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Author: Abby Wynne and Regina of the Land

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Are you a healer? Then this is the podcast for you! Grab a cuppa, sit back and relax and join Abby and Regina as they chat about how to look after yourself as a healer, along with personal stories of growth and spirituality, and the occasional guest. Abby and Regina share tools and techniques for healing yourself and others in every podcast episode, and laughter and fun is also offered along the way. Whether you're a professional healer in private practice, somebody's parent or caregiver, or simply someone that everybody confides in, we are sure that you will find something in this podcast series that will help you feel better.You can find out more about Abby on her website, Regina on her website, and you can contact both Abby and Regina on their dedicated podcast email:
15 Episodes
This is the audio replay of an Instagram Live that Abby facilitated on Friday 8th January 2021 with Aedamar Kirrane. It's a very frank discussion between two awakened women with lots here for you to think about!  No hold's barred! Aedamar and Abby discuss the spiritual experience, what healing actually is, and what it's like to awaken. They also discuss God, love, shamanic dismemberment and what healing actually is. Aedamar shares some details of her personal story and she also shares "The Path to Gold: 7 Stages of the Awakening Process" from her new book, Light on Fire, published by Hay House.You can find Aedamar on her website and of course you can find Abby on either of hers: and Do write in to us if you have a suggestion for future guests, or any topics you'd like us to feature on the show:
Abby and Regina answer a listeners question about energy clearing, they look at different ways you can clear a space, clear your own energy field, and make sure that you don’t bring someone else’s emotional energy back home with you.Boundaries are important, and we invite you to review how you keep your own boundaries clear and strong, as always the ideas offered here are simple, practical and can be amended to suit your own purposes. Do get in touch if you have more questions you'd like us to cover on the show, email healingforhealerspodcast@gmail.comYou can find more about Abby on her website, and Regina on hers:
Regina and Abby are joined by Treasa Ní Mhurchú, a tour guide and archaeologist who works on the Sacred Sites of Ireland. We they chat about ways to celebrate the Solstice (the shortest day of the year) whether you can get out to a sacred site, or are locked down at home during the pandemic. This year the Solstice falls on December 21st, so we wanted to share this episode in good time to give you some ideas if you felt like celebrating it too.  We also talk about what life may have been like in neolithic times, attitudes towards the cycles and the seasons, and how technology has disconnected us from the natural flow of the world.More about Treasa: Treasa has an MSc in Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture, B. Bus Hon in Entrepreneurship. She also is qualified as an Holistic Therapist and Stress Management Consultant, and is a Tour and Heritage Guide. Treasa is a Priestess of the Sacred Land, a High Priestess in Progressive Witchcraft and has published 5 guided meditation CD’s, and published a book “Ancient Echoes” in collaboration with the artist Courtney Davis. You can find her on
We felt it was important to spend more time on what it means to be an empath, so we offer you part 3 of this discussion!! Practical tips around being an empath have already been given in the previous 2 episodes, so in this one we discuss how to clear your energy - How do you energetically cleanse yourself? We look at how you can ensure that you’ve not picked up energy from others, and how to make sure, on an ongoing basis, that your energy is as clear as it can be, so you can give the best of yourself. We also talk about discernment around choosing a spiritual teacher, what it means to be a follower vs what it means to be an apprentice, and much more. Abby offers a healing technique that you can try for yourselves straight away, and we look at brain fog as an energetic issue. We are both sure we will return to this subject time and time again, so if there is anything you felt we didn't cover and would love to hear more about please do get in touch. You can email us via 
Continuing the conversation from the episode 10, “Is Being an Empath a Strength or a Weakness?”. Regina and Abby go deeper with what life is like for empaths, where we define an empath as someone who is sensitive to energies. When you’re sensitive to energies you can feel other people’s feelings, you can also pick up emotional energy and think that it’s your own. It can be difficult to navigate life when you’re surrounded by other people’s energy!!  You can also get lost in it and forget who you are. In this episode we look at how to protect and look after yourself better as an empath so you can manage life better and life seems a little easier for you. And more fun and magical too! We share stories, give tips and suggestions, and of course, have a laugh along the way. If you’ve not listened to episode 10, it will probably make more sense to you if you start there! We’re always open for questions, please email us 
While answering a listeners question Abby and Regina open up conversation about what it means to be an Empath. Empathy is different to being an empath, and one of the main issues empaths have is feeling too much and not knowing the difference between what is their own, and what belongs to other people. Most caregivers/healers are empaths, and we empaths tend to put other people’s well being above our own, and then suffer for it. It's difficult to put on your own mask first and then help other's put on their own when you can feel their pain. But it has to be done.We refer back to Episode 4 (Keeping good, strong boundaries to help prevent burnout) which we do recommend you listen to, if you’ve not already heard it. Being an empath doesn’t have to be a disability. If you know you are one you can learn how to work with it, rather than have it hamper you. It makes life much more magical and interesting! We both hope this podcast helps you make sense of what you might be going through. And if you're not an empath, we are sure you'll still find useful information here, as well as the usual banter and laughter.We continue this discussion into the next podcast. We’re always open for questions, please email us and perhaps we will feature it in the future.
This is the one where Regina and Abby discuss the difficult subject of being a healer and charging for your services. Many of us feel like we have this amazing gift therefore we should be offering it for free. Many people out there also feel that way - healing is a gift from God, so you should be offering it for free. But we can’t do that if we want to pay the bills. There has to be an energy exchange for healing, or the client won’t value it. In order to not be taken for granted as a healer, you do have to charge, even though sometimes being a healer feels like a vocation. And how much do you charge, as a healer? Are you undervaluing yourself? This is a hot topic, money can be a very difficult subject for healers, but it does need to be discussed. Be prepared for a passionate exchange! We both hope if you’re a healer this inspires you to reevaluate yourself and to upgrade how you see yourself, and to possibly charge more than you are charging already! Enter with an open mind! Much love to you, Regina and Abby.
We have the news, we have weather forecasts, but we don’t have energetic news, or energetic forecasts! Well, now we do! Our new ‘Check in’ episodes will be recorded and uploaded quickly when we feel that something needs to be said, celebrated, acknowledged or have our awareness brought to it. We check in with each other, but we are also checking in with you. We check in with the current energies to bring you information that will help you navigate your way, and make the most of the opportunities to go deeper, or remind you to look after yourself at a higher level.In this, our first check-in; Regina explores the Celtic festival of Samhain. We talk about its origins, about the meaning behind it, why it’s important, and how it affects us energetically. We also bring in the practical by discussing ways you can mark the date for yourself wherever you are in the world, with whatever level of pandemic restrictions. The energies of Samhain peak on the 4th/5th of November 2020. We hope you enjoy this episode, and even if you’re listening to it when it’s a different time of year, we know that there is still something here for you.You can find Regina @reginaoftheland and Abby @abbynrghealing on Instagram. If you love the show, pop over and say hello to us! And we'd also really love a review on Apple Podcasts, if you've been listening to us there! Spread the love! Until next time.
In this episode we chat to our good friend Teri who is also a healer. We discuss empowerment, boundaries, authenticity and much, much more. It’s wonderful to have a mix of voices, different options and an enlargement of our circle! It’s a fireside chat, and you’re so very welcome to join us. Teri talks about her awakening, about life as a healer, and the beauty of living authentically.More about Teri: Teri Connolly is a Shamanic Practitioner based in the West of Ireland, now working online. She runs apprenticeship programmes with both small groups and individuals. As a young child, Teri's natural gifts appeared early: dream premonitions, seeing those who have passed, and hearing and seeing where people needed healing.  With 20 years of her own deep personal work and training she now brings her gifts and wisdom to others as tools to the larger world. As a shamanic practitioner she supports others in opening to their deep personal empowerment by embodying a grounded simple sacred life through laughter, play, mentoring and rewriting story. You can find Teri on her website or on Facebook page, Sacred Star Soul Connections.
Being an empath/healer is a full time job, so how do you know when you are on the verge of compassion fatigue or burnout? Are there internal, or even external signs that you’re missing something? And if you’re more than simply physically exhausted, how do you look after your Soul? Join Abby and Regina for a candid discussion on exhaustion, compassion fatigue, how to look after yourself, the Divine Law of Compensation, business models for healers and so, so much more. From this episode: Setting clearer firmer boundaries around when you are available and when you are not. Knowing what fills you up so you can fill yourself up. And the difference between being exhausted, and suffering from Soul Loss.Affirmation: I value myself and I do what I need to do so that I don’t burn out. Looking after yourself is so important!  We hope that there is something here you can connect with, relate to, inspire you, and normalise the journey of being an empath/healer so that you can feel more empowered in your life. Visit Abby on, or Regina on, and email the show anytime:
In this episode of Healing for Healers, we are doing something a little different! Regina of the Land offers a spiritual healing journey where we visit a very special stone circle in Ireland and connect to the ancestors. We also meet a very special Irish Goddess. If you want to travel with Regina, all you have to do is bring your awareness in and focus completely into the episode, switch off all distractions and place your feet on the ground. Close your eyes and allow the images to wrap around you, allow yourself to receive and absorb the love that is here. Let Regina’s voice carry you into a beautiful landscape, allow it to unfold in your imagination as you release your burdens and connect to a source of unconditional love. And if not, you can simply tune in and enjoy the chatter, and come back another time and let the journey unfold in your heart. Enjoy!!
Both Abby and Regina have learnt over the years about how to set good, strong boundaries with clients. They have also learnt what happens when they don’t set good boundaries! Join them for a conversation around how to focus on self-care as a healer, (or caregiver!), and how to keep things ‘clean’ between you and your client so that you don’t burn out. The topics we speak of here are also very useful when it comes to personal boundaries too, such as between friends or even between family. We both hope that you find something useful here that you can apply in your own life, whether you’re in practice as a therapist, or you just care about other people. Don't forget you can email the show with a question you'd like us to answer for you, or a topic that you'd like us to cover. Find Abby on Https://, find Regina on Http://
Recorded 2 days before the summer solstice in Ireland during a Covid-19 pandemic, Abby and Regina connect to the light and disconnect from the fear, have a laugh and talk about healing!!  We fully appreciate that grounding is not a simple thing so we hope that this episode will help you understand it better. We look at grounding, grounding into Mother Earth, grounding into another planet, and how to clear what is in the way of your grounding so you can ground at a deeper level. We also discussing spiritual hygiene for healers, and give practical ways to ground yourself that you can try even while listening to this podcast! We hope you enjoy and we hope you feel better after you try one, or all of the techniques that we share.
In this episode, we talk about the pressure to be our true selves, why we need to claim who we are, and how to be empowered in it. As well as having some fun and laughter, Abby and Regina touch on vital aspects of what it means to be a healer in a ‘muggle’s world’, and how to work from your intuition when what the information your intuition is giving you doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. This episode was recorded during lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic so we also discuss how to work with the land when you cannot get access to it. 
Welcome to our podcast! Come, get to know us as we, Abby Wynne and Regina of the Land, get chatting and warm ourselves up to doing our podcast show! In this episode, along with introducing ourselves, we talk about what, and how we work, and the difference between healing the land and healing clients. As we settle down to chat we discuss in more depth what Shamanism is, how the Ancestors and the land are connected, and how we, as individuals, do our healing work. So if you’re interested in what it means to be a Shaman, or what it means to be a Healer, you will enjoy this! We also talk about the medicine woman, the wise woman and the elder, intuition and connection, and touch on subjects that we will cover in later episodes. Hope you enjoy!
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