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A free weekly podcast of the Sunday sermons from Heaston Church.
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Justin Racca“Suffering humbles is so that we depend on God”
Justin Racca“Suffering reminds us of our need to repent before God”
Elder Installation/ Communion
Justin Racca“God’s discipline may lead to suffering, but it also leads to sanctification”
Justin Racca“Sometimes the cause of your suffering is the consequences of you own sin”
Justin Racca“Sometimes God intends to show His work through your suffering”
Justin Racca“Sometimes the evil done to us by others is intended by God for good”
Justin Racca“The suffering you endure now is worth the glory you will experience later.”
Justin Racca
Disciple 4 (9.1.19)

Disciple 4 (9.1.19)


“Disciple-making is how the gospel is passed from one generation to another”Justin Racca
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