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Here’s a first glimpse through Heaven’s Gate - into the group’s decades-long history, as told by family, followers, experts, and the leaders themselves. Whatever you think you know - prepare to be surprised. Subscribe now and hear the first episode on October 18th. More info at See for privacy information.
1: The Seekers

1: The Seekers


The Heaven's Gate faithful weren't freaks or space cadets. They were regular people, hungry for something more. They were Seekers.  See for privacy information.
2: The Two

2: The Two


It's one thing to join a group your mom would call a cult. It's another thing when your mom starts one. See for privacy information.
3: The Mothers

3: The Mothers


While The Two are recruiting new members into their nomadic lifestyle, one woman is trying desperately to make contact. See for privacy information.
4: The Host

4: The Host


Host Glynn Washington shares more from his personal story of growing up in a cult. See for privacy information.
5: The Tape

5: The Tape


After a sudden death in the group, Do sends a private, awkward, illuminating, confusing tape to Terrie Nettles. See for privacy information.
6:  The Choice

6: The Choice


Frank and Erika, a couple in love, join a celibate group. Years later, Do poses a fateful question. See for privacy information.
7: The Programming

7: The Programming


Gail Maeder was smart, fun and happy, before she joined Heaven’s Gate. What got into her head? See for privacy information.
8:  The Unknowns

8: The Unknowns


This week - the “what if” questions surrounding Heaven’s Gate. Plus, your stories. See for privacy information.
9: The Comet

9: The Comet


Heaven’s Gate members get the sign they’ve been waiting for. See for privacy information.
10: The Class

10: The Class


39 people exit their vehicles, and stun the world. Families, classmates and the rest of us grapple with what comes after. See for privacy information.
Comedians Tess Barker and Babs Gray, who you might know from Lady to Lady or the now legendary Britney’s Gram podcast, are here to bring you a brand new investigative series about Britney Spears' conservatorship and the court system that's allowed it to persist. After launching the #FreeBritney movement, they started to dig… And what they found out, you won’t want to miss!  Join Tess and Babs as they talk to exclusive sources, examine new sides of the story, and uncover disturbing truths about our legal system that go way beyond Britney. Listen to Episodes 1 & 2 right now: See for privacy information.
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Kerri is the most thoughtful, reflective and understanding person if her side of things is accurate. Her father is lucky to have someone to committed to loving him and supportive as she is.

Jan 24th

Neil Green

this podcast seems to not exist

Jan 22nd


Great deep dive into a story I had only previously known through mainstream news. I didn't realise that there were new members joining as late as the 90's, originally thought the members that commited suicide had been believers for decades. My heart goes out to all the family members left behind, suicide always leaves so many unanswered questions.

Jan 31st


The Heaven's Gate podcast tackles a very difficult and traumatic subject with great nuance & respect to everyone involved. If you ever asked 'why would / how could they?' this is the podcast for you.

Aug 17th


Episode 10 packs a punch, even compared to the rest of the Heaven's Gate podcast. I literally cried. Damn.

Aug 17th


be getting

Dec 28th


oh lord🔦

Dec 3rd

Reid Morris

Really awesome show! Very interesting, and really well done. (ps: what's the opening song?)

Nov 21st


Interesting and well done. Can't recommend it enough!

Aug 11th

tom barret

great story telling...but you messed up when you made it about you..wrecked the flow.

Jul 9th
Reply (2)

Victoria Frankland

wow you can hear the joy in the shift in Frank's voice! AMAZING!

Jul 8th

Laura Stiefel

This was so well done. I really appreciated the time and effort that went into making this an engaging and sympathetic story. My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones thought the course of the story.

Mar 6th
Reply (1)

Emily Yeoman

I can't believe they hid her mothers death, and then not even stay to explain.

Feb 19th

Joe Howard

intergalactic nonsense.. the perfect description for the gullibility of some people. It's baffling how anyone could fall for this. Granted aliens are more likely than gods

Feb 13th
Reply (4)

Peter Armellino

Really enjoyed the podcast but I wish it would have moved a little quicker. A lot of filler and musical interludes. Besides that great job.

Feb 7th
Reply (1)

Irma Benavidez Chesnutt


Jan 29th

Sadie Gruber

So amazing. Thank you to everyone on the team to make this happen, and to everyone who spoke about Heaven's Gate. I've heard about this group from many podcasts, and so many of them gloss over the beliefs of Heaven's Gate, over who the Class really was. They deserve to be remembered as people who found their place and did everything they could to keep it. They have truly reached the Next Level.

Jan 21st
Reply (3)

Gauri Godbole

it was an amazing podcast...👍

Jan 13th

Walter Parker Jr.

Wow. What an amazing doc. I welled up during the last episode...

Jan 8th

Jerome Isidera

How can i be a member?

Jan 8th
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