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If you're curious about ways to heal your mind, body, and life for free, then 'Heal with Sushil' is the podcast for you.

All of us have a brilliant inner teacher that we often get disconnected from when life happens. This podcast explores ways to reconnect with our own inner teachers.

Join Sushil Ganesh as he shares insights through interviews with healers, coaches, and health & well-being practitioners from all over the world. By tuning in you will discover techniques to serve you as you venture on your hero's journey.

It's time to super-charge your healing!
21 Episodes
This week I spoke with Nita Jain. She is a writer and podcaster who hosts Evolving with Nita Jain. We delved into epigenetics and transgenerational trauma, intuitively connecting with our bodies, the effects of the pandemic, hunter-gatherer vs agricultural lifestyle trade-offs, flow state, etc. Chapters (00:00) Intro (03:05 Abundance mindset while consuming foods (05:50) Impacts of famines and transgenerational trauma on gene expression (09:15) Ways to Manage Autoimmune Disease (12:35) Listening to our bodies and intuitive eating (14:41) Dopamine detoxing (16:49) Hunter-gatherer advantages and trade-offs (20:15) parallels between hunter-gatherers and entrepreneurship (24:17) COVID Longhaulers and long-term effects (27:33) Forgetting how to human due to the pandemic (33:11) Introducing a little bit of managed stress every day (36:56) getting into the flow state (39:08) One small change Resources Connect with Nita Jain [ Twitter ] Evolving with Nita Jain Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
How would your parenting style change if you knew the first 5 years would set your kids up for their entire lives? Join me this week in conversation with Dr Ravi Rajaratnam. He is a coach, a speaker and the author of Hardwiring vs Rewiring: Shaping the Mindset, Skillset, and Behaviors During Early Childhood Development Stages. In this episode we spoke about parenting tools, reparenting the inner child, 21st century skills, South Asian parenting styles, and so much more. Chapters (00:00) Intro (01:44) What prompted Dr Rajaratnam to write Hardwiring vs Rewiring (03:51) Rewiring: Reparenting your inner child (05:29) Most critical age in child development (09:20) The most important tool that children have (13:40) Part time parenting and underdeveloped children (17:07) The 4 C's (18:49) The key thing for parents to do for their children (20:18) Fixed and Growth Mindset (24:09) A unique parenting style (30:05) How good management can translate to good parenting (32:40) Being compassionate to ourselves as parents (37:26) One small change. Resources Connect with Dr Ravirajaratnam [ Website ] Hardwiring vs Rewiring Book Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
You cannot be an impostor when you are being yourself. My guest this week is Anjl Rodee. She is an artist and an improv comedian. In her own words, her intention and purpose in life is helping people accomplish something that they haven't accomplished before. This week we spoke about art, improv, impostor syndrome and ways to overcome it. Chapters (00:00) Intro (02:16) Everyone is a creator (04:14) Every big milestone is a culmination of smaller steps (06:28) Detaching from the outcome and giving yourself permission to suck (08:36) Anjl's Journey as an artist (10:51) Impostor Syndrome (14:44) Creating art to overcome impostor syndrome (17:46) Social media and feelings of unworthiness (23:15) Being a beginner (26:46) Writing as a means to overcome impostor syndrome (27:21) we can be our worst critics. (31:14) Life is improv (36:01) People who can't do it will always tell you that you can't do it. (37:46) Using impostor syndrome as a challenge (40:20) One small change People Mentioned Bob Ross Andy Warhol Vincent Van Gogh Jackson Pollock Piet Mondrian Resources Connect with Anjl [ Instagram LinkedIn ] Brushcapades website Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
How would our perspective on life change if we made peace with the fact that we will soon be dead? I was joined this week by Eyal Shay, a podcaster and dialectician who hosts the Deep Dive podcast. In this episode, we spoke about death, near-death experiences, mortality, and psychedelics and their healing properties. Chapters (00:00) Intro (03:43) People Do Not See Life as Temporary (09:11) Facing Your Mortality Is The First Step Towards Letting Go of Suffering (11:53) Kurt Vonnegut Quote from Mother Night (17:18) The Great Resignation and Broken Promises (21:38) Psychedelics and A New Way Of Looking at Reality. (28:13) Being Dead while still drawing breath (32:09) Psychedelics can be medicine to accelerate our inner work (37:50) One small change to improve your life today People Mentioned Kurt Vonnegut Jim Carrey Resources Connect with Eyal [ Website Twitter ] Deep Dive with Eyal Shay Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
Is FOMO (fear of missing out) keeping you stuck in indecision? Then this is the perfect episode for you. This week I am collaborating with my good friend Ti0 for Heal with Sushil and The Infinite Zero Experience. We spoke about FOMO, doubt, indecision, analysis paralysis, and regret, by grieving lost paths. Chapters (00:00) Intro (02:51) What does a consciousness development facilitator do? (05:41) Why doesn't Consciousness Development work for everyone? (09:59) Nostalgia is the greatest enemy of consciousness (11:42) The only way to overcome suffering is to face it (13:50) How to gradually let go of crutches (16:17) Coping mechanisms and codependent therapist relationships (20:52) FOMO and Grieving Lost Paths (24:49) FOMO amplification due to too many choices (27:07) There is no best path. How can you make the chosen path great? (33:37) Parenting your inner child: A gateway towards better decision making (35:18) Pets can be great mirrors (39:05) A world beyond mistakes (41:15) How can you grieve paths not taken (47:48) One small change to improve your life People Mentioned Gurdjieff Resources Connect with Ti0 [ Website LinkedIn ] The Infinite Zeo Experience Poscast A World Beyond Mistakes (ebook) Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Animal Rights Activist, Vegan Bodybuilder, and First Vegan To Climb Everest, Kuntal A. Joisher this week. In this episode, we spoke about overcoming challenges when we are close to giving up, Kuntal’s journey from engineering to Everest, and veganism from the fitness movement perspective. Another valuable lesson from Kuntal’s journey was that reconnecting with your body and achieving your fitness goals can be done at any age and it is never too late. Chapters (00:00) Intro (01:25) Summiting the tallest peak in North America (13:43) How to keep going when you are close to giving up (25:36) From Engineering to Everest (37:56) Is it too late to reconnect with your body (44:07) First Vegan To Climb Mount Everest (52:24) One small change to improve your life by 1% each day Resources Connect with Kuntal [ Website Instagram ] Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
It was a very goofy and fun conversation with my guest this week. He goes by Reddy from Reddy2Go, where he writes and teaches his clients about the importance of incorporating play in our adult lives. His formal title is that of PlayPal. We spoke about authentic expression, learning from kids & animals, reconnecting with ourselves through solitude, and lessons from addiction, in this episode. Chapters (00:00) Intro (01:29) Using your attire as a form of expression (07:39) What is normal and why do we fight for this arbitrary concept? (10:56) Kids and animals have the answer (18:21) Incorporating more play in our lives (23:51) How can we incorporate play in solitude (29:55) How disconnecting from our true selves leads to addiction (38:05) One small change to improve our lives by 1% each day235813121 Resources Connect with Reddy [ Twitter Website ] Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
How would your life change if you could reprogram your mind and change your core beliefs? I had a great time chatting with Dr. Steven M Hall, MD this week. Dr. Hall is an integrative physician, teacher, speaker, and author of The Seven Tools of Healing: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Live the Life Your Soul Desires. His message is about finding and changing the patterns that are creating your painful feelings, harmful behaviors, dysfunctional relationships, and physical diseases. And how to make those changes last. In this episode, we spoke about craniosacral therapy, unworthiness, questioning beliefs, the 7 tools of healing, and the stages of development. Chapters (00:00) Intro (01:39) How Dr. Hall went from being a Conventional physician to Prioritizing Healing (07:12) Western Medicine Is Mostly Treating the Symptoms (08:57) Finding the root cause of symptoms (11:59) How Craniosacral Therapy is effective in finding the root cause (14:17) "We Are Unworthy" - The Biggest Lie we tell ourselves (19:24) Questioning the belief from a higher perspective (22:10) Healing = Reprogramming Unconscious Beliefs with The Heart (24:33) The 7 Tools Of Healing (38:42) Stages of Development (44:19) One small change to improve your life by 1% Memorable Quotes “Take what you're given and use what you know, to get what you want.” “At some point, along the way, we've taken on a belief, that's telling us we're smaller than we really are.” People Mentioned Jean Piaget Lawrence Kohlberg Rupert Sheldrake Resources Connect with Dr. Steven Hall [ Website 7tools ] Dr. Hall’s Book: 7 Tools of Healing Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
How would your life change if you were to become an exceptional communicator? This week I had the chance to sit down and have a fun chat with Brenden Kumarasamy. Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become the top 1% communicators in their industry. He also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world. In this episode, We spoke about the value of communication, ways to improve at public speaking, and the challenges faced by South Asian immigrants in corporate leadership. Brenden even let me test out his random word exercise which was quite entertaining. Chapters (00:00) Intro (01:30) How MasterTalk came into existence (02:31) There is always room to improve (03:32) Why does Public Speaking Matter (04:54) “If I could do it anyone can” (06:15) Find an excuse to do the thing (10:14) Practice Practice Practice (14:37) Why do so many people find public speaking difficult? (15:27) We learned presentations in the worst possible environment (18:12) Communication Challenges Faced By South Asian Leaders (25:10) Random word exercise (32:19) How being a 2nd gen immigrant helped Brenden in the communication space (33:11) Letting Go of Beliefs And Figuring out what we do agree (36:52) One small change. Memorable Quotes Are we making an excuse to do the thing or not do the thing? You win the game in the training, not in the actual presentation. People Mentioned Jerry Seinfeld Berel Solomon Resources Connect with Brenden [ LinkedIn Instagram ] Master Talk [ YouTube Website ] Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free+
If you didn’t have to compare with anyone else, what would success mean to you? Join me in conversation with Sheila Gonzalez. Sheila is a copywriter who writes about mindset and how to develop an unconquerable mind. In this episode, we spoke about Impostor Syndrome, Authenticity, People Pleasing, and redefining what success means to us on an individual level. Chapters (00:00) Intro (01:58) Impostor Syndrome and Finding Excuses Not To Show Up (03:18) How to be authentic and find your voice (07:22) Overcoming rejection (10:09) Mindset and reevaluating after burnout (13:38) You cannot please everyone (16:25) Understanding yourself better to manage time better (21:50) A world of measurements and comparisons (25:50) One small change People Mentioned Dave Chappelle Jack Butcher Resources Connect with Sheila [ Twitter ] Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free
How does shame impact you? Does it help you do the right thing or does it keep you from doing things that you love? Helena Roth, a community builder, podcaster, and writer joins me in this episode and we talk about Shame and our relationship with shame. We also explore healthy and unhealthy shame, cultural aspects, and the right setting to explore shame. Chapters (00:00) Intro (02:06) What is Tankespjärn? (05:40) Why is it hard to talk about shame? (07:38) What is the right setting to explore shame? (10.42) How does shame vary by culture? (16:09) Saying ‘yes’ when I am a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when I am a ‘no’ (18:45) How can someone start exploring shame? (19:52) Making room to explore repressed parts with curiosity (22:50) Internal and external Shame. Can shame be a healthy emotion? (26:46) Less punishment more rehabilitation (29:43) Nobody died. A great way to look at most things in life. (33:20) One Tiny Change to Improve Your Life Each Day People Mentioned Brene Brown Marcela Widrig Resources Connect with Helena Roth [ Twitter LinkedIn Instagram ] Tankespjärn Community Brene Brown Shame TEDTalk Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free Listen to the Extended Episode Here
Do you struggle with maintaining attention while performing tasks? You are not alone. Some studies suggest that at least 75% of adults with ADHD do not know that they have it. Our attention is a currency these days and companies pay billions to steal it. Jesse J. Anderson joins me in conversation this week. He is a podcaster and an ADHD creator who is currently writing a book to provide valuable tools to people with ADHD. In this episode, we chatted about the several challenges faced by people with ADHD, techniques to help overcome some of these challenges, and parenting kids with ADHD. Chapters (00:00) Intro (03:43) Time blindness and Using Timers Effectively to Get Stuff done (05:28) ADHD Train: Making it easy to get started to build up momentum (07:22) Have a big task? Could you do it for 10 minutes to start? (11:48) Tricking the brain and finding strategies that work (15:04) Getting diagnosed later in life with ADHD (18:21) The Role of Technology in ADHD. Are devices making it worse? (23:55) ADHD and its overwhelming effect during adulthood (26:39) 2 Techniques for Working with ADHD (29:14) The Experience of Parenting a child with ADHD (34:58) One small change to improve our lives People Mentioned Dr. Ned Hallowell Resources Jesse J Anderson [ Website Twitter Instagram TikTok ] Refocus Book ADHD Nerds Podcast ADHD 2.0 - Edward Hallowell Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] Zencastr Promo Code I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free
We sometimes fail to set boundaries in our lives. Not only for others but for others as well. This makes us feel depleted and often resentful towards the people in our lives. In this week’s episode, I talk with Podcaster, Cohort Creator, and entrepreneur Espree Devora who is famous in the LA tech scene for her long-running community initiative, WeAreLATech. In this episode, we talk about the importance of boundaries: both internal and external, Espree’s journey as a community builder, the importance of self-worth, and showing up as we are. Chapters (01:40) Intro (05:01) Setting boundaries: How to make space for yourself. (09:25) Being aware of people-pleasing. Can you support someone if you are resentful? (16:11) How did Espree build We are LATech (20:38) Women in Tech: If she can do it, so can I (22:40) How we give up before trying sometimes (25:27) Knowing your worth and asking for more (31:26) Fake influencers and the illusion of self-worth (34:36) Showing up as you are: Your pace is the perfect pace (37:11) One small change and closing thoughts People Mentioned MrBeast Marc Kohlbrugge Resources Connect with Espree [ Twitter Website Podcast ] WeAreLATech Website Essentialism Book Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] Zencastr Promo Code I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free
Summary What if you had ways to let go of baggage, expectations & and limiting beliefs, and reconnect with your authentic self each day? How would you express yourself in this reality? I had the chance to sit down with Nat Couropmitree this week. He is a coach who supports ambitious creators with big hearts & bold ideas to take up space and express them with 100% authenticity. He is also launching a travel-themed podcast soon. In this episode we spoke about the inherent worth we possess as humans, achiever mindset, being true to ourselves, letting go of perfection, and reconnecting deeply with ourselves through travel. Chapters (00:00) - Introduction (02:26) - Low self-worth to creator coaching (04:31) - Story about the inherent worth of all humans (07:10) - Burnout is a wake-up call (12:08)  - Overgiver Archetype and being able to receive (13:43) - Breaking the ancestral trauma chain (16:19) - 3 step technique to reconnect with our authentic selves (21:36) - Detachment from outcomes, and flow states in the creative process (24:45) - Jerry Seinfeld and Depressive episodes in creators (27:41) - Traveling can give us a new perspective on life (32:39) - Reconnecting with your authentic self with travel (35:00) - One small change to be more authentic every day Memorable Quotes “Let go of all the things that you think you need to do and just relax.” “My life right now is being okay with the messy parts” People Mentioned Jerry Seinfeld Simone Biles (Olympic Gymnast) Resources Connect with Nat Couropmitree [ Website Twitter ] Finding Joe Documentary (Buddha Story) Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] Zencastr Promo Code I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free
Summary Everyone wants to be seen and everyone wants to be understood. What seems like a basic need can be extremely hard to come by. My guest this week is Dimitri Douchin. He’s a Porn Addiction therapist, an actor, and a stand-up comedian. He is currently building a community to help people overcome porn addiction. In this episode, we talk about the dangers of porn addiction, perception of pornography, shame and the inclination towards addiction, cultural repression, and integrating the shadow. We conclude the episode with a guided exploration of a fantasy. Chapters (00:00) Introduction (02:06) Unhooked Community for Porn Addiction Recovery (03:26) When do you know whether you have a problem? (04:38) Dangers of porn addiction (06:26) How perception of pornography varies depending on a relationship contract (07:23) Shame around sexuality and the resulting inclination to porn (14:14) Not feeling understood. How porn addictions can stem from sexualized trauma (16:39) Sexual repression as a culture (17:36) Working through repression and shadow work (21:58) Addiction to the perpetual shame loop (23:40) How can someone reconnect with their inner child? (28:00) Guided Exploration of a fantasy Memorable Quotes “I decided to jump off the cliff and live my own life” “Just to embrace these feelings just to be whole again, and from this place of unity and alignment, you can project yourself into a life that has meaning and purpose for you.” “Pornography is just sexualized traumas that are being replied or reversed.” "They say life is such a good teacher, that if you don't hear the lesson the first time, it will teach it to you again." Resources Connect With Dimitri [ LinkedIn ] Unhooked Porn Addiction Recovery Community Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] Zencastr Promo Code I AM Creative Course and 1 month of Skillshare Free
What if I told you that you had access to a place where you had superpowers and could experience things you thought were impossible? Would you go there? This week I am chatting with Robert Waggoner author of ‘Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self’. In this episode, we learn what is Lucid Dreaming and how it can be used for personal development, healing, and integration. Topics: Lucid dreaming, shadow work, nature of reality, reprogramming the mind, healing using dreams. Chapters (00:00) Introduction (02:59) What is a Lucid Dream? (03:54) How to become more aware in dreams? (04:42) Robert’s first Lucid Dreaming technique (06:34) Reality is strange (07:44) Our habits of perception and how they shape our worldview (08:56) Being playful in your practice and how children approach the world (12:51) How lucid dreaming can change your perception of reality (15:53) Why is Lucid Dreaming so effective in reprogramming ourselves? (17:29) Surrendering to dreams vs controlling them (21:01) Going beyond pleasure-seeking and using Lucid dreams as a means for integration (24:19) Inner war and working with our shadows and suppressed parts of us (27:49) Changing beliefs can help you heal: How Robert healed from seasonal Hay Fever (30:09) Is Reality a tragic comedy? Exploring the true nature of reality (33:44) The world is a reflection of what is inside. When you change that your reality will change (34:58) The world exists in an interconnected oneness (37:51) One small change and closing thoughts People Mentioned Carlos Castaneda Dawa Gyaltsen Memorable Quotes “Vision experience is mind” Resources Connect with Robert Waggoner [ Website Twitter ] Robert’s book: Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self Lucid Dreaming Magazine Fivefold Teachings of Dawa Gyaltsen Episode Show Notes Heal with Sushil [ Website Newsletter ] Zencastr Promo Code
Summary This week I am in conversation with Scott Schwenk. He is a meditation teacher, a master coach, and a mindful Alchemist. Using a mixture of Dharma Talks. Meditations and breathwork practices. He guides seekers to explore their deepest selves. Leading them to live their lives, free from tension. In this episode, we talk about personal development, detachment from outcomes, living in abundance, and generational trauma. We also covered breathwork and its role in helping the immune system and healing from trauma. Scott also led us through two guided practices during the episode. One to elaborate on the power of awareness and one to reduce tension in our everyday lives. Chapters (00:00) Introduction (01:44) Your state of mind when you performed an action determines the landing (04:02) Maps of personal development - Siddha vs Bodhisatva (06:30) Temples of upstate New York (10:31)  Differentiating between parts of you that you refer to as ‘I’ (12:18) Detachment from outcomes: how attachments cause human suffering (15:38) Healing from Lupus (16:58) Intending to live in love, gratitude an abundance (19:39) Acknowledge that you are already someone who is willing to grow (21:11) Challenges never go away (22:44) Our relationship with our parents and generational trauma (25:03) The vagus nerve and the impact of vagal tone on our lives (28:24) Breathwork and healing trauma in altered states (31:06) Awareness exercise (32:34) Unconditional self-love in breathwork (34:18) Belonging and Universal Belonging (35:44) Courses offered by Scott (39:33) Sadhana and a life of self-exploration an the hero’s journey (41:52) We are not separate from our source. We come from the one true energy of The Universe (44:37) The 6 points of softening People Mentioned SN Goenka Michael Polan Wim Hof Abhinavagupta Kabir Resources Connect with Scott Schwenk [Website Instagram] Scott’s latest course: The Power of Presence Show Notes and Transcripts Heal with Sushil [Website Newsletter]
Summary Whether you had an extremely painful breakup, you were laid off from your job or you are working through addictions, letting go of the past is never easy. In this episode, you will learn a new technique to let go of your baggage and move confidently into the future. I am in conversation with breakup coach Karla Mejia who uses EFT tapping to break energetic cords that are keeping us stuck. Over the next 40 minutes, we talk about Karla’s journey, the tapping technique, and potential risks if any. We conclude the session with a tapping session performed on me your host, Sushil. Chapter (00:00) Introduction (01:45) Karla’s journey from Lash extensions to energy work. (04:41) Techniques for preserving our energetic boundaries (05:45) How did Karla get into tapping (07:45) NLP vs EFT Tapping (10:16) Understanding my weird NLP session (12:11) How to hack our memories and turn our past into empowering lessons (15:59) Overcoming victim mindset (18:22) People are in your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. How you can redefine your past and learn from your biggest “oppressors” (21:31) Healing happens in waves. (22:57) Are there any risks to the tapping technique? (25:02) Mini-tapping session practiced on Sushil (35:42) One tiny change that people can make in their life today. (37:45) Closing thoughts Memorable Quotes “People are in your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime” “It's just like a child when they touch something that's hot. You have to have that experience to know I'm not going to do that again” “Just starting off with those little micro-moments of awareness and pouring love into yourself, I think is going to make a big shift.” Resources Heal documentary Connect with Break-up coach Karla [Instagram Website] Heal with Sushil website The Power of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic) by David Emerald
How would you live your life knowing that you are connected to higher consciousness and that everything around you was an extension of you? Summary Takamichi Okubo is my guest this week. He is an education consultant who is reinventing himself as a therapist and an online solopreneur. In this episode, Taka shares his experiences with zen meditation, psychedelic mushrooms, and multi-day fasting. Chapters (00:00) Introduction (01:20) Ars PoeTaka and everyday miracles (02:44) Experiencing Zen Meditation in Japan (05:10) Why do I meditate? (07:04) What prompted Taka to do Psychedelic Mushrooms in Jamaica (08:11) Altered states and Brain surgery (10:53) Taka’s 1st psilocybin experience: Having Sex with the world (12:07) Internalized Oppression and overcoming unconscious biases (15:16) Integration and Taka’s 2ndpsilocybin experience: Ego Death (18:58) Love for reality as it is (22:01) Detachment from trauma and overcoming victim mindset (22:41) Taka’s 3rd psilocybin experience: Speaking with God (26:29) Experiences from multi-day fasts (31:12) An everyday miracle to practice in your life. Memorable Quotes “It's like having your own therapist in your own mind” “Buddha is not too bad. Buddha’s Alright” “In the first session, I had sex with a world, in the second, I died, and then in the third, I spoke with the universe, or God, or whatever the source of all this is” “We are human beings, not human doings” People mentioned Michael Polan SN Goenka Resources Follow Takamich on Twitter: Free Vipassana retreat: Previous episodes:
Summary Our guest this week is Miche Priest. She is a multipotentialite solopreneur who is helping individuals get unblocked by using micro-coaching sessions. In this episode we chatted about reinvention, multipotentiality, generalists vs specialists, harmful advice, solopreneur accountability, and in the end, Miche helped me get unstuck by applying her signature Unstuck In 15 technique. Chapters (01:40) Expert in reinvention – 7 Career changes (02:44) Miche the Multipotentialite (03:56) A world designed for specialists (05:13) How advice can be disempowering (10:07) How does Miche keep herself accountable as a solopreneur? (15:01) Miche helps Sushil get unstuck Memorable Quotes “Somebody who disagrees, there's just not part of your tribe” “Ask high-quality questions from a place of curiosity” “Don’t put your child’s head in a vise” People Mentioned Emilie Wapnick - Author of 'How to be Everything' Dr. Subodh Kerkar - Indian Abstract Artist If you liked this episode, you can sign-up for our mailing list at
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