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I guess we're gonna be awhile clearing the MAGATs from our national consciousness. Insurrectionist's lawyer complains his client is being held along with people charged with "inner city crimes." Been awhile since we heard from uber MAGAT and world class moran Uncle Ted Nuge. Not long enough. Another school shooting. God amighty. Another another shooting. Godamighty.
Amazon plays dirty to win a rigged election in Talabama. President Biden orders examination of SCOTUS reform. The Great Front Porch Butter Debate.    Reminder: I'll be away from the mic beginning Thursday, 15 April. We finished the week behind by $355. 
The Goddess of Irony tries to send messages to South Carolinastan and Texastan, to no avail. Joe Manchin. Ack. Joe Manchin. 
The NRA bankruptcy trial just keeps getting better! A single word during testimony confirmed what we've been talking about now for years. Marsha "Goodness!" Blackburn is sick of all those Elders needing Care! Our "partners in peace" move to scuttle talks designed to stave off a nuclear apocalypse. What a difference an election makes! Biden DoJ, under Merrick Garland moves to affirm LGBTQ+ rights. Too, also: ZOMBIES!
Moscow Mitch has a sad, decries "woke mob," punishing companies for not being as racist as he, Moscow Mitch, wants them to be; conveniently forgets he used to like it when the "Free Market" did as it wished. And too: isn't it interesting that the MAGATs oppose "wokeness," when it's a term to describe enlightenment? Oops. Capitol mob turns out to have been (gasp) white and make and racist af and came from little burgs where they believed their white way of life was "under attack." Speaking of attacks, a new attack on trans kids arises in North Carolinastan, this time with a new wrinkle. And finally, a stone-cold (literally!) giggle from Talibama. 
Let's play "Who's the Moran?" Let's play in Floriduh, where fifty years of neglect has finally sent the toxic chickens flying home to roost. U.S. Magistrate orders release of MAGAT insurrectionist who bragged about "feeding" a Capitol PD officer to the MAGAT mob on January 6. A win for the LGBTQ+ community in Arkanstan, sort of.
A front porch for the ages. It had EVERYTHING!
No April Fools here. Too much too bizarre reality to risk mixing them up. Good vaccine news and a nagging question answered. The Saga of Gaetz getz weirder. Who knew and when did they know it? Who were the GOP creeps to whom he showed nude photos of young women and said nothing? What did his staff know? Hula hoops? Warm weather approaches. Careful who you listen to for sunscreen advice. Ten hours post-second vaccine and all is well. Knock wood or something.
The title says it all.
In which we peek inside the DJ mind. In which we note (with perfectly honest, genuine pleasure) the transit into Hell of G. Gordon Liddy. In which we ponder why anyone would be investigated by the FBI for "having sex," as cartoon bubble-head Matt Gaetz claims (Hint: Sex Trafficking ain't "having sex"). In which Rand Paul gets taken to school for lying about, because of course, science. In which a macho Georgia State Trooper explains the bowel-watering fear he felt watching a little black lady knock politely on a door.
We welcome our special guest, Dr. Kevin Shanley, and appreciate the discussion on China and U.S. relations. Where does China stand on Taiwan? And in the event of war, where would we stand? We also had book recommendations by author and historian, Margaret MacMillian, who is a professor at the University of Toronto and an expert in history and international relations.  This is definitely one conversation not to be missed!  
A little good news to get us started, but after that, it's morans all the way down! Aiyeeeee! Mark o' the Beast! Vaccine passports! COVID surge in process. Dave updates us on Christine's condition. Darlene brings a great idea: Make the Rose Garden Great Again! COVID Caligua whines from his sleazy, verminous Florida motel room. 
Today's program covered issues with the Filibuster, unity among the parties that's necessary but non-existent, and what we might expect along the lines of voting regulations that impede rather than encourage voter turn-out. We have an opportunity to change the direction we're heading if we just work together. Please join us tomorrow for another discussion with Dr. Kevin Shanley on the global relationship with China and where we stand among it all. Thank you for your continuing support of the Virtual Center!
We close the week as Georgia tries to close down voting rights. Some great ideas from the Extraordinary Ordinary Roundtable crew for beating it. The Suez Canal ship . . . the Q-balls have an explanation. Nitwit Nero has a three-sentence tizzy. Stay classy, Florida MAGATS! Boulder monster was a wait for it . . . (L)Awful Gun Owner.
President Biden was superb in his first press conference. The ForProfit Media? Meh. Not so much. MAGAT congresscritter makes a fool of himself. Duh. The return of Jim Crow ramps up to 11 in Georgia. Gun scare in Kentucky. FoxNewsTVRadioRwanda has a sad. 
Glory! Somebody pass me a serpent! Now we know why we can't have civic participation on Sunday . . . at least according to Confederate sympathizer Senator Cindy Hyde-Smiff. EVILgelical christian testifies to a TV station even before the blood was mopped up in Boulder. A fantastic conversation with the Lamar the Magnificent. 
"Sick of this shit!" The thesis of a letter by Paul from Parts Unknown formed the jumping-off point for a two hour exposition of how the slaughter in Boulder came to be.
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Get yer morans here! Fresh hot morans! Right here! Lauren "Klannie Oakley" Boobert has a theory. Irony in Milton, Georgia. Rand Paul whines. Murdered woman's husband held in handcuffs for four hours at Atlanta are spa before cops told him his wife was dead. Another shooting, a horror in Boulder, Colorado. 
An unforced error by the Biden Admin begins our discussion. Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky stands up (again) for the suffering people of Appalachia. The Extraordinary Ordinary Roundtable group delves into the source of the homicidal rage of the man who murdered eight people in Atlanta.
Stickers! Thorns! Briars! How is it that everytime something awful happens in the South, there's some law enforcement Bubba there to make it worse? Senator Shelley Moore-Capito exposes the infamousness! There's a pretty wild story in here somewhere. Dan Fisher talks Oscars, how films are made, and what's new.
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