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Do you have any high school friends who went on to win a Pulitzer? Heather does! Atlantic staff writer Jennifer Senior chats with Heather about her new book On Grief, their upbringing in New York, why Jennifer left the New York Times, why no one is prepared to be old, how parenting can affect your happiness, why people pursue fame, Jennifer's award winning feature Twenty Years Gone, and how all of us grieve in different ways.
The Snackqween, Jen Curley!

The Snackqween, Jen Curley!


Heather brings on her gym buddy, The Snaqween Jen Curley, to talk about Jen's rise to TikTok stardom, her early attempt at being a fashion blogger, keeping her pregnancy a secret, how Jen dealt with prenatal depression, the reality of living in Newport Beach, why we like to watch other people eat, and why fruit roll-ups are flying off the shelves! Make a difference in a kid's life today by supporting the 
Time to shine! TV Executive turned mental health advocate and best-selling author Tara Schuster joins Heather to talk about her new book Glow in the F*cking Dark, losing her job during the pandemic, the fear of journaling, Heather's first job ever, the concept of reparenting, feeling agency over your life, when a bag is more than just a bag, and how your emotions are like a salted caramel brownie! PLUS: Heather talks about her recent trip to Cabo! Check out our great sponsors! Cerebral: GET 50% OR MORE OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH OF THERAPY BY GOING TO  Rocket Money: Cancel unwanted subscriptions and manage your expenses the easy way at  ZocDoc: Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE!
Heather's not getting a facelift... but the podcast is! ON THE VERY FIRST EPISODE OF LET'S TALK - Heather brings on her friend, Just Jenny podcast host, and veteran media personality Jenny Hutt to discuss Jenny's pivot from radio to podcasting and to trade notes on life on the go, Ketamine treatment, renting in many places, being the villain in someone else's story... and their mutual friend BETHENNY FRANKEL! PLUS: Heather addresses her recent social media post in support of her son, Ace. Check out our great sponsors! Indeed: Go to to start hiring now! Cozy Earth: Get 35% off at when you use the code “HEATHER” Relief Band: Go to and use code HEATHER to get 20% off plus free shipping! Fly-U-Home: Get up to a $100 eGift Card with code: HEATHER -- Go to 
ALL RISE! Inglewood PD Senior Community Affairs Liaison Cinder Eller-Kimbell chats with Heather about the meaning of being a mentor, going into law enforcement as a single mom at age 23, her time as a dispatcher and working in a jailhouse, working with at-risk youth through her Glass Slipper Foundation, and becoming the first black female court bailiff on Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez! PLUS A SPECIAL CAMEO FROM JUDGE PEREZ! Learn more about Cinder's amazing work at
It's Women's History Month! SO LET'S BE FRIENDS! Renowned friendship coach and Friend Forward podcast host Danielle Bayard Jackson digs into the science of female friendship including how to handle gossip, why men need a "third object" to hang out, what to do when your friends don't invite you, how the pandemic has affected our relationships, why women can appear to be competitive with each other, and what to do when relationships are needy, non-reciprocal, or toxic! Heather Dubrow's World is brought to you by the all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 6! Call 562-314-4603 for complete details.
Actor / director / producer / documentarian Soleil Moon Frye trades notes with Heather about being a mom of four, sending your kids off to college, letting your kids be actors, the pros and cons of social media, taping her childhood and the creation of her recent Hulu documentary Kid 90, NEPO BABIES, and Soleil's work raising awareness of Meningitis B vaccinations with Check out our great sponsors! Caraway: Visit to get 10% off your next purchase! Peloton: Try Peloton risk free with a 30 Day Home Trial, New Members only. Not available in remote locations. See additional terms at  
Heather's friend and OC co-star Emily Simpson stops by to share her candid journey of freezing her embryos, the options you have once you freeze your eggs, Emily's legal and emotional hurdles of having her sister serve as the surrogate for her children, and more! Check out our amazing sponsors! Indeed: Go to to start hiring now! Cozy Earth: Get 35% off at when you use the code “HEATHER” Fly-U-Home: Get up to a $100 eGift Card with code: HEATHER -- Go to
Should you schedule sex? How many times a week is normal? What do you do when one person wants it more than the other? Heather brings on Pillow Talks podcast hosts Vanessa & Xander Marin to answer all of your burning questions and to chat about their new book Sex Talks: The Five Conversations That Will Transform Your Love Life! Check out our amazing sponsors!!! Relief Band: Go to and use code HEATHER to get 20% off plus free shipping! Indeed: Go to to start hiring now!
Gongs - joints - haikus - candles - ice shots - Botox rooms - phone booths - mini cocktails - Fendi necklaces - and a disaster of birthday cake... ALL THIS AND MORE as Heather sits down with her friend / social media guru Julia Broome to recap her recent birthday party!!! Check out our amazing sponsors!!! Fly-U-Home: Get up to a $100 eGift Card with code: HEATHER -- Go to  Peloton: Try Peloton risk free with a 30 Day Home Trial, New Members only. Not available in remote locations. Se additional terms at 
Two worlds collide as celebrity stylist and star of MTV's The Real Friends of WeHo Brad Goreski talks about his return to television, all the drama and vulnerability on set, all of the Housewives Brad identifies with, Kaley Cuoco's epic baby shower, Brad's love of Heather's ponytail, why Heather won't pay $800 for dirty shoes, how Brad shops for himself, Heather's upcoming trip on the ORIENT EXPRESS... and all the latest fashion trends INCLUDING the rise of denim-mania! Check out our amazing sponsors!!! Hyundai: Check out the all electric Hyundai Ioniq 5! Call 562-314-4603 for complete details!  Cozy Earth: Get 35% off at when you use the code “HEATHER” Keepster: Got an iPHone? Go to and use code HEATHER for 20% off! Rocket Money: Cancel unwanted subscriptions – and manage your expenses the easy way – by going to 
HEATHER IS BACK IN THE STUDIO with her dear friend / TV host / comedian / lifestyle expert / best-selling author KYM DOUGLAS! They discuss Kym's new podcast YOUR HEALTHY DOSE, her recent bout with breast cancer and her healing journey, what YOU can do to be pro-active with your breast health - as well as all things Psilocybin - "casserole friends" - how less is more as you age - working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show... AND Heather's story about her nails and why she's not crazy about them! Check out our amazing sponsors!!! Hyundai: It's your journey! Learn more a  Cerebral: Get 50% or more off your first month of therapy at  ZocDoc: Go to and download the ZocDoc app for free! Indeed: Go to to start hiring now!
In today’s episode Heather is joined by model and author Paulina Porizkova for a raw and unfiltered conversation. Heather and Paulina explore the aftermath of a sudden death and betrayal along with the awakening that came with it–an experience that Heather knows all too well. They also discuss the double whammy of grieving during a pandemic which proved to be a particularly isolating experience. You know what they say though, shadows are the biggest indicators of the light to come! Both being in their 50’s, Heather and Paulina are opening up about aging in the spotlight and Heather reveals the reason she hasn’t had plastic surgery…Plus get ready to laugh as these two self-proclaimed “wallpaper wh*res” open up about their love of wallpaper and Paulina’s venture into the dating world (all the apps included). It’s an episode you don’t want to miss! All that and more on Heather Dubrow’s World.
We all know that parenthood can be hard but is it too late to change your parenting style? Heather is joined by clinical psychologist and mom of three, Dr. Becky Kennedy. While she may be known as the “Millennial Parenting Whisperer” her message is loud and clear. Heather and Dr. Kennedy discuss everything from why you shouldn’t only be paying attention to WHAT you’re telling your kids but HOW you’re telling them and how this alone can model the relationships they have moving forward. Have you ever heard of parental fitness?. Dr. Becky is opening up about why you should be thinking about your parenting strategy the same way you do about the gym. Plus, Heather and Dr. Becky are opening up about why it’s never too late to change your relationship with your kids and why it’s important to know the difference between repairing and apologizing…
Is complaining still kosher in the age of cancel culture? Heather’s featured guests today couldn’t care less! Cancel em’! their words not ours. Heather is joined by Jennifer Welch and Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, hosts of the “I’ve Had It” podcast, for this fun-filled episode. Get ready to cackle as Heather details the REAL reason why she was stressing about decorating the twins dorm rooms and gets called out by her guests! She wasn’t alone in this though, Jennifer Welch details how she got trolled by her son’s roommates parents after she detailed her interior design plans for the space. Are you guilty of over-mothering? It’s a title “Pumps” happily wears. She details the lengths she’ll go to make sure her kids are set up for success. Heather and her guests also dive into a concept and that’ll really get you thinking… is social media just like cigarettes? Fun at first but with detrimental long term effects? Plus, Heather shares what she’s absolutely had it with! The answers might shock you… Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Cozy Earth: Get 35% off site wide when you go to and use the code HEATHER
A quick trip to Cabo is always a good idea–a little sun, a little beach, but somehow for Liz Astrof it ended in a cult-like yoga retreat?! You’re going to have to hear this one for yourself. Heather is back from her weekend getaway and is joined by the ever hilarious Liz Astrof. Any time these two get together it’s always a trip…and this one might have been induced by microdosing some chocolate mushrooms. Get ready to laugh as Heather and Liz discuss everything from needing an engineering degree to understand school websites these days to the stark realities of getting older. Heather is also opening up about planning for the future with Terry and why they’re trying to figure out their next big thing. Plus, we’re discussing the controversial diet craze that’s taken Hollywood by storm and why we think it’s all a big sham…all this and then some on this episode of Heather Dubrow’s World. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Keepster: Now you can save what’s special with Keepster. So if you have an iPhone, head to and put in promo code HEATHER for 20% off.
We’re picking up right where we left off! Parenthood can be mind boggling. Right when you think you’ve got things down something else is thrown your way and nobody knows that better than Heather and Lindsay. Heather and Lindsay are exploring one of the questions that every parent asks themselves–should I help my kids and make their lives easier or do you let them experience hardship for themselves? It’s complicated and Heather has a VERY hot take on it all. Plus, Heather’s birthday didn’t exactly go as planned this year…like we said on the previous episode sometimes ya win some, sometimes ya lose some, sometimes it’s both. Don’t you fret though because Heather has decided to have a party and there may or may not be a tiara involved! Take a trip with us to the desert and another trip around the sun for this episode of Heather Dubrow’s World. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Caraway: Visit to take advantage of this limited-time offer for 10% off your next purchase. This deal is exclusive for our listeners, so visit or use code HDW at checkout.
Guess who's back?!?! It’s your favorite dynamic duo. Welcome back everybody! After a much deserved break Heather is back with new episodes and who better than Lindsay Dickhout to mark the occasion with. First things first, we need to talk about ALL THE THINGS Heather has been up to since the holidays. The woman stayed busy and may or may not have put some bids on houses (!!!) and she’s feeling the best she’s ever felt. Want to know why? She’ll spill all the details on the supplements her functional medicine doctor has put her on that she says has changed her life. Talking about changes, is Lindsay embracing simplicity? Well she purged her garage to make room for something new in her house…and trust when we say the news will make you sweat! Plus, we’re doing a full holiday recap with Heather and Lindsay and you truly can’t win them all people…. All that and then some on this episode of Heather Dubrow’s World. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Airmed Care: Listeners to get up to a $100 eGift Card with a new membership. Just use code: HEATHER. Please go to today.
During the height of the pandemic many chose to go home and live with their parents and ride this thing out--Heather's guest this week did just that AND had camera crews film the entire thing. Comedian Nikki Glaser joins Heather to discuss her new show on E! Welcome Home Nikki? and her not-always-so-glamorous rise in the industry. & While many know Nikki for her dirty jokes, she comes clean about the struggles she faced throughout her life including overcoming an eating disorder. Plus, Heather and Nikki open up about their "having had" moments in their career (we're going to have Heather trademark this phrase) that include a stint on Dancing with the Stars and performing the national anthem at Angel Stadium. All that and then some on this episode of Heather Dubrow's World. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Relief Band: If you go to and use promo code HEATHER you’ll receive 20% off plus free shipping and a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee ZocDoc: Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Then find and book a top-rated doctor today. Many are available within 24 hours
It’s a new year and what better way to celebrate than with a new episode! Heather is joined by longtime friend and “Just Jenny” podcast host Jenny Hutt and let us tell you that these two go WAY back or as Jenny likes to call it “Heather Dubrow’s fuller days.” Is Heather planning on building a new house?! Well…it seems like new beginnings are in store for both Heather and Jenny. From exploring what their future holds to revisiting their past–Heather and Jenny examine their upbringing and the aha moments that came with their experiences. Jenny also opens up about her weight loss journey and why she chooses to be so real about it. Plus, why didn’t anyone tell us how much menopause sucks?! Ladies, it’s time we talk about it… all that coming up on this episode of Heather Dubrow’s World. This episode was pre-recorded. Heather Dubrow’s World is back mid January 2023 with all new episodes! Find Jenny Hutt’s podcast: Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Cerebral: Our listeners will receive 50% or more off your first month of therapy by going to Rocket Money: Cancel unwanted subscriptions – and manage your expenses the easy way – by going to
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Rindy Harrison

Thank you so much for interviewing Caroline. I absolutely LOVE her. Such a fan of her aesthetic. I'm a big fan of RHOD. This was a very interesting podcast, I just wish it was longer. Can you please have her back? Thank you very much for all you do for us Caroline and Heather fans. Much love, Rindy.❤️

Sep 8th

Jennifer Dow

Heather You reacted the same way that the majority of honest up front REAL woman would react...Shannon set the whole thing up! she wanted to make sure you knew she WAS the leader now...these are her friends..i could see it right away ... she knew telling the other 2 it would come out but she didn't want to b the one ... Ahannon has changed so damn much i ised to think her actions were her trying to keep up with Tamra & other one BUT OH NO SHE IS SNAKE! she wanted to believe thd lawsuit was real so she could be the HERO...anyone who has hslf brain knew that it wasnt an issue cause u n terry are not STUPID n when you are sued YOU NEVER EVER FORGET the people involved let alone be friends !!

Jan 6th

Sarah Unsworth

yes! a show for the house build would be great!

Aug 3rd

Ann Marshall

I think that both of you need an attitude adjustment regarding Mother's Day. My parents always told me that there was nothing I needed to do. Not to waste money on them, they didn't even want a card. That came from knowing that we all loved each other. Expectations in life cause a lot of problems when really it is the ego that is creating the need for a fuss to be made. When they are adults and working it is a different thing altogether. That is the time that they can show their appreciation of their own free will without it being forced upon them as children.

May 2nd

Khedda Keene

The level of rich people problems is over the top, it's ridiculous with the world falling apart. Try talking about something normal people can relate to.

Apr 10th

Ann Marshall

Boring show. Repeat of Thursday. Same Sam same. That guest has absolutely no compassion for the thousands of families going through the Hell if losing lived ones to this horrendous virus. Shame on her

Apr 3rd

Karen Butler

thank goodness she's not chewing gum her lip smacking is nuts

Nov 25th
Reply (1)

Khedda Keene

why don't you discuss firing Natalie while she's on maternity leave😡

Nov 21st

Rita Commentucci

Just a thought for a Halloween costume you guys could go as Lucy and Ethel.

Oct 28th

Rita Commentucci

How can you call in a question or text a message

Oct 25th

Jennifer Fox

the layering of onesies is nuts.

Aug 25th


This episode gave me a headache

Jun 7th


Interview with Paul starts around 54:00 mark

Mar 23rd

Rachael Conrad Jason Watson

hi Heather. I ABSOLUTELY love you and your husband! You two are GREAT people. Anyways I want to tell you that there are boutiques in Brown County Indiana and a small toy store. if you get a chance check it out. My husband and I go there every year. Thank you for everything you do!!

Mar 16th
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