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Our ancestors invented explanations about how we got here, which we, frankly, find childish and silly. The answer cannot come from religion. It can only come from science. We talk about why gods are inconsequential and why we believe that religion will inevitably fizzle out as time goes on.
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On today's episode, we once again are without Mandy's insight as we make our way through the episode. We dive briefly into my time as a Sunday Christian (I am no True Scotsman!) We try to keep twitter within 200 seconds. I also invent a drinking game for those who want to get messed up fast. Lastly, our main topic today is a surprise. This is something we talked about awhile ago and now it has come to fruition. See if you can guess before we get there. Enjoy!
On today's episode Las share's his thoughts on how to potentially get one over on Amazon. Proto-capsy tells us why he needs all the money for god. We discuss the news and our thought's on the upcoming election. Lastly, (though not last in the podcast itself) we talk with Nate from twitter about Taking care of our brains and his time in the service.
This week Proto-Capsy tells you why you should give us your money. Also,(much to my surprise) we intro our new opening for 200 seconds of twitter. For what might be a first, Las and I actually disagree on something. Lastly, we discuss the Inquisition that was lead by the Vatican.
This week, we remember Kellywise the dancing clown without going into her most recent tomfoolery. Preacher Proto-Capsy tells us which church is the right one and we discuss the Spanish Inquisition. All this and more on this week's Heathens!
Today Pastor Proto-Capsy gives us a thundering homily explaining why we have hurricanes. We go through our twitter and I realize my own trepidation about what we've twittered. We also discuss just one more time that Agent Orange takes a Trump on twitter. Finally, we discuss our main theme: Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.
Today we discuss how we were tricked by Hurricane Dorian into recording on a Thursday. We also discuss the aftermath of said hurricane. We have our highest engagement week on twitter. Lastly, we discuss the The Mad Monk himself: Rasputin. A man whose story has inspired fiction writers for decades.
56: Heathens: Dueling Popes

56: Heathens: Dueling Popes


Today Mandy's back and we dive into the news. We discuss trumps plan to nuke hurricanes away. We also say farewell to oxygen as thew amazon goes up in flames. We delve into two other new stories that I won't spoil here. Lastly, we delve into what is often referred to as the schism when the Papacy moved from Avignon to Rome and then back again. All this and more on today's episode
It's another glorious day at the Heathens studio. Today, we introduce two new segments: The Capsianity mass and 200 seconds of Twitter. In the first new segment we invite Pastor ProtoCapsi to give a homily where he extends his love for all the misguided miscreants he sees. In 200 seconds of Twitter, we review our twitter and who Las has pissed off this week. Finally after a somewhat brief look at the news, we discuss the Ottoman Caliphate in history.
56: Heathens: Henry VIII

56: Heathens: Henry VIII


Today we discuss some of the conspiracy theories around the alleged suicide of Jeffery Epstein. We consider the mooch's recent tweet that the president is in meltdown and ponder over whether this is a good or bad thing. Lastly we discuss Henry VIII, A king who split from the Catholic Church and formed his own version of Christianity that endures even today. Why did he do this? Find out on Heathens!
Today we breath a heavy sigh and with an extreme exercise in restraint we discuss the recent mass shootings without our show devolving into an continuous litany of swearing and cursing. Also, Neil DeGrasse Tyson reminds us why it's so difficult to find a great science communicator. This and more on today's episode.
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