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In this episode, Carol interviews internationally known vocal performer, composer, teacher, author, and sound therapist, Flicka Rahn. Flicka is also a distinguished Academician. She was a member of the music faculty at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Brandeis University in Boston, the Boston Conservatory of Music, and the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. She holds an M.M.Ed. from Texas State University and an M.S. in Guidance and Counseling from Texas A&M. Her book, The Transformational Power of Sound and Music, co-authored with Tammy McCrary, is a recent silver award winner in the Living Now Awards, IPPY, spiritual healing category. She and her co-composer, Daniel Wyman, perform throughout the U.S. and Europe as Icaros, a duo of the keyboard, percussion, crystal singing bowls, and voice. They have two CDs available on all music platforms, Chakra Soundscapes, and Hymns to Gaia. In addition to her professional career as a musician, she is a Sound Therapist at the Integrative Healing Institute in San Antonio. In this interview, Flicka shares her extensive research into music and sound as a vehicle for healing and creating harmony. We can all be more aware of the music and sounds around us and how we resonate or feel repelled by them. Flicka provides some enlightening examples. Show Notes: Spiritual experiences leading to healing through music Finding the zero point Web of sonic magic Patterns in indigenous music Chakra sounds The science of Cymatics Discussion of musical elements – 440 Hz, 433 Hz, Fractals, and the Fibonacci spiral Sound as an Rx Social Media: Multi-Media: C.D.s on Amazon:  Chakra Soundscapes and Hymns to Gaia Book on Amazon: The Transformational Power of Sound and Music Authors Mentioned: Bruce Lipton Gregg Braden Note To Listeners: The Hearts Rise Up Podcast has been listed on Feedspot's Top 35 Wisdom Podcasts You Must Follow In 2021."
In this interview, Carol learns how Ayelet Baron became the global futurist that many CEOs and seekers turn to. Her mission is to create communities that live in harmony with their environment or to change the setting. Ayelet is an author, healer, facilitator, and a Forbes Top 50 Female Global Futurist. She is the author of F*CK The Bucket List Trilogy. Through her life experiences worldwide, she has charted a personal journey that examines what matters in life. Ayelet offers information and insights that bring health to the individual and community's body, mind, and soul. Holding a mirror up to humanity and asking questions about how we got to where we are today, Ayelet shows us how to "pause and question everything." Then to create, from a place of balance and harmony with our environment and each other.   Show Notes: "Architects of Humanity" - Inspiration from Buckminster Fuller Opportunities abounding Working "sick" and firing myself Un-conditioning Learning to "relish" failure Become an asset in your own life We are "amazing creators." Build a community to lift everyone Social Media: Website: Twitter: Books: F*CK the Bucket List Trilogy Our Journey to Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership Influences Mentioned: Buckminster Fuller Linda Pollio      
A conversation about the power of Gratitude to improve your life so that you rise up to your best self every day. Join us in this episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast with founders Carol Chapman, Concetta Antonelli, and Ann Serrie as we explore how a Gratitude Practice can be a motivator when you consider that the secret to having it all is knowing you already do. They talk about the benefits of gratitude in their lives, share the scientific research that shows how gratitude improves all areas of our lives and offer some simple ways to create your own practice. Show Notes: Count your blessings all the time. Gratitude morning & evening practice. Research shows Gratitude improves physical, mental and emotional health. Raise your vibration with a Gratitude Practice. Appreciative Inquiry. The magic of a smile. Gratitude in action. Heart Resonance Primer and Hearts Rise Up on Mighty Networks Social Media: Facebook Instagram Additional Resources: From Positive : What is Gratitude and Why Is It So Important by Courtney Ackerman What Oprah Knows for Sure About Gratitude by Oprah Winfrey From Journal of Applied Sports Psychology : Gratitude Enhances Athletes' Self Esteem: The Moderating Role of Trust in Coach The Book of Delights by Ross Gay Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach Quotes Referenced: Oprah Winfrey - "I practiced being grateful. You then radiate and generate more goodness for yourself and it changes your personal vibration." Sansone & Sansone, 2010 - Definition of gratitude: "The appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation."  
In this interview, Carol learns how Deb Schell turned her life around and found a sense of calm that she has shared with many others through her Find Calm Here Community. Self-examination helped Deb find the courage to ask hard questions that opened her eyes to finding a path to calm and happiness. In doing so, she realized that her environment and past habits were holding her back from feeling empowered. Deb explains how the elements of Clarity, Awareness, Learning, and Motion helped her manage stress, leave the corporate world, find financial freedom, and create an environment of calm.   Show Notes: Waiting vs. Starting – "Stop wishing and go create!" Stepping into confidence Honoring self over people-pleasing Physical environment – clutter and placement Paying attention to relationships The power of choosing a word for the year The road to sharing the Find Calm Here message Creating a welcome warm space Website/Community: Website:  Deb has created the Find, Calm Here Community where members are welcomed warmly and offered monthly interactive meetings in an atmosphere of wellness and encouragement for living a life of Calm and Empowerment. Find Calm Here Community on Mighty Networks  Virtual Events Podcast Find Calm Here Podcast Quote Referenced: Maya Angelou - "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  
An Interview with Johan Versteegh – Life and Digital Wellness Coach and the co-founder of Social Media Breakup, who knows firsthand about the downsides of screen addiction and how to recover using his "6 Step Formula Series". A few years ago, Johan Versteegh suffered from cell phone and social media addiction. When he realized and accepted the adverse effects on his life, he knew he had to find a way to unhook himself from screens. He knew that he couldn't totally abstain from technology; after all, he worked in the IT industry! Accepting that there was a way to take charge of his screen time rather than feel driven by it, he began to explore ways to first disengage from mindless interaction with his devices and then reengage with them mindfully.                                   As Johan began to heal himself, he realized others were struggling with the same addiction. After gaining clarity about his life purpose, he became a Life and Digital Wellness Coach and eventually created Social Media Breakup. His mission is helping individuals and families recover from phone and social media addiction enabling them to become better versions of themselves. Show Notes: Social Media Breakup The Uncomfortable Zone Screen addiction Digital Wellness "I don't want to die stupid." "Disconnect so you can reconnect." Google Dementia Digital Citizenship - online etiquette Digital Detox "Outsourcing your happiness." "Improve the story you tell yourself about yourself." "Transform your device into an ally instead of an enemy." Social Media: Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Books & Movie: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Joe Dispenza Ready Player One - a 2018 science fiction action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, from a screenplay by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline based on Cline's novel of the same name. Special Offer: Access Johan's Udemy Course "Break Free From iPhone, Screen, Social Media, Tech Addiction" for FREE by sending an email to .
Join us in this episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast with founders Carol Chapman, Concetta Antonelli, and Ann Serrie as we discuss what's been happening in our lives during the ongoing Pandemic. Working through this crisis's emotions reminds us of author Elizabeth Kubler Ross and the stages of grief.  Accepting change and uncertainty is challenging, but we strive to look for the positive in what we are experiencing, tap into our inner light, and look for the light in others. In this way, we find "resonance" with the current reality, putting ourselves in phase with a higher vibration. Show Notes: Recognizing and managing emotions Learning points that teach us about ourselves Tools and behaviors that have served us Adapting to a more virtual world "Hanging out in what feels uncomfortable." "Letting go of the oars" - flow. Methods to shift your energy away from stagnation and fear Being in partnership with the divine What's different? Heart Resonance Primer and Occupy Sanity Tools Social Media: Facebook Pinterest Instagram Books: On Death and Dying - Elisabeth Kubler Ross  
An Interview with Jeanne Sharbuno – seasoned coach, team facilitator, fun ballroom dance instructor and author of “52 Ways To Live Success…From the Inside Out: Bite-Size Coaching for Success-Minded People.” Confident that she was making a place for herself in the corporate world, Jeanne Sharbuno faced a life-defining moment when she was laid off for the third time in four years. She vowed never to be at the mercy of another corporation for her livelihood. Thus began the journey that took her “From Corporate Misfit to Ballroom Dancing Queen.” She shares how listening to her heart, and intuition, led her to create success from the inside out. Jeanne and Concetta explore how following our inner guidance enables us to discover what the heart wants. We learn how becoming a coach empowered Jeanne to embrace her vocation and prepared her to help others from the inside out. Once again, by listening to an internal nudge, she discovered her avocation: teaching Ballroom Dancing. As she notes, she was guided by her "inner Ginger Rogers" which led her to uncover her bliss. She shares ways to fine-tune our inner listening skills. Learn Jeanne's success formula as she explains the importance of having a coach in your corner. Jeanne continues to model how listening to your heart is living from the inside out with her unique ability to connect with and inspire people at all levels. She enjoys guiding people in answering that question "What's next?" As a train-the-coach trainer for Best Year Yet® Worldwide, she is passionate about training and mentoring new coaches to be the best possible coaches for their clients.    Show Notes "Success happens from the inside out" Being a "corporate misfit." "Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him – then choose that way with all your heart." - Hasidic Saying Listening from the inside to inner nudging and intuitive knowing Being yourself is being spiritual Flow Activities create a state where time stands still Body Wisdom Answers can come in different ways Navigating obstacles   Thinking in ways that support us rather than sabotage us Accountability = keeping promises to yourself Shifting limiting paradigms Role of Dance - Joy, A Flow Activity   Social Media: Website: Special Report on the Home page: "How to Achieve More in 1 Week Than Most Do In 12." Blog articles on website include: “4 Tips to Inspired, Effective Goal-Setting” “How to Blast Out of Overwhelm So You Can Be Laser-Focused" and Free Offers: Free excerpt of eBook: “A Taste of 52 Ways to Live Success…from the Inside Out!” Under the Book Tab on Jeanne's website. Scroll down the page and find it the on left hand side. Offer for our listeners: The First 3 people who email Jeanne at will receive a FREE 30-minute session. Facebook: Business Success with Ease
In this interview, Carol learns how, at a low point in her life, Melissa accidentally discovered mindfulness. She describes how, over a decade ago, with a divorce looming and thousands of miles from home, Melissa attempted to bend herself into a pretzel in her first yoga class. She was sore for a week, but it was just what she needed to guide her through a difficult time in her life.  The yoga experience launched her into what she would later understand to be mindfulness – helping her become more aware of her body, thoughts, and emotions. It also ignited a passion for being present for others through her entrepreneurial pursuits.  As a logo, website, and user experience designer, Melissa has built her business and her reputation on bringing simplicity, clarity, and meaning to each project, all values that emerged from her gentle introduction to mindfulness.  Today, she is the co-founder of Nobody Life with her husband, J. A., and strives to raise her daughter and live each moment with the same level of awareness she first started practicing over a decade ago. Show Notes: A Gentle Introduction to Mindfulness Creativity in the Moment Learning to Notice Things Sitting with Yourself – Reflecting and Letting Things Pass Breaking Apart Expectations Mindfulness and Working with Clients Intuition Doesn’t Lie The Nobody Life Community Social Media: Website:       Free Offer - Mindfulness Quickstart Guide Instagram: Facebook: Nobody Life
Alberto Roman is an artist, musician, philosopher, Shaman, and Transformational Healer.  He is a magical being who offers a unique perspective on the world – both inner and outer. Alberto is a humble explorer of consciousness and has a heart of compassion. In this interview with Carol Chapman, the topics are varied; growing up in Costa Rica, discovering the Shaman’s path, healing as an occupation, art, and music. Alberto reminds us that as we are in tune with our inner muse, we will more easily recognize opportunities as they come. He tells Carol how this has happened to him and brought him to some of the world’s most beautiful places. Listen in as he shares his tales of the "Big Bright".  Show Notes: Growing up in Costa Rica Ways of being on this planet Modes of Perception Relationship with loss Being like Ferdinand The Bull The tangible States of Service The “Big Bright” of Realization Performance Art and High Magic Pura Vida – Pure Life Stay Humble! Social Media: Multi-Media: Books Mentioned – The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf The Shaman and Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms by Don Jose Campos (Author), Geraldine Overton (Editor), Charles Grob (Foreword), Alberto Roman (Translator)  Documentaries mentioned – The Shaman and Ayahuasca: Journies to Sacred Realms – Documentary directed by Michael Wiese. Featuring: Don Jose Campos, Pablo Amaringo, and Alberto Roman Talking with Spirits: Journeys into Balinese Spirit Worlds - Documentary directed by Michael Wiese. Featuring: Dr. Luh Ketut Suryani, Nyoman Sumandhi, Wayan Dibia, Alberto Roman, and Dewa Nyoman Batuan Alberto’s Music – Podomatic
In this interview, J.A. Plosker, the co-founder of the Nobody Life concept and community, describes the benefits and necessity of finding our inner “Nobody.” J.A. is a former attorney, social work counselor, and instructor of comparative religion, philosophy, and social work. He is the host of The Nobody Guide to Life podcast and has appeared on many stages, including TEDx. His message and mission are to increase awareness of ancient wisdom and mindfulness to facilitate personal and spiritual growth. Carol talks with J.A. about how the ‘Nobody’ concept and community came about. They delve into J.A.’s early meditation and mindfulness practices, his interest in ancient philosophy and religion, and his two award-winning books: The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life and his novel, An Audible Silence. J.A. hopes to show that ancient wisdom can offer practical and profound help. He says it doesn’t take years of study; change for good can happen “right now.” He and his wife, Melissa, created the community, Nobody Life, to help spread the message of simplicity, clarity, and mindfulness.  Show Notes: Early experiences The teachers in our lives Adding tools to our “toolbox” for life Simple techniques are often the most powerful Start with what you have Touchstone of simplicity The world as a mirror Messages we receive from silence We change hearts from our nobody side Value of asking yourself questions  Social Media: Website Facebook: Twitter: @nobodysview Goodreads: Instagram: Books: The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life by J.A. Plosker An Audible Silence by J.A. Plosker Available at Amazon and from Nobody Life website  
Lynnda Pollio is the author of multi-award winning, best-selling visionary novel, Trusting the Currents. She shares her compelling story of how this novel came about and the love and work that went into telling Addie May's story. Carol interviews Lynnda about her unique journey to becoming an author. They talk about her love of nature as a child and now. Then on to her successful corporate life first as a New York advertising executive and then as the world's first Chief Consciousness Officer, "supporting Fortune 500 companies by helping them engage the human technologies of wisdom, intuition, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude." Lynnda shares how at specific times in her life, she followed the messages of her heart – which is how she ended up in Sedona – a place of healing and creativity. Lynnda has led a successful corporate career and managed to weave her core beliefs into all that she does. In this interview, she discusses several of those beliefs: celebrating our differences, listening to our inner guidance, and living a life of service for the greater good. Today, Lynnda is a writer and communications consultant. She has experience in various spiritual disciplines, energetic practices, and healing modalities. Her current passion is helping people understand and connect to energetic frequencies that expand self-awareness for personal and global transformation. Lynnda recently moved from New York City to Sedona, Arizona, and like many others, is in the process of becoming something new and unexpected.   Show Notes: Intuitive childhood Listening to the voice of the heart Summer of transformation Blending into the corporate world Role and Power of Sedona in the healing and creative processes Overcoming fears – challenging yourself to grow The mouse at the door The genesis of a book Mystical writing partner – honoring the muse Celebrating our differences Frequencies - Feeling and trusting what your body and soul tell you   Social Media: Website Facebook: Twitter: Goodreads: Instagram:   Book: Trusting the Currents by Lynnda Pollio Available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble   Quote: "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." —Joseph Campbell (1904-1987)  
Sara Troy is a spiritual counselor, entrepreneur, storyteller, and successful Podcast host with over 2,500 shows. Sara’s company, Self Discovery Media is made up of an ‘Orchard of Wisdom’ from all her guests who have found the courage to change their lives, discover their purpose and gifts, and serve others. In this interview, Sara describes what led her to the world of podcasting. Carol and Sara discuss Sara’s philosophies and what led her to hone in on celebrating and highlighting people who have faced challenges, redirected their lives, and discovered their purpose. In this challenging time in the world, they also talk about how it is more important than ever to find our own “redirect”, overcome fear, and believe in ourselves.  Join in the conversation and then look up Sara Troy to learn more about the interviews (2,500 episodes in 18 different genres), podcast books, mentoring, and educational platforms   Show Notes: 1. Redirection – how the crossroads of life can bring us to discovering our purpose 2. Don’t sell yourself short. 3. Pretzel twists of People Pleasing 4. Take the journey of Self-Discovery. 5. The intellect of the Soul Heart. 6. “Actionism is the new Activism. 7. You are the solution. 8. “Inspiration is Invitation”- inviting you to show up in your own life. 9. Finding balance when you are both empathic and highly sensitive. 10. “Trees, Breeze and Water” – finding our equilibrium 11. Two types of fear and what to do about them. 12. What creates an inner smile for you?   Social Media: mailto:   Book Mentioned: Who Moved My Cheese?, by Spencer Johnson Who Moved My Cheese? - for Kids, by Spencer Johnson, MD and Christian Johnson        
An Interview with Marisa Raymond, a wife, mom, mindfulness coach and board-certified genetic counselor and founder of Marisa Raymond Coaching. "Find the fun" is a motto that Marisa Raymond believes is necessary to live life with ease. Marisa Raymond, a successful genetic counselor, mom, coach and yoga teacher talks about her journey from being a serious perfectionist attempting to control life to a Fun-preneur who embodies Mary Poppins' philosophy: "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and *snap* the job's a game." Marisa began her professional career as a genetic counselor in the U.S., a career she loved; however, when her husband was offered a job in France they felt they couldn't pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Marisa shares the thrills and disappointments that came with the decision to move to what she and Concetta call the 'Ex-pat Planet'. They discuss the unique experience of living and thriving in a foreign land, which the stress of ultimately led to Marisa having serious health issues. Listen in to see how she rose up out of that challenge by living life in the moment, discovering that when she let go of control, connecting with her children as well as her own inner child, she actually had MORE control. This led her to find a way to bring together her past work experience, her natural talents, what she loves doing and the element of FUN to create Marisa Raymond Coaching. She and Concetta explore the notion that by tapping into our 'inner Mary Poppins and inner child' we can get curious about the world around us. This allows solutions, connections and possibilities we never imagined to arise naturally. Marisa is passionate about working with families to enable them to release their frustrations so they can create their own unique visions of their family and how they want to live their lives. Show Notes Find the Fun so *SNAP* life becomes a game you want to play again Living on the Ex-Pat Planet "Explore, Dream, Discover" - Mark Twain Learning one step at a time Tap into your inner "Curious George" (i.e., inner child) Two ears, one mouth - listen more than talk "Adulting" is hard and messy The Pros and Cons of navigating a new environment and culture Magic of creating in a group Role of Yoga and Meditation The healing path of Kids Yoga Giving up control in order to find your way Getting to reinvent yourself Pandemic thoughts Resources Mentioned Magic Misfits Series by Neil Patrick Harris Brené Brown Marisa's Website Marisa Raymond Website Social Media Facebook: Marisa Raymond Coaching Marisa Raymond Yoga Instagram: marisaraymond77 Special Free Offer Just For Our Listeners Music by Jonn Serrie Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie. Website: Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music
Elizabeth Miner, successful Author, Life and Business Coach, Speaker and Founder and CEO of Thrive This Day, shares insights and hope from her own journey from poverty to self-sufficiency. In her conversation with Carol, the listener can learn from Elizabeth's experiences and how her deliberate choices and goals led her to a soul-satisfying career. Through her book, coaching, and workshops, Elizabeth has helped hundreds of people find their calling by following a goal achievement system that leads to success.  This interview took place in the first months of the global pandemic. Carol and Elizabeth discussed the impact of the changes we have seen on many levels. Elizabeth shares what she has been doing to make the most sense of this unfamiliar situation in the moment and for the future. She offers helpful tips for all of us to consider.   Elizabeth is the author of The Flipside of Failure. Her second book, about the importance of mindset - particularly for entrepreneurs, is in the works. Elizabeth has traveled the world as a digital nomad (mostly in the warmer climes). But for now, with everything that is going on, she is staying in the U.S. close to family.   Show Notes: 1. Rx for our world crisis – Believe in ourselves and challenge what is possible 2. What does the future hold? 3. Go within, reflect on what is important to you and "architect" your future 4. Story-sharing for learning and healing 5. One humanity, one story, one healing 6. Shifting from going with the flow to deliberate choices 7. Lessons from adversity 8. Life influences and change catalysts 9. In the space of the "messy middle" – learn to listen   Social Media: Elizabeth Miner website Twitter Facebook YouTube Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest  
 In this episode, Carol interviews Jennifer Spor, a transformational coach, spiritual mentor, writer, and host of the Awake & On Purpose Podcast. Jennifer firmly believes we are given dreams for a purpose. She says, “Your time is precious. Don’t waste it on a life you’re not in LOVE with.” Jennifer discusses the life-changing catalysts that brought her to her current mission of helping and inspiring others. Listen in as Jennifer shares her transitional awakening from a business career where she was “checking off all the boxes of success” to a place of clarity and purpose, by being honest with herself and allowing her courage to exceed her fear.   Show Notes: The process of a transitional awakening Our achievement checklist and why we think we have to follow it Are you feeling called to make a change? The problem with doing nothing Leaning into vulnerability Learning the divine strategies Role of prayer and meditation The realization that everything is energy Forging connections with intuition How the podcast came about Believe in your dreams   Social Media:  Jennifer’s Website    LinkedIn     Instagram     Facebook     Twitter     Book Mentioned: Ask and It Is Given  by Ester and Jerry Hicks - The Teachings of Abraham
In this episode, Carol interviews Andy Mort, musician, writer, podcast host, coach, and introvert. Andy discusses how his path evolved and the impact of listening and feedback on guiding his next steps in building an online community. Andy is a storyteller, a philosopher, and an example of coping in a busy world through planning, self-awareness, and creativity.  Andy‘s podcast is called The Gentle Rebel. From Andy’s website, “Founder of, a membership community dedicated to support and encourage ‘Gentle Rebels’ (creative introverts and sensitive types) to find and share their voices, using stoic philosophy as a way to respond to the hostility and noises of an overwhelming world.”   Show Notes: Learning about introversion Role of music as a primary language Organic evolution of an online community Going from the sidelines to leading  Asking the right questions to raise awareness Power of helping others   Social Media: Andy Mort Website Twitter Facebook Youtube Instagram   Andy Mort’s music can be found on Facebook under Atlum Schema     Writers mentioned: 10 Myths About Introverts – Carl King Art of Being Minimalist – Everett Bogue Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl   Quotes: Flannery O’Connor - “I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.” Viktor E. Frankl - “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  
In this episode, Carol interviews Godwin Chan as he takes us on his journey of failure and discovery. Godwin shares the role of self-awareness regarding his career path, adventures in start-ups, lessons learned from failure, and inspiration to forge ahead. Godwin started early on intending to become a physician. Through years of study toward that singular goal, he had an awakening that ultimately, this was not the right profession for him. Listen as Godwin shares the values, knowledge, and connections that have helped him move ahead to new opportunities. Godwin is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and author.   Show Notes:  Drive and focus don’t always get you where you think you are going to go     2. Journey of self-awareness     3. Exploring ideas that combine medicine and business     4. Requirements of career success     5. Start-up Key - Be clear on the problem you want to solve     6. Combining past experiences for future ventures     7. Lessons learned about writing a book     8. Overcoming biggest fears     9. You don’t have to do it all yourself - Influences along the path – Writing Course, Brian Almeda’s podcast VulnerABLE – “Just Start”    10. Ways to look at failure    Social Media Twitter Medium LinkedIn  Facebook  Instagram Host of Digital Introverts Podcast    Upcoming Book Digital Introverts   Music by Jonn Serrie Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie. Website: Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music
In this episode, Carol interviews Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler where he discusses his background and goal of supporting people in their healing. For many years he and his wife Dr. Shelley Negelow have worked together to develop healing modalities to heal and encourage self-healing. Tom developed a healing method he calls Cellular Energy Releasing Healing. His passion is to serve the universal family. In the process of learning and self-development, Tom became aware of an inner knowing and level of intuition. During this time, he experienced the voice and wisdom of an "energy" speaking through him. It became apparent to Tom that he was channeling the energy frequencies of Ascended Master Kuthumi and The Guiding One. In this special episode, Tom channels the energy of Kuthumi. Listen to the wisdom shared during this global crisis of COVID 19 from this revered ascended master through Tom. It's a treat you won't want to miss! Also in this episode, Tom talks about his channeling experiences as well as how he tunes into the frequencies of Ascended Master Kuthumi and The Guiding One. Tom is the author of Blueprint for Life, Blueprint for Healing – The Path to Conscious Living and Love and the Human Spirit, a book of dream-inspired poetry.  Show Notes Reiki and healing modalities Tom's perspective on channeling Seeing the positives that arise out of adversity Ability to recognize patterns and share what we have learned about ourselves and the world How to serve - focus on supporting others in their healing Discover who you are Kuthumi insights – Keep moving, self-reliance, responsibility to share Social Media Facebook: The Voice Of Unconditional Love Contact Information Tom Negelow -               Shelly Negelow - Music by Jonn Serrie Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie. Website: Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music
In this episode, Carol interviews Jacob Nordby, writer and creative guide. Jacob is the author of The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening, Blessed Are the Weird - A Manifesto for Creatives, and soon to be published The Creative Cure. Jacob is the founder of Manifesto Publishing and he leads the Creative UnBootcamp course for students around the world. He also offers transformational group retreats and individual creative guidance sessions. In this conversation, Carol and Jacob discuss how to navigate and find purpose in this time of uncertainty due to the COVID 19 pandemic that is impacting our global community. Jacob shares how we can individually find calm, explore our inner selves, and live fully instead of fearfully. Jacob has experienced many valuable life lessons and is eager to share what he has learned. His mission is to help others explore their inner lives to reach a place of creativity and fulfillment. Show Notes Highlights include: Love of place - simple grounding techniques Shifting perspective in times of upheaval Paying attention to inner discord in order to realign Tuning in to our inner compass Role of recognizing purpose Methods to quiet the mind Living in the Green Zone* Benefits of meditation The ripple effect of goodness * PolyVagal Chart - Ruby Jo Walker Jacob's Free Guide Download your free copy here: How to Establish Your Creative Self Journaling Practice Jacob’s Website Social Media Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: LinkedIn:    Music by Jonn Serrie Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie. Website: Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music
In this episode, Carol interviews Jen Rao, founder of Clear Your Life. Jen's a professional organizer specializing in clutter clearing (and its magical benefits). Life wasn't always clutter-free for Jen. She spent years collecting a lot of "stuff." Back then, life was stressful, with all her stuff just weighing her down until she took steps to reprogram her mindset and change her life from the inside out. Jen is a tough-love truth-teller with a gentle side that encourages others to open themselves to the energetic possibilities of decluttering their life. Listen in to hear Jen's story, and how decluttering and getting organized led to transformative and liberating energetic life changes. She shares some amazing client success stories as well. Show Notes Highlights include: Three tips for letting go of stuff How to go from fearful to excited; disorderly to orderly Why clutter takes up more decision making and precious time The energetic effects of decluttering Mindset tools for decluttering Journaling as an essential role in life and decluttering How to "hold space" for the 'clear space' future you want to manifest Alignment of Habits ~ Goals to clear the clutter Free Guide Download your free copy here: The Clear Your Life Method: 4 steps to clear clutter & transform any space in an hour or less (without overwhelm!) Jen’s Website Social Media Music by Jonn Serrie Intro and Outro music composed and recorded by Jonn Serrie. Website: Record Labels and Links to Jonn’s Music: Valley Entertainment and New World Music
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