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Who knew a respiratory virus could make a stock market so sick? Let the bungling commence. Navy ships in the Pacific under 14-day quarantine. Japan closes schools. QAnon MAGAT blames Great Britain for trying to "take out the Trump economy." HHS Health personnel were sent into contact with potential virus carriers at California Air Force bases with neither training nor appropriate gear. At least one person went back to a hotel every night and then flew home from California on a commercial jetliner. Health official muzzled by Trump Regime. This is working out well . . . 
Prayer Meetin' Wednesday, Coronavirus edition. The Gospel Sharps are busy figuring out their n-COVID angles. Pray it away? TELL the Eternal what to do? Graphics-as-vaccine? West Virginia moves to make "Biblical History" (a contradiction in terms) a permissible class in public schools. Nitwit Nero holds a press conference. Only the MAGATS will buy into the con. Want to help keep independent liberal, progressive radio on the air? It's pretty easy!
Dam-draining in California, versus damnation in Appalachia. Guess who loses? Health officials warn the U.S. isn't ready for the Coronavirus. Nitwit Nero says everything is fine, but it doesn't jibe with his hissy over Ebola in 2014. How do we know he won't take the $2.5 BN for nCOVID and spend it on his stupid wall? 
Come one, come all who walk or crawl to Moran Monday! Tweety seeks a historical comparison, fails moranically. Nitwit Nero embarrasses the U.S. in India; crowds walk out as he mangles their country, history, and heritage. Chrissie Hynde tweets at Trump for a pardon for Assange (which had already been offered). At The Movies with Bob & Agnes as we watched "Gone With the Wind" through the lens of Julius Geezer pining for it last week on Twitter. It's sobering to realize that two of Hollywood's most profound examples of cinematographic art in the first half of the 20th century were paeans to white supremacy. It's a short broadcast week as we bring February to its merciful end. We've got $945 to raise between now and the end of Wednesday's program, since I'll be away from the mic to go and visit with Mike, Kathy, and Molly Malloy. If you'd like to help out, please click this here linky so we can finish February even.
The mass murderer in Germany was a Trump fan . . . because of course. What did the Framers say about a President who would use the pardon power to protect a criminal crony? Virginia MAGAT takes his gun to town and threatens a broadcast colleague from years back. Greyhound to ICE & CBP: "Get off the damned bus!" We're living in a live-action Pink Floyd album.
Oh, that smarts! Roger Stone sentenced; will likely never see a day in jail. Aftermath of Las Vegas Pageant leaves Bloomberg in a heap, but still with a heap of cash. Amy Klobuchar gets savaged both by Warren and Pete. And now we find out Nitwit Nero ran off his last acting DNI because he obeyed the law and briefed Congress, telling them that Mother Russia is still trying to meddle in the election in favor of Julius Geezer. Thursday night in Colorado, he said he'd leave office "in 26 years." 
Glory! Peter had a sword, but preachers have GUNS. Catholic kids have better morals than their Bishop. Nazi preacher says trans people are Zionist tools. These are the beating heart of the GOP. P.S. Another case of presidential bribery, an impeachable offense to everyone save Republicans.
Titanic Tuesday meets "Day of the Dirtbags." Nitwit Nero pardons or commutes sentences of people who did the same kind of shady crap he does on the daily. Perfect timing: journal publishes report of excavation into an English  mass grave from the Plague. Tom Cotton: dangerous idiot. Bankrupt Boy Scouts. Because child rape. Alleged intellectual thinks we can frack our way out of the Climate Emergency. 
Oh, the morans! We begin back in Iowa with a Washington Post breakdown of the Carcass moranity. Moran follower of the Prince of Peace wants god to smite Pete dead for being all gay. How Rush Limbaugh ruined a movie for me. HINT: Call him "Buffalo Rush." Beware of the urge to worship any candidate. It will not end well. It never has. There's a $200 challenge on the table through 9 a.m. EST 18 February 2020 with $165 remaining. Please help us meet it by clicking here.
Whoa! Epic Valentine's Day Extended FotFP! Un-fettered women! DougieDog Collins fantasizes on the House floor. Dennis Prager yearns to be free to speak the word he yearns to speak! Are all billionaires alike? Nitwit Nero looks to consolidate power. Precious Lindsey moves to investigate Obama. 
Yeeee-ouch! Tennestan GOP worried women will load up on tampons and pantiliners if they're tax-free. Republican-on-Republican crime in West Virginia. Bill Barr has a sad over Twitler's tweets. GymShorts Jordan has a couple of really bad days. Amy Klobuchar wants to wallow with the fetus-fetishists. Sister-wifeing may become legal in Utah. Save us, Rick Man-on-Dog Santorum! Nitwit Nero continues to melt down over Roger Stone. To pardon or not to pardon: that is the question. What was his unscheduled trip this afternoon? Back to Walter Reed for some more impromptu physical?
Glory! Jim Bakker's curing the clap AND the coronavirus! No! Hank Kunneman says Trump and fetuseseseseseses will save us from Teh Cornoavirus! Wait! Rick Wiles says it's the Jeeeee-Ewwwwwws! Rhode Island Catholic priest says child sexual abuse is nowhere near as bad as abortion. E-Dub Jackson says Trump is a maaaay-un and that scares the sissy liberals.
All ahead full toward the iceberg! Nitwit Nero struggles with geography. Nitwit Nero struggles with history. Nitwit Nero struggles with basic primate brain function. Regardless, his enablers don't struggle destroying the basic structures of the country. Once, there were four members of the Stone prosecution team. Now, there are none. Why would RBG sell out the ERA? Didn't take me long to sort it out.  Constitutional Crisis: Day 7.
Welcome back to the Virtual Center! We know we've been gone for a bit, but we're back and happy to take questions and comments regarding the current state our country is in and what would our Founders have thought about how our government is conducting business in the name of the People? We'll be live this Wednesday and we'll continue to discuss the powers of the Constitution. 
As Nitwit Nero's purge continues, a look around the country at other things threatened by his ongoing trashing of our nation. Day Three of the Constitutional Crisis. Coal Kills: its been proven again. A rousing Front Porch gathering. The DC Circuit punts on Emoluments, but it's not as bad as it initially may have appeared. Treating the flu with taters. Alabama cop wants Pelosi to be attacked with a roadside bomb . . . keeps job. Homelessness and poverty as a function of social choice. 
Thorns! It's Day Two of America In Constitutional Crisis. Nitwit Nero threw two tantrums today, but he didn't sound right. Maybe it's harder to get the dosage right earlier in the day, like at the previously-Russian-infiltrated National Prayer Breakfast. The Time of Vengeance has arrived. Utah gets punished, as does New York. Brazil's Trump goes after indigenous land and indigenous people. Betsy DeVos paid for one of Trump's SOTU props. 
Four hour program. Wakes sometimes go overtime, and this was a wake . . . for the Constitution, deader this afternoon than Pharaoh's cat, and it's not even a mystery who killed it. The filthy deed was done by 52 Republican senators so craven, so perfidious that they made a monarch of a disgusting, perverted, corrupt, adipose, criminal, demented man. Strap in. As the late, great HST once said, "The hogs are in the tunnel and they will travel on a road of bones."  
Stochastic terrorism works. After a steady dose of Fox and Nitwit Nero, an Arizona man with a houseful of guns and ammo called in a threat against Rep. Adam Schiff's life. Fortunately, he didn't get to do what Trump hoped he would. Iowa is now Whyowa. Why do we have such a damned hard time understanding that pens and paper ballots are the ONLY way to hold an election? Sadly, no one will yell "Liar!" at Nitwit Nero during the SOTU, but an online gambling parlor has a wager that says he can't go seconds without lying.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Rush. Nil nisi bonum, amirite? I mean, except for the part where Rush helped spread cancer throughout central Appalachia and all. Did you know that the Iowa Carcass is a howling fraud, a grift on the credulous? Listen, my children, and you will hear . . . Joe Manchin believes things that simply aren't real. Lisa Murkowski gets a little more brown on her nose. Amy Klobuchar has a nasty little problem from her prosecutorial days.
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