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Our ancestors invented explanations about how we got here, which we, frankly, find childish and silly. The answer cannot come from religion. It can only come from science. We talk about why gods are inconsequential and why we believe that religion will inevitably fizzle out as time goes on.
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Today we tackle some headlines like the resignation of the Wicked Witch of the West Wing a.k.a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We also cringe at Trumps statements about trying to run for a 3rd term. Finally we discuss the sightings of Jesus in everyday objects that make us chuckle.
Because we couldn't wait until Monday, we bring you this special Thursday edition of Heathens where we interview the Friendly Atheist himself, Hemant Mehta. We discuss his experience when he sold his "soul" on eBay. We also discuss his ever evolving view on the relationship between religiousness and rationality (or lack thereof). We also get a little info on his upcoming project.
Today we go into the rumor mill and talk about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. We also discuss a few other stories including Justin Bieber's bizzarre challenge to Tom Cruise. Lastly, we discuss Norse mythology.
We're back ans settled in our new studio! On today's episode we talk about how Ken Ham's Ar. k Encounter encountered a big pile of cosmic irony. We also shake our heads at our president's trip to the UK and I learn a valuable lesson about looking before I leap.
This week we discussed the staggering financial loses of our Idiot in Chief. We also discuss our trip to Winter Garden and the CFFC petition for a more inclusive invocation policy and the BS that followed. Finally, contrary to some memes, not all atheists are intelligent and we notice a theme of conspiracy theorists in that group.
On today's episode we talk about everyone's favorite polynucleotide: DNA! We discuss our predictions on our upcoming DNA test results; what would surprise us and what we expect. We discuss what DNA research means to humanity and our human journey. Also, we discuss some of the darker sides to our understanding of DNA.
On today's episode, we discuss the latest in Trumpfoolery, the recent changes in NRA leadership, and we go back to form and tangent all over the place. Lastly, we discuss tribalism and how it divides us and how tradition without honest scrutiny can be detrimental.
Today we talked about our second favorite messianic holiday, Easter! We also discussed the Mueller report, the recent bombing in Sri Lanka, we briefly touch on our topic of why people believe they need a savior, and finally the most unintentionally sexual painting ever created.
Today we spoke with Joseph and Jocelyn of the Florida Freethought Community about a petition to change some discriminatory rules around invocations and how a well done Secular Invocation can be the building blocks of a more inclusive community. If you want to get involved with the petition or you would like some help in creating your own invocation we have the urls mentioned below and also the url for this years FreeFlo.Petition: website: cflfreethough.orgFreeflo:
This week, we have a discussion of freedom of speech. We also stumbled into a conversation about our thoughts on rostitution and lastly talk a little about the brilliant film by Monty Python: The Life of Brian.
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