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Phlegmball whitesplains to Black America. Has the COVID-19 pandemic been weaponized by white supremacists? We listen live as Martial Law Marius declares war on America. What about Posse Comitatus? Minneapolis Cop Union head trashes the memory of George Floyd. Why does that man still have a job? MAGAT Senator calls for summary executions for protesters.
Dr Bill brings a lifetime of experience and learning to an analysis of the murder of George Floyd, the ensuing protests and the cop riots taking place all over our country.
An extra-heavy Front Porch gathering around the extraordinary, ordinary roundtable as the group confronts the reality of a country ablaze with Trump's COVID-19 PanDonic and police brutality-induced racial tensions unseen since the late 1960s. Criminal charges have been filed against Chauvin, but it's also apparent that people are working feverishly behind the scenes to make sure he never spends a day in jail. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. 
Cop riot in Minneapolis, white-wing militia makes an appearance. Amy Klobuchar's bid for VP likely tanked. Long history of violence by the cop who murdered George Floyd. How does a grand jury work and why? Wrasslin' coach in Washington state puts up a video of him "proving" having a knee in your neck couldn't possibly kill someone. Another Republican compares having to wear a mask to the Holocaust. Republicans/MAGATS in Pennsylvania weaponize the 'Rona and a furious hero emerges. 
100,000 dead Americans are "no big deal" according to well-known EVILgelical Gospel sharps. Former "Youth Pastor" busted after lying about being robbed. Ex-gay preacher says Gavin Newsom is "Goliath." Ex-feminist lesbian English Professor claims gawd sent the 'Rona to stop Pride parades. ICE Agents caught having sex with victims of sex trafficking. White-wing domestic terrorists threaten democratically elected governors. One, at least, got fired. Tests touted by Clorox Claudius turn out to be no better than a coin toss. 
We've been discussing higher education this week and what on-line learning could mean to students in the future. Is this how we'll be learning in years to come? Join in the conversation and let us know what you think about this topic.
Catching up with a weekend of madness. It's almost as though the MAGAT governors wanted the spikes they're getting. Clorox Claudius opens his war on masks. Insulin? Who ever heard of insulin? Viral Vespasian wonders aloud if he should take it. The NY woman who tried to get a man killed whines her life is "being ruined." Murder in Minneapolis, as citizens take to the streets in protest.
We began our first hour revisiting our discussion with Dr. Kevin Shanley from yesterday where we discussed the political climate in China. We also touched on the subject of on-line education and it's need since the pandemic. We asked the question of how higher education will fair in the move to the virtual realm. Will it try to continue in the traditional sense we've all become familiar with, or will it lean more toward distance learning? Please join us in continuing this conversation and thank you for your continued support!
Hong Kong and China: a master class, featuring Dr. Kevin Shanley. You want to know what he knows.
A compendium of MAGAT anti-masker k-k-krazy. Virus vector church in Mississippi goes up in flames. Kayleigh MAGAninny lies that Americans haven't "been able to pray" during the Pandonic Trumpandemic. There's something not quite right about my absentee ballot. Much room for mischief.
Lots of per capitas. Lots and lots of per capitas. Another day, another privileged, stupid person throwing a fit about having to think of someone besides herself by wearing a mask. ZOMG! You're breathing carbon monoxide! You're hurting your antibodies! Another arrest in the lynching of Armaud Arbery. Biden eyes the Tim Kaine of Joe Bidens as a running mate. Please. No. No, Joe, NO. Anti-abortion industry exposed for the fraud it's always been. Illinois MAGAT gets bounced from legislative session because "Feeeeedummmm!" 
Glory! EVILgelical gospel sharp compares himself to Jesus because he held a church service that exposed 180 people to the 'Rona. Another anti-masking covidiot throws a pity party, this time at Trader Joe's . . . then develops symptoms. Hydroxy Hadrian claims he's almost done with the course of Plaquenil he never took in the first place. He also did to Michigan and Nevada what he did to Ukraine . . . threatened to withhold aid if those two states don't do his sick bidding. Our pal Dave is back in the blind and shared his story of the virus. Millions are losing their healthcare and Medicaid is taking a beating. This wouldn't be allowed to happen in a civilized country. 
It isn't Christmas but we're discussing the Tale of Two Santas', the theory and strategy written by Jude Wanniski in 1976. He touted the theory within the Republican Party about tax-rate reduction, which it would seem someone took seriously, and it was carried out by our current government after the 2016 elections. It would seem that focusing on tax reduction, remember Paul Ryan, falls within the scope of those who need it least receive it rather than those who need it most.
As West Virginia tries to figure out how to keep whitewater rafters socially distant in a rubber raft careening down an ancient gorge and foregoes the riverside buffets, Hydroxy Hadrian headed to the Senate today for a buffet luncheon with Republican senators so ancient they fart dust. No worries, tho', cuz Viral Vespasian is on the Hyrdoxy, some call it the Hydroxy. Meanwhile, the MAGATS are shrieking for the execution of "that one" who used to live in our WHITE House because Michael Flynn. And Steve Scully over to the CSPAN has the worst job on earth.
Plato's allegory of the Cave tells us much about ourselves as a whole. It describes how we perceive the world around us and how we can come to the wrong conclusion with regard to our perception of reality. Right now knowledge is at a premium and it heeds us to pay attention to information that could be the difference of to be or not to be. That isn't a question, it's a percentage. The difference in being is based on accurate knowledge of the situation in order to see the situation clearly. Don't be caught staring at the wall of the cave.
A late-breaking bit of moranity upended the program's plotline. Hydroxy Hadrian claims to be taking the "Hydroxy." Loves it. Says it's "very safe." Says he feels great. Lies through his teeth. I advance my personal theory as to what he's taking. Suffice to say, it's not what he thinks it is. Eric and Junior prove the apple isn't the onliest thing that falls near its source. Karen wants to speak to the manager. Karen's going to sue. Karen's an idiot. She repeats propaganda lines that run straight to Mother Russia. Mike Pompeo's problems multiply faster than 'Rona particles.
Today we're discussing the conservatism of Herbert Hoover and our current state of affairs that we find ourselves in with regard to our economy. What is a life worth? According to our government not much. The pandemic still rages and we're focusing on money by opening our doors wide and venturing into the breach. That is a continued discussion that we hope you'll be with us for because we feel that each life is priceless and not a bargaining chip for the stock exchange.  Till tomorrow. 
Washington legislator trashes state capitol steps to perteck agin' th' deemunz. Clorox Claudius says it's "beautiful" when people die of COVID-19. NOTE: He's a monster. And he announced today that Murkkka has a "Super Duper Missile." I weep for our country. DoJ Prosecutors in Flynn case quit because Bill "Pepe the Frog" Barr wouldn't say that they had behaved ethically and that there was no prosecutorial misconduct. Christian racists declare the lynching of Armaud Arbery was a "false flag." MAGAT assaults reporter trying to cover their whiny re-open protest in NY. 
Yesterday, I tried to hurry the week along and wound up thinking Wednesday was Thursday. Today is Thursday. What a Thursday today was! We got the indescribably idiotic Markwayne Mullin (his parents couldn't afford a middle name) attacking Dr. Bright over his blood pressure instead of trying to learn about COVID-19 and our miserable response. A Barbie noose in Michigan. Judge Emmett Sullivan lays down a marker. Clorox Claudius says COVID-19 testing is overrated. Kayleigh MAGAninny says Murkkka should be grateful that Corona Caligula is healthy. The hundreds of thousands of Americans grieving 80,000+ dead might say otherwise. 
MAGAT Wisconsin Supreme Court issues death warrant for Wisconsonians. Tami Laren tells liberals not to complain about cancellation of Pride parades. Some things never change: Louisville cops break down door, shoot sleeping woman eight times. She was an "essential" EMT. She was, of course, black. The cops were, of course, in the wrong apartment. Legal grifter Mat Stavers says making people exercise social distancing is JUST.LIKE the Holocaust. GymShorts Jordan tells America to quit being lazy lay-abouts and get back to work. From history, an account of the consequences of refusal to vaccinate. Clorox Claudius declares Dr. Fauci's advice about re-opening schools to be "unacceptable." 
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