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Inspire and empower your conscious evolution. Conversations and guest interviews to help you elevate your state of mind, your life, and the world. Listen to compelling conversations and insights on self-discovery, expanded awareness, and self-mastery. Tap into your inner wisdom, make the most of your life journey, and rise to your heart-centered Higher Self. Explore new ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, and being in the world. Extract wisdom and share it with others.
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In this episode, Ecstasy in Everyday Life, we dive deep into spirituality with the incredible transformative spiritual guide Alara Sage. With over 15 years of experience, Alara shares her profound journey of awakening, from a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening to connecting deeply with her Higher Self. She delves into the wisdom of the womb, the essence of Kundalini Shakti, and the power of surrendering to suffering. Alara introduces the "Spiritual Kung Fu" concept, teaching how to achieve profound relaxation and presence in life. Tune in to discover how to ignite your divine potential, access deep healing, and live a life of ecstatic bliss and creation.
In this inspiring episode of the Hearts Rise Up Podcast, join us as we delve deep with Summer McStravick, the visionary behind Flowdreaming, an innovative technique designed to manifest dreams, heal the soul, and build inner emotional strength. With decades of experience and a journey that took her from the halls of Hay House to touching the lives of thousands through her books and podcasts, Summer brings a wealth of knowledge on personal growth, the power of emotions, and the art of manifesting your deepest desires. Discover how Summer’s "flow dreaming" concept transcends traditional manifesting, offering a unique blend of guided daydreaming and emotional resonance to attract the life you've always dreamed of instead of chasing it. Her latest book is Stuff Nobody Taught You: 40 Lessons from ME School to Help You Stop Being Miserable and Start Feeling Amazing. Summer’s been teaching for 18 years. Previously, she worked for Louise Hay for a decade and created
Join Jason Medlock, a masterful confluence of a Quantum Healing Hypnotist, Mindset Performance Coach, and spiritual explorer, in this profound episode that ventures beyond the physical realm into the expanses of consciousness. As the author of "Empowered by Consciousness," Jason's life work is a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness and metaphysical modalities. In the heart of the episode, Jason unfolds his saga from a curious child to a sage of spiritual practices, delving into his own experiences with self-development and the myriad techniques he has mastered. You will be enthralled by tales of astral projection, remote viewing, and the revolutionary Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®), all part of Jason's unique toolkit that has shaped both his life and the lives of countless others.
In this soul-stirring episode of "Journey Tending: The Wheel of Life," Alberto Roman, a mystical voyager through life's tapestry, returns to the Hearts Rise Up podcast to delve into the profound turns of his own wheel of life. Having previously enchanted listeners in episode 32 with tales from his Costa Rican haven, the path of a shaman, healing as an occupation, art, and music, Alberto re-emerges from the "Big Bright" of creativity and ancient wisdom to recount a passage through life's darker woods. Battling illness and loss, he reveals the transformative power of thought, community, and spiritual resilience. Join us as Alberto illuminates the paths that lead through fear and grief toward healing and hope.
Join us in this episode with Julia Marie as she walks us through her spiritual awakening. She offers a unique perspective on the guiding 'voices in your head' and the 'Sound of the Universe,' linking them to spiritual teachers and innate childhood capabilities. Julia candidly discusses the skepticism stemming from her military and legal background and reveals how she embraced her intuition through validation training. Delve into the reality of intuitive and mediumship challenges, the process of awakening intuition, and the importance of finding a spiritual community. Julia provides essential tips for selecting a mentor and shares her pioneering Restorative Energy Technique. This episode is an invitation to recognize the interconnectedness of all beings and to discover the inner Teacher. Prepare to be inspired by Julia's story of growth, serenity, and her desire to spread peace.
Explore the captivating world of Shana Robbins—her artistic transformation and how she weaves her art as a cultural creative, an eco-feminist, and a shape-shifter. In this conversation, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how Shana utilizes the transformative abilities of plant medicine rituals to unveil the profound connection between personal growth and our interdependent relationship with nature. In this enchanting interview, Shana shares her challenging life as a child and her remarkable journey of how she came to discover and embody her nature-oriented art after a career in modeling. Her work has been fueled by her global travels, inspirational ideas, and performances in some of the most magnificent and magical locations. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Shana imparts her wisdom as an Art professor at Georgia State University and delves into the mystical practice of Butoh, a unique combination of walking meditation and dance deeply rooted in the natural world. Join us as we uncover the intricate layers of Shana's artistic universe and gain profound insights into what she refers to as our "radical interdependence with the wild.”
In this interview, “Our Beliefs Create Our Experience,” Lion Goodman describes his near-death experience (NDE) as a traveling salesman that changed the trajectory of his life setting him on a path of recovering his consciousness and creating a more grounded focus in his life. This time of reflection led him into a stellar 25-year career in executive search and continuing his quest for inner development and continued exploration of consciousness. This inner work eventually led him to become a professional certified therapeutic coach, teacher, healer, and Subconscious Pattern Detective.
In this interview, Carson Reed shares how leveraging the qualities of his neurodiversity has advanced his career of choice – 3D animation and film. Diagnosed earlier in life with autism spectrum disorder, he has found that his neurodiverse qualities empower him to think differently and have proven to provide significant advantages in his personal and professional life. He also describes some of his childhood experiences, the triggers that bother him the most, and how he copes with them. Carson is a brilliant, young cinematic animator.  His company is CinemaMotions. He is already making his mark in the world of motion pictures as one of the top people in his field. He describes himself as a 3D animator and Motion Capture Actor. This career started while he was in high school. He describes what he does as “creating stories through 3D animated characters and CGI worlds.” He has mastered many of the programs needed to excel in this genre and is making tutorial videos to help others using his “weirdly good” memory. In addition, Carson’s hobbies include guitar, gaming, and connecting with his friends.
In this interview, Sarah Qureshi shares her mental health journey, eye-opening moments, and her optimism and determination to be a game changer in the mental health field. She is a Pre-Med Psychology student at Georgia State University with a strong personal interest in mental health, rehabilitation, and proper representation in the medical field for minorities.
Future innovator and quantum coach Soleira Green shares her perspective and vision for a radiant future where we all can tap into and build upon our unique inner genius and possibility. She sees this as a time of great innovation and collaboration. Soleira Green is an amazing woman with a story we can all benefit from. She is the author of 14 visionary books. In addition, she is a quantum coach, future innovator, consciousness elevator, leadership facilitator, and "ALLchemist." Her desire to share these talents came about from two life-changing moments, which she discusses in this interview. Soleira offers guidance through her coaching, videos, and books to help us tap into and realize our superpowers of creativity for personal and global transformation.
In this interview, "From Pain to Possibility," Greg Wieting shares his journey of insurmountable anxiety, trauma, depression, and chronic pain. He talks about the path that brought him to study neuroscience and trauma, leading to his healing from debilitating Scoliosis with miraculous results. Greg is a health consultant, energy healer, speaker, leadership, and entrepreneurship facilitator. Through his own journey and training, Greg developed a program called Prisma Method that offers 7 steps or pillars to healing. He practices Mindfulness, Somatic Healing, and BodyTalk - a comprehensive and personalized healthcare system in tandem with Reiki. All these tools and his personalized consulting help his clients “get to the root of your anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and heal.” Greg shares his story and mission with the world through speaking engagements on consciousness, energy medicine, trauma-informed healing, neuroplasticity, brain health, and the intersection of spirituality, purpose, and entrepreneurship.
Amanda Strojny shares the impactful journey that transformed her life and how she helps to "reframe your relationship with money." Amanda is a teacher at heart and in action. She combines her extensive business coaching knowledge and yogic training principles to assist her clients in uncovering their relationship with money. By uncovering our beliefs and following three basic tenets, which Amanda calls her Rules of Money, we can all live in alignment with the currency of energy called money. Reframing our relationship with money can give us the “Golden Ticket” to financial freedom and empowerment. Amanda also has a podcast called “Untapped Power - Success On Your Terms” and meditations to share on her website.
Natalie Viglione is a creative, intuitive entrepreneur who changed her life thanks to the gift of disruption. In this interview, Natalie shares her journey. After a fast climb up the corporate ladder in executive marketing and sales roles, Natalie decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Subsequently, she founded a creative collective called Team Gu. Natalie runs the company with her husband, Marc, focusing on creative content marketing. They have now evolved Team Gu to include life and business guidance. Through these efforts, they added the Disrupt Now program and podcasts.  She is committed to helping other entrepreneurs awaken the power within to remember and become conscious divine co-creators with the universe so they can bring their gifts to the world. Natalie is skilled at blending creativity with science. A cycle breaker, truth seeker, intuitive, priestess, healer, and lightworker, Natalie's a vessel for life and business guidance to help us regain our power. As a healer, Natalie is currently learning divine nutrition - advice for our unique body's blueprint. She also has been studying biofeedback and other healing modalities and has a Master's Degree in plant and herbal medicine. Everything she learns she applies in her work.
Tracey Whittet describes the journey that led her to create an integrated method to restore divine balance in the body called Transmosis Healing. In this conversation, she describes her journey through life as an explorer who always looked for answers - first in nature, then in books and teachers. What she learned through her life experiences led her to self-healing and to help others heal. Tracey is an amazing spirit with many talents in the healing arts. Her skills resume is impressive, starting with a degree in Holistic Stress Management. She is also an intuitive facilitator. Her certifications and skills include Certified Spiritual Healer, Multidimensional Body Balancer, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars® and Body Facilitator, Creative Wellness Instructor, a practitioner in Divine Healing Hands, Theta Healing, Yuen Method, and Healing Touch. Tracey is intuitive, a teacher, a healer, and a facilitator. Reiki is the path that led her to become a healer. After years of practicing healing as a side passion, she retired from the corporate world to focus all her attention on healing. In the process, she received a divinely inspired message which led her to develop Transmosis Healing, a multi-dimensional way of balancing the body, mind, and spirit. She is a co-author of The Magi Within: Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self.
Ulrika Sullivan shares "What I Know Now" operating from the heart and relates what changed her career path, turning from external influences to seeking her own inner wisdom. She shares some simple practices to start you on a path to a heart-centered life with passion! Ulrika Sullivan is an intuitive, spiritual life coach. She is a national bestselling author of Wisdom Beyond What You Know, a yoga teacher, healer, and podcast host. Ulrika went from an educational background in chemistry and science and a career in the pharmaceutical industry to a life of serving others as an intuitive and coach. Her journey is fascinating and enlightening. Ulrika wants to share what she has learned to help others, especially women, operate from the heart.
Intuition, spiritual mediums, and psychic experiences were the last things on Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell's mind until a life-changing event triggered a profound personal experience. As an intuitive coach, facilitator, and energy worker, internationally known medium, and author, she is the developer of the award-winning SAGE Method and creator of the SAGE Circle Community. Her book, Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, tells of how she went from being a skeptic with a strong science background to a full-fledged spiritual medium. In this interview, Beau relates her journey and the undeniable experiences she had that opened her up so that she could reunite with her natural-born intuition. Beau says, “It took an impactful shock to open me to the possibility.”
Indra Rinzler is a lifetime spiritual seeker, healer, teacher, and mentor who lives free in the presence of each moment. He offers life readings for clients using Vedic Astrology and the Enneagram of Personality. Indra’s been studying astrology for fifty years and the Enneagram since 1999. In this interview, Indra shares with Carol his life journey and why it is his mission to help his clients to wake up to who they really are. Indra has worked with people of all ages from all over the world. The modalities he uses help us learn to observe our behavior. He says, “When we can be aware of the stories that we live from, we can live free in 'presence' and not stuck in our stories.”
Using Fairy Tales, Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, Timothy Stuetz empowers people of all ages to develop and use their infinite soul powers to achieve their full potential and "live in a world of inner magic." Timothy is a healer, facilitator, yoga master, minister, and one of the most prolific children’s authors. He just completed his 86th Fairy Tale Of The Heart featuring Bliss Beary Bear. He is the creator of The Magical Miracle of You—A Self-Empowerment Course for Children and Families. He also created the Power Animal Frolics—A Yoga/T’ai Chi/Qigong COURSE for children who exercise along with 7 Power Animals in Disney-quality costumes. Using Fairy Tales, Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, Timothy empowers people of all ages to develop and use their infinite soul powers to achieve their full potential and “live in a world of inner magic”. In this interview, Carol asks how Timothy went from being a CPA to delving deep into the healing arts to heal himself and share his knowledge with children and adults. His programs and services inspire everyone to achieve their full mental, physical, emotional, and heart-filled potential. They are enriched through his having held children and others at birth and death and coaching people of all ages through various life challenges.
teZa Lord’s life experience is a testament to transformation and the power of LOVE. From a Caribbean She-pirate to a public sharer of "Everything's Sacred" -- We Are ONE is her language. Everywhere she looks, she sees/feels/touches, and interprets the sacred in the everyday. Her early path was not an easy one. She learned about herself as she experienced life in a time of exploration. teZa was an early explorer of both indigenous plant medicines and meditation. She learned that recovery from addiction is a great teacher and that meditation offered her a way to tune into the bliss of being alive. She has many messages to share and this interview is just a start of a rich treasure of insights from someone who is committed to healing ourselves and our planet.  Join Carol as she interviews teZa Lord, a sacred trailblazer! teZa is a spirit author-artist-activist, a lifelong yoga and meditation practitioner, adventurer, and nature lover. She is also a co-host of the ZLORD spiritual podcast with Carter Lord – documenting their inner and outer adventures. Spreading love, energy, and joy all around the world is teZa’s thing. She is the author of 4 nonfiction books that document the transformation available to us all. Her books are featured in the No BS Spiritual Book Club.
In this interview, Kate Heartsong shares how she empowers others to realize that as they better themselves and create inner peace, they also support creating peace worldwide. Carol finds out more about Kate’s passion for “empowering people to realize their brilliance and greatness and help ignite their potential.” She shares the early influences from which she evolved to being the coach she is today. Kate says her clients “benefit from the motivational, interviewing, coaching skills, empowering growth and confidence tools, and encouragement I share with them, leading to positive change.” In addition, Kate talks about how we can all raise our vibration and in turn raise the energy in a positive way for each other and our planet as we transition into the Age of Aquarius. Kate is the empowering and life-enhancing author of two books Humanity's Cry For Change and Deeply We Are One. She is also a confidence coach, workshop facilitator, co-author, public speaker, and Reiki Master Teacher. For over 20 years Kate has been receiving profound insights while meditating. She is passionate about supporting her clients, audiences, and readers with these insights along with the wisdom from her vast life experiences and education. Kate empowers people to realize that as they better themselves and create inner peace.