphasizes the "Nitwit" part by threatening to sue the whistleblower (and his lawyer) for "treason." Jeffuhsun Davis Beauregard Sessions the Turd wets himself begging Chlamydia Claudius to like him again. How embarrassing! Julius Geezer prays they don't boo him tomorrow in Alabama. And: let's refer to Bloomberg as "AOB": "Another Old Billionaire."The HORN is a listener-supported effort at non-capitalist radio. We finished the week behind by $70. It would be great if some of our podcast friends would help wipe that out. If you want to help, please go here and maybe even think about becoming a monthly subscriber. We sure need 'em!
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