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Author: Heather Land

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You’ll never heal if you suppress it. You’ll never grow if you don’t talk about it. You’ll never live up to being the best version of yourself if you just shut the fuck up and sit down. Stand up and take your power back. One by one.
11 Episodes
Trigger warning.. please be cautious.
PSA for the day

PSA for the day


For my biggest fans. You’re welcome.
Let’s take it way back and show my own personal experience from this shit show of a time I had with social media, clout chasing traumatic events. Try to keep up.
Mental health talk

Mental health talk


Mental health talk for my bad bitches. I didn’t edit this damn episode so bear with me. The live version will be on YouTube ASAP.
Between dating a liar, and a complete bat sh*t crazy liar lol.. I hope you can keep up with me, because this one can get CONFUSING.
My marriage has struggles just like anyone else’s.. but these have helped us so much, it saves so many arguments from happening and has helped us communicate rather than live with resentment and feeling inadequate to eachother.
I’m so strongly invested and I believe so much in the law of attraction. If you don’t know what that is, please take a listen and try to understand how much this can change your life.
People don’t realize how important and detrimental good mental health is, especially while being a mom and a wife.
Letting go of your past trauma and learning to cope and be excited with life is so fucking important. I’ve been through it myself, and I decided not to let it break me or control me. All you need is a little bit of realization and someone to believe in you. I believe in you. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a voice message.
Introductory to me

Introductory to me


Learn a little bit of my background, who I am, why I make content, and how I want to help you while you also have been helping me ❤️
General mental health

General mental health


Talking about being a mom, wife, woman, jealousy and struggles.
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