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Health Spirit Freedom: Holistic Health. Spirituality. Entertainment.

Author: Matt Michael

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Health Spirit Freedom helps people learn to heal health holistically & raise spiritual vibration to achieve their goal life freedoms in the quickest way possible.

Matt Michael is an holistic health specialist and intuitive spiritual guide dedicated to the mission of spreading love and light through teachings, comedy & feel good music, and entertaining content.
36 Episodes
Many spiritual teachers often refer to doing the "inner work". So what is the "inner work" exactly? Matt gives you the 9 steps he received intuitively to help get you through this often difficult but rewarding process.  Matt also discusses an intuitive message he received in regards to life being soon shaken up by "Sudden Shambles" to help align those not on their spiritual path.  Matt shares some personal stories in regards to his inner journey, ayahuasca ceremonies, and a strange phenomenon that happened in his sleep in relation to "Psychic Semen". What the heck is that??? Find out in this returning episode of health spirit freedom. - free guide available to help naturally relieve anxiety, depress, weight loss & more. Join our email list to stay connected in light and love.
Angel Numbers, Synchronicities, Paranormal Ghost Stories, Intergalactic Racism, Intro To Witchcraft, Portals, @ Friendly Reptilian ETs, With Zion Zeta Pt 2. + Spiritual Health: Raising Your Vibration, Releasing Fear, Perfectionism & Avoiding Spiritual Illness In this amazing episode, I open by discussing angel numbers and Synchronicities which are often “hard to believe” tell-tale spiritual signs that you are on your soul path! We then catch up with Zion for part 2 where we discuss the “how tos” of raising your spiritual vibration to manifest your ideal life as well as intergalactic racism, witchcraft (evil or good?), reptilian ETS (Aliens), releasing fear, and perfectionism. This one’s another doozy! Enjoy! @HealthSpiritFreedom On instagram.
Hold onto your hats! This ones a doozy! In this episode, Zion Zeta and I discuss aliens (ETs) her abduction experiences, and the reptilian race. We also discuss the current starseed awakening sweeping throughout the planet. Psychic protection comes into play as we discuss how to protect yourself energetically from negative beings, energy vampires, and more. We delve into the spiritual aspects of schizophrenia and what actually causes the “voices”. We end with a personal paranormal attack story and much more.! This is an intro to what is to come on the Podcast.
Visit for more info and tickets. : ) - Just over 100.00 for the entire three day weekend of workshops. Friday Sept 28th-Sunday the 30th 2018 (Located in Mars Hill, Maine At Timberwolves BBQ) Lodging & Camping information available on the website. Come join us and change your life with love & light. : )
Why isn't the secret and the law of attract working for you? What is stopping you from manifesting what you desire in life? The answers are within you and the beliefs held within the power of your subconscious mind. Learn how to use Use Psyc K to unlock the secret & the law of attraction to manifest, heal, and change the subconscious mind faster than hypnosis, EFT tapping, and affirmations. Learn how to manifest without energy blocks by listening to this episode now.
In part 2 of my interview with Jenni, we dive into the scary-sounding and controversial side of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. We discuss Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) and its major role in Jenni's recovery as well as my own from a different struggle. This episode discusses a rarely discussed "paranormal" aspect of the bulimia and anorexia eating disorders. Matt provides reassurance that there is nothing to fear with these spiritual elements as everything fearful is a lesson. Jenni provides a summary of advice for those still struggling with anorexia and bulimia.
In this powerful episode of health humor life, Matt Michael interviews his former client Jenni who had a severe case of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Her eating disorder recovery started when she met Matt. Matt coached a case like this for the very first time and it was successful.  Matt and jenni dive into the causes of anorexia, signs of an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa treatment, and how jenni was able to recover from her eating disorder.  This is part 1/2. Share this with anyone who may have had eating disorder troubles in the past as this could be life changing for them.
Does the keto diet really work like everyone says? Do you have to check your pee in order to be successful on keto? What foods are "safe" on the ketogenic diet? What are the best keto diet foods? These question answered and many more from someone with 10+ years experience on various versions of the moderate to low carb keto diet.  In depth show notes, safe foods, and more on the keto diet available at - search "Keto diet." -Alternative version of the keto diet catered to ladies who love sweets.
In this new HHL segment titled conversations of the open mind, we discuss reincarnation, the reincarnation of pets, and how to find out if your pet may possibly be reincarnated. Matt speaks in regards to past life regression and also tells his personal alleged reincarnation story involving his two wonderful dogs. Matt also briefly discusses the truth about pet cancer documentary, episode you will want to listen to!  Full written story also on the blog at
Matt explains what broke his heart in New Orleans. He discusses "the bubble" we often live in and how we often forget about those less fortunate than us. He discusses how to cure anxiety (A method that has worked for him for years.) He also discussed his anxiety relapse in New Orleans and how he fixed it after getting home. The show begins and ends with a preview of next week's hilarious comedy guest, Shofanda Jones as she discusses hilarious topics including what she would do if Trump "grabbed her titties" . Matt  goes into the palmistry app that blew him away and how you can tell whether a psychic is actually legitimate when getting a reading. He also goes into the healthiest alcohol choices and why certain ones store more fat than others. This is another can't miss episode from the ever growing Health Humor Life Podcast. We thank you for all of your support! - show notes, guides, and episodes
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