DiscoverHealth Humor Life Podcast: Holistic Health. Spirituality. Paranormal. Entertainment
Health Humor Life Podcast: Holistic Health. Spirituality. Paranormal. Entertainment

Health Humor Life Podcast: Holistic Health. Spirituality. Paranormal. Entertainment

Author: Matt Michael

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Health humor Life is a podcast for those who enjoy a directly honest and entertaining approach to topics in holistic health, paranormal, spirituality, comedy, and entertainment.

Health humor life's Matt Michael is an author, holistic health and weight loss professional, comedy musician, entertainer, as well as a paranormal and spiritual researcher with various personal experiences in this realm.

He loves discussing and presenting out of this world topics and is genuine, direct, personable, and honest when speaking. He is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to transform their health and expand their mind.

Matt specializes in a holistic approach to health including specializing in how to lose weight naturally, quickly, and without over-exercising. He runs an online holistic weight loss program at where free guides and plans are available.

Much of what you'll hear on the health humor life podcast is both controversial and entertaining. We cover true paranormal stories and experiences, topics in spirituality and practice, spiritual enlightenment, extraterrestrial life, real life ghost stories, and more which are almost always mixed with funny comedy, funny skits, and entertainment topics.

The Health Humor Life Podcast is truly one of the best podcasts to listen to as well as one of the most unique.
Join us in our journey and subscribe today as we work to change and entertain the world in many different ways!
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Valentine's Day Special: How To Remove Emotional Blockage About Love, Matt's Worst Valentine's Day date Ever, An Emotional, Shocking Break Up story & The Positive Lessons Learned + Someone Did NOT Urinate in the Office (It's far worse!)
The former Health humor life name and comedian co-host Tyler P returns for this special valentine's day episode! During this episode we discuss how to remove the emotional blockage (or blocks) holding many of us back from experiencing true love. These emotional blockages could be from past relationship traumas, or even still within us from getting over a break up.   Matt will also discuss a humorous story about his worst valentine's day date ever. (It includes fish, burger king, and a glass eye)  He will also discuss a very shocking and emotional personal true story on a recent relationship break up as a follow up to our episode from a year ago titled "Love, Lawn care, and break ups." Matt discusses the traumatic experiences but ends on a positive note as he discusses much of what he learned in the relationship as well as how he was able to open up even more-so to love. Matt's best friend, comedian, and co-host, Tyler P, also weighs in on relationships with his "doorway analogy" as well as discusses what Matt REALLY smelled in his office during the last podcast. (Hint: It's way worse than simple urination!) Health humor life is back and will be branching out beyond just holistic health topics. (We will still have that too) In all honesty, It got boring and it's time to further expand the horizons! Therefore, in the next couple of weeks, we will be talking about aliens, more ghosts, reincarnation, and even more  unheard of holistic health topics! Subscribe today and stay tuned! Thank you for the thousands of you out there who have support us in growing this podcast to what it is today!
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