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Author: Marcus Whitney

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Every week, healthcare VCs and Jumpstart Health Investors co-founders Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney review and unpack the happenings in US Healthcare, finance, technology and policy. With a firm belief that our healthcare system is doomed without entrepreneurship, they work through the mud to find the jewels, highlight headwinds and tailwinds, and bring on the smartest guests to fill in the gaps.
21 Episodes
In Episode 21 of Health:Further, we'll be covering a range of topics, including:"Republicans and the Lifesaving Government Initiative": Twenty years ago, the Republican Party initiated a groundbreaking government program that has had a profound impact on global AIDS prevention, saving a remarkable 25 million lives to date—equivalent to the entire population of Australia. However, there are concerns about whether Republicans will continue to support and uphold this medical triumph."Instacart's Valuation and Investor Woes": Instacart, a prominent startup in the grocery delivery industry, is currently aiming for a valuation of up to $10 billion. This represents a significant decrease from its peak valuation of $39 billion during the previous startup funding frenzy two years ago. Consequently, many investors who contributed nearly $1 billion during Instacart's last three funding rounds are now facing potential losses."Labor Strike Looms over Kaiser Permanente": In a recent development, tens of thousands of workers at Kaiser Permanente have voted to authorize a potential labor strike. The strike may be implemented if no contract deal is reached by September 30.And many more! Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎Fed Holds Rates Steady but Pencils In One More Hike This Year (WSJ)Instacart IPO Is an Expensive Lesson for Venture Firms (WSJ)PEPFAR: AIDS Program renewal (NYT Op-ed) Elevance PBM CarelonRx launches prescription cost savings program (Healthcare Finance News) Carelon WebsiteLabor strike authorization at Kaiser (Fierce Healthcare)Kaiser Management Response (Press Release) FTC Chair Lina Khan to crack down on 'below radar' deals (Yahoo)5 Member FTC Commission: working with only 3------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
In episode 20 of Health:Further, we'll be covering some interesting topics, including:Walgreens teaming up with Pearl Health, a primary care enablement tech company, to expand its efforts in value-based care.The steep rise in health insurance costs, with experts predicting the biggest increase in over a decade, which could have a major impact on businesses and their employees in 2024.An advisory panel to the FDA unanimously agreed that a common decongestant ingredient found in many over-the-counter cold medicines is actually ineffective. This could potentially lead to a ban on the ingredient phenylephrine and the removal of hundreds of products from store shelves.And many more! Please check out our Episode Resources below:------🔎RESOURCES🔎CPI Report for August (BLS)An Important Shift in Fed Officials’ Rate Stance Is Under Way (WSJ) Walgreens inks deal with Pearl Health on value-based care (Modern Healthcare)Health-Insurance Costs Are Taking Biggest Jumps in Years (WSJ)Generic Drugs Should Be Cheap, but PBMs Are Charging Thousands (WSJ)Cost Plus DrugsPeople Rely on Laxatives So Much, There Aren’t Enough to Go Around (WSJ)A Decongestant in Cold Medicines Doesn’t Work at All, an F.D.A. Panel Says (NYT)Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator for over 20 Years (ProPublica)See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (Esquire)------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
Episode 19 was recorded during the Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellowship Reunion in Chicago, IL. This special episode is presented in partnership with Portal Innovations and their podcast, Lab Rats to Unicorns, hosted by Portal Innovations Founder and CEO, John Flavin.John is the Founder and CEO of Portal Innovations, a premier venture development engine that builds and invests in life sciences ventures. Portal Innovations helps exceptional innovators build their companies and surround entrepreneurs with the resources and community they need.During this discussion, Marcus Whitney and John Flavin co-host two panels to discuss healthcare innovation and health equity, including a focus on macro environment impact.Panelists include:Anna Haghgooie - Managing Director at ValtruisMichael Gray - Partner at Neal Gerber & EisenbergDr. Kameron Matthews - Chief Health Officer at Cityblock Health and Family PhysicianDr. Kedar Mate - President and CEO at The Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
In episode 18 of Health:Further, we will dive into various topics. Firstly, we will examine the 4.20 percent increase in the Redbook Index in the United States for the week ending August 26, 2023, compared to the same week in the previous year. Additionally, we will discuss Questa Capital's successful closure of a $397 million Healthcare Venture Fund. We will also be exploring HCA Healthcare's recent pilot program, which equipped 75 emergency room physicians across four hospitals with Google's AI technology through an ongoing partnership with Google Cloud and Augmedix, a specialized tech company focusing on ambient medical documentation. Don't miss out on this episode; feel free to rate it if you find it enjoyable!------🔎RESOURCES🔎REDBOOK RETAIL SALES INDEX // JOB OPENINGS AND LABOR TURNOVER SUMMARY (JOLTS) // CAPITAL CLOSES HEALTHCARE VENTURE FUND AT $397 MILLION (WSJ) // ARE HITTING A FUNDING WALL AFTER SEED STAGE (WSJ) // DRUGS TARGETED FOR FIRST U.S. PRICE NEGOTIATIONS (WSJ) // HIGH COST OF PRICE CONTROLS ON ELIQUIS AND OTHER DRUGS (WSJ) // EVERYTHING WE CALL CANCER SHOULD BE CALLED CANCER (NYT) // PEOPLE ARE GETTING FULL-BODY SCANS. EARLY DETECTION OR UNNECESSARY? (WSJ) // CONFRONT RACIAL BIAS ENGRAINED IN EHRS (MODERN HEALTHCARE) // BREACH HITS JOHNS HOPKINS, OTHER HEALTH SYSTEMS (MODERN HEALTHCARE) // COLLABORATES WITH GOOGLE TO BRING GENERATIVE AI TO HOSPITALS (FIERCE HEALTHCARE) //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
In episode 17, we will be discussing various topics including the recent developments in Truepill, a startup that handles the shipment of prescription drugs for online pharmacies like Hims, Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs, and GoodRx. According to a recent filing from Prime Unicorn Index, Truepill has authorized a significant reduction of over 90% in the price of some of its shares compared to their peak in 2021. Additionally, the escalating labor costs, rising interest rates, and impending federal staffing minimums are causing an increasing number of nursing homes and senior living operators to file for bankruptcy. Moreover, the introduction of a new 1% tax on stock buybacks is leading to a rise in companies' projected tax burdens, amounting to over $3.5 billion in the first half of the year among major U.S. public companies.------🔎RESOURCES🔎TRUEPILL LOSES 90% OF SHARE VALUE (THE INFORMATION) //’S CEO OUT AS TROUBLES MOUNT AT TECH-ENABLED PHARMACY (FORBES) // DEEPEN FOR AMERICA’S BIGGEST HOSPITAL LANDLORD (WSJ) // DEAL GONE BUST PUTS REAL-ESTATE FIRM IN SPOTLIGHT (WSJ) // IN TROUBLED NURSING HOME INDUSTRY (MODERN HEALTHCARE) // WITH $39 BILLION IN STUDENT LOANS FINALLY SEE RELIEF (FORBES) // COLLEGE REPORT // BUYBACK TAX HITS COMPANIES WITH $3.5 BILLION BURDEN (WSJ) // A SMALL GENDER CLINIC LANDED IN A POLITICAL STORM (NYT) //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
The fastest growing company in the US is solving healthcare's biggest challenge. Many health systems are pulling back from venture capital. The consequences of Medicaid's unwinding of continuous coverage are overwhelming. Prior authorization reduction is equal to nearly 20 percent of volume overall. We're taking an in-depth look at these topics and more in Episode 16.------🔎RESOURCES🔎AMERICA'S FASTEST-GROWING COMPANY IS TACKLING THE GREATEST CHALLENGE IN HEALTH CARE (INC) // MOONLAKE IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICS HAS GREAT PROMISE FOR INFLAMMATORY SKIN CONDITIONS (WSJ) // ARE DIALING BACK ON VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTING (STAT) // FINANCIAL HEALTH IN 7 CHARTS (WSJ) // STOCK DROPS AFTER CEO ROGER HOCHSCHILD'S EXIT (WSJ) // STATES CAN THOUGHTFULLY UNWIND MEDICAID COVERAGE (BOSTON GLOBE) // DO WE FIX THE SCANDAL THAT IS AMERICAN HEALTH CARE? (NYT) // HEALTH, UNITED HEALTHCARE NEGOTIATE OVER HEALTH COVERAGE (WYFF) // CUTTING PREAUTHORIZATION OF CLAIMS // ------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the CPI rose 3.2% in July from year-ago levels, a slight increase from June’s 3.0%, but well below last summer’s peak of 9.1%. Americans’ collective credit-card bill rose to $1.03 trillion from $986 billion in the first quarter, according to the household debt report released Tuesday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. While AI’s abilities continue to improve, chatbots are turning into companions? What that means for the future of human interaction.------🔎RESOURCES🔎CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (CPI) JULY BLS REPORT // DEFLATION THREAT GROWS - BLOOMBERG // REPORTS Q2 FINANCIAL RESULTS IN DIFFICULT MARKET CONDITIONS // STOCKS SLIDE AFTER MOODY’S DOWNGRADE (WSJ) // DOWN THE WORST EARNINGS QUARTER IN YEARS - WSJ // CREDIT-CARD DEBT HITS $1 TRILLION (MARKETWATCH) // MEDICARE’S FY24 FINAL RULE FOR INPATIENT PAYMENTS - HFMA // OTHER A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTIMACY WITH YOUR CHATBOT FRIEND (WSJ) // 6% OF HEALTH SYSTEMS HAVE GENERATIVE AI STRATEGY (MODERN HEALTHCARE) // SHOWS POSITIVE RESULTS IN REDUCING RISK OF CARDIOVASCULAR (MARKETWATCH) // HEALTH TRACKING POLL JULY 2023 //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
CA Nonprofit Hospitals are turning to bankruptcy for leverage against the State. Markets are pointing down after Fitch Ratings downgraded the United States’ AAA long-term credit rating. While CVS Health is cutting approx. 5,000 jobs to save on costs amid its ongoing push into healthcare delivery. ------🔎RESOURCES🔎CALIFORNIA NONPROFIT HOSPITALS TURN TO BANKRUPTCY FOR LEVERAGE AGAINST STATE // FITCH’S WARNING ABOUT AMERICA’S FISCAL FUTURE // HEALTH CUTS 5,000 CORPORATE JOBS AMID PUSH TO 'REPRIORITIZE' HEALTHCARE // REPORTS STRONGER DEMAND AMID COST-CUTTING PUSH // SHOWS PROMISE AS AN ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT FOR ADDICTION // CUT OFF ACCESS TO WEIGHT-LOSS DRUGS FOR WORKERS // ------🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
The Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement suggesting that economic activity has been expanding at a moderate pace. Analysts warn that bankruptcies and defaults could jump as the world adjusts to higher interest rates. Regional lenders are cutting back on some lending to preserve capital. While Sanford Health and Fairview Health Services have dropped their plans to merge, marking the second failed combination attempt between the nonprofit health systems over the last decade. A lot to unpack on this episode of Health:Further! Check out the links below for details on this discussion.------🔎RESOURCES🔎FEDERAL RESERVE ISSUES FOMC STATEMENT // FED: DISTRESSED FIRMS AND THE LARGE EFFECTS OF MONETARY POLICY TIGHTENINGS // CREDIT MARKETS ARE CREAKING, CREATING ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY // YELLOW FIRST ARTICLE // YELLOW SECOND ARTICLE // BEA: GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, SECOND QUARTER 2023 // & BANC OF CALIFORNIA - MERGER OF EQUALS // BANKS ARE GOING ON A DIET // A WINNING BET FOR PENSION FUNDS GOES COLD // HCA BEATS EARNINGS AND BOOSTS OUTLOOK, BUT STOCK FALLS // - OPINION: HOSPITAL MARKET CONSOLIDATION IS BAD FOR PATIENTS // HEALTHCARE: SANFORD HEALTH, FAIRVIEW HEALTH SERVICES CALL OFF PROPOSED MERGER //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
Vic interviews his friend Grant Chamberlain, Senior Managing Director, Healthcare Investment Banking at Ziegler. Grant has over 30 years of investment banking experience and has dedicated the majority of his career to advising HCIT and tech-enabled outsourced services companies with particular focus on transactions with telehealth companies.------🔎RESOURCES🔎ZIEGLER TELEHEALTH INDUSTRY RESEARCH: PART IV // CHAMBERLAIN - LINKEDIN //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
The Fed’s regulatory chief recently weighed in on a path to improvement following a string of midsize bank failures. Eli Lilly’s Retatrutide medication was recently under the WSJ spotlight for its surprising results. Rite Aid’s stock just hit a record low. We’re discussing these topics and more in Episode 11.------🔎RESOURCES🔎CPI REPORT // ADP JOBS REPORT // REPORT // RETAIL REPORT // ARE GOING TO NEED MORE CAPITAL (WSJ) //'S RETATRUTIDE SHOWS BENEFITS ON FATTY LIVER DISEASE (WSJ) // DEBT CONCERNS (MARKETWATCH) // WHITNEY: BANKING STRUGGLES ARE LIMITING HEALTHCARE INNOVATION (HFMA) //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
Marcus interviews his fellow national HFMA board member, Dave Johnson, founder and CEO of 4Sight Health. Dave is a prolific writer on healthcare's pro-market transformation. He is the author-in-residence at MATTER, the Chicago-based healthcare incubator, and published the critically acclaimed book Market vs. Medicine: America's Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare in 2016. McGraw-Hill published Dave's book The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Smarter, Kinder, Affordable Care for All in September 2019.------🔎RESOURCES🔎4SIGHT HEALTH // ON HFMA //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
SCOTUS has rejected use of race in higher education, which brings up a reflection on what we learned during the pandemic and the result of compounding generational discrimination. A new MDMA PTSD treatment is on the rise, while the health value of Ozempic use is being questioned. We’re covering these topics and more in Episode 9.------🔎RESOURCES🔎SCOTUS DECISION // RAISING $85M FOR MDMA TREATMENT // B CORP SITE // THIN BUT NOT NECESSARILY HEALTHY //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney are joined by special guest Aaron Gani from BehaVR, Inc. for a discussion on the Digital Therapeutics space. We're also covering the "hawkish" Fed pause, a sign of increasing patient volumes from UHG, and more.------🔎RESOURCES🔎BEHAVR // THERAPEUTICS ALLIANCE // BARR ALLEN - TWITTER // SUMMARY FROM US BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS // - BANK TERM FUNDING PROGRAM // SAN FRANCISCO CENTRE - OWNER WALKS AWAY // PRESS RE INCREASING COSTS //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney discuss the Sequoia Capital split, the NEDA Chatbot mishap, Optum's bid for Amedisys, and more.------🔎RESOURCES🔎SEQUOIA BREAKUP WSJ // A CHATBOT WENT ROGUE WSJ // STARTUP BUNNII SHUTTERS // BIDDING FOR AMEDISYS (FIERCE) //🔔SIGN UP FOR EPISODE NOTIFICATIONS🔔📱FOLLOW HEALTH:FURTHER SOCIALS📱INSTAGRAM // // // // // //
Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney cover recent trending topics in healthcare including the Theranos scandal, CommonSpirit’s quarterly report, VC news from WSJ, the PCE index increase, and more.
Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney explore the recent sale of Pear Therapeutics and what this situation means for the road ahead in the digital therapeutics space. Also included in the discussion is an in-depth look at a recent call to action from Andreessen Horowitz.
Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney discuss recent developments in healthcare including details around the KKR/Envision bankruptcy situation, the debt ceiling crisis, advancements in AI tech and impact on healthcare, and more.
Emily Evans joins co-hosts Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney for the discussion in Episode 2. Emily serves as the Health Policy Resident Expert at Hedgeye Risk Management, an independent research firm with a focus on all areas of the economy. Emily describes herself as a “tour guide and translator” for investors and individuals in the healthcare and health policy space.Our discussion explores many trending topics around US Health Policy including home health, CMS, the Chevron Deference, what’s happening at Capitol Hill, and more.
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