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Our ancestors invented explanations about how we got here, which we, frankly, find childish and silly. The answer cannot come from religion. It can only come from science. We talk about why gods are inconsequential and why we believe that religion will inevitably fizzle out as time goes on.
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It's another glorious day at the Heathens studio. Today, we introduce two new segments: The Capsianity mass and 200 seconds of Twitter. In the first new segment we invite Pastor ProtoCapsi to give a homily where he extends his love for all the misguided miscreants he sees. In 200 seconds of Twitter, we review our twitter and who Las has pissed off this week. Finally after a somewhat brief look at the news, we discuss the Ottoman Caliphate in history.
56: Heathens: Henry VIII

56: Heathens: Henry VIII


Today we discuss some of the conspiracy theories around the alleged suicide of Jeffery Epstein. We consider the mooch's recent tweet that the president is in meltdown and ponder over whether this is a good or bad thing. Lastly we discuss Henry VIII, A king who split from the Catholic Church and formed his own version of Christianity that endures even today. Why did he do this? Find out on Heathens!
Today we breath a heavy sigh and with an extreme exercise in restraint we discuss the recent mass shootings without our show devolving into an continuous litany of swearing and cursing. Also, Neil DeGrasse Tyson reminds us why it's so difficult to find a great science communicator. This and more on today's episode.
On this week's episode we have our first ever in studio guest: Mandi Clay. We talk about the strange and bizarre practice by our federal government of kidnapping people on the high seas to prosecute often referred to as boat cases. We also discuss the recent Garlic Festival shooting in Gilroy, CA. We also spread the word of the Senate majority leader and turtle in a human costume, Mitch McConnell' new nickname. Lastly we delve a bit into the aims of the moral majority movement.
Today we explored the details of and ineptly designed website for victims of the Equifax breach. We also discuss the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and discuss Pence's speech about going to the Moon. We discuss this and many more news stories in this episode.
On today's episode we lament that agent orange can access twitter as he yet again finds a way to lower the bar and I silently contemplate a way to cancel his twitter account. We also have a special guest, Joseph Richardson. He discusses his ongoing attempts in winter garden to foster a more inclusive invocation policy and his recent successes outside of winter garden. Finally, we discuss the history of "under God" as a part of the pledge of allegiance. Orange County Invocation: Florida Freethought Community website: CFLFREETHOUGHT.ORG
This week we look into the news and ask is why does it seem like billionaires who commit crimes don't seem to face real justice, especially when they have ties to Trump. We also dump on Trump like the rain did on his "Salute to America" and enjoy the sight of the Baby Trump Balloon. We also discuss the burning yet not so burning question of was the constitution inspired by god? All that and more on today's Heathens!
Happy Birthday Heathens Podcast! It's official. One year ago on the dot, we recorded our first episode of Heathens using a lapel mic and a cell phone. Back then, we were a couple of guys who had no idea what they were doing and a year later we still don't. We discuss recent news and present the theme of Season 3: Religion in politics and Government. Thanks for listening and here's to another year!
On today's episode we hit the last episode of this season and the last one of our first year podcasting. We discuss the recent tensions with Iran. We also look at copyright protection and the public domain and much more. Thanks for a great year and we hope you keep listening.
Today we tackle some headlines like the resignation of the Wicked Witch of the West Wing a.k.a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We also cringe at Trumps statements about trying to run for a 3rd term. Finally we discuss the sightings of Jesus in everyday objects that make us chuckle.
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