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Author: Nick Komodina

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Take a deeper look at the internal and external mental struggles we all face in life.We talk about how to isolate the issue, and take care of it.Topics: Making more money, being successful, branding yourself, fitness, nutrition, life advice, coaching, etc.
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Are you living up to yours?Potential is powerful if harnessed, but it can just as easily be wasted. Focusing on your true potential comes with a large amount of pressure and tension. Thats what we call growth. 
Our lives are made up of choices every day.The small victories. Self pity.Your life is , and always has been in your control. Most people won't make the right choice. Give yourself time to pause and reflect before making decision. The Law Of Reflection. 
Everybody listening to this podcast. Be ready to make a promise to me and to yourself
Participation Trophies

Participation Trophies


There is no way on this Earth i would ever allow my child to celebrate a participation trophy. Our society is turning down a huge path of mediocrity and we need to start fighting to tip that scale back now.
There are separation lines that need to be drawn in life. Between people. Between ideologies. Between philosophies.We will never, by nature, live in an "all-inclusive" world, and we need to stop trying. For our own good as a society. Let's talk about it!!
Stop Trying to Fit In

Stop Trying to Fit In


You just don't belong certain places.Accept it.Be who you are strong enough so that your world fits around you, not the other way around.
Be a fucking WOLF

Be a fucking WOLF


Are you giving your focus and energy to the wrong variables?Are you hindering your growth overall by doing this?
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Where is your intensity?

Where is your intensity?


Why do you just give up and walk away from things? Its because deep down, you don't give a fuck about them. When there is something in your life you can't stop thinking about, and you crave it, you never stop.
How many times do people discourage you and steer you off your given path? DO NOT let society clump you in with that is perceived as normal. Normal, isn't successful.
What is your "Why?"

What is your "Why?"


Why? Why are you still at that job? Why aren't you doing what you love? Why aren't you in that relationship? Why aren't you making money? Why aren't you happy?
A short summary of some of the struggles and challenges I've faced in my life to get to where i am. Struggles breed success.
Life has a tendency to send us signs that we need, exactly when we need them.
This world is full of people who are unfaithful to themselves, their friends, their morals. How many of you are allowing these people to stay in your life?
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