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The interview and culture podcast associated with the world of useful, authentic, and lasting goods on
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In the early twentieth century, it's estimated that 70%-95% of all clothing worn in America was made in a small section of midtown Manhattan. In 2020 it's less than 3%, but NYC's Garment District is still one of the most crucial communities in the entire global fashion industry. However, it's shrunk to the point where it's at risk of being uprooted and destroyed entirely. We're talking with Alex Robins, one half of the linen-focused brand Blluemade, about what it's like to do all of their production in the Garment District, transporting their collections via subway, and their fight to keep the factories and finishers that helped them start their business alive. If you'd like to support this episode, have a look at the Heddels Shop and check out our new selection of madras western shirts from Left Field, made in USA from authentic Indian madras, and get 10% off with the code BLOWOUT.
The man, the myth, the legend. We've got an hour with the most passionate man in denim, a Swiss geographer named Ruedi Karrer who also has one of the largest private collections of denim in the world. Since the early 1970s, Ruedi has grabbed up nearly every scrap of raw indigo he could get his hands on, amassing a total of 16,000 denim garments in his "Jeansmuseum of Heaviest Fadings". Learn all about Ruedi's life in denim (doing everything from climbing Kilimanjaro to attending weddings and funerals), his days of environmental activism, and his future plans for the Jeansmuseum and his exclusive birthday jeans in this week's episode. Also, this week we're promoting our new arrivals of Ashland shell cordovan wallets in the Heddels Shop. Made in Chicago from Chicago-tanned Horween shell cordovan, these wallets are made to outlast whatever they're holding and whatever pocket they're put in. Get 10% off them at the Heddels Shop with code BLOWOUT. Also, if you're interested in donating your jeans to the Jeansmuseum, visit the museum website and email all your questions/comments to
We're back this week with another two discussions. First we chat with our editor James Smith about a recent article of his documenting his journey buying clothes as a vegan and avoiding all animal products ( and all the difficulties and decisions that requires. Then David talks with Jaime Wong, the owner of Raggedy Threads (, about her 20+ years buying and selling vintage workwear. Learn about The Real McCoy's Polish horse farm, the history of the Buddy Lee doll, what it takes to sell at the Rose Bowl and more! Be sure to check out our new offerings on the Heddels Shop ( this week and take 10% off with the code BLOWOUT. Also, send us your questions, tips, and sounds to!
We're back! Unfortunately a lot of other brands and retailers aren't. In this Heddels podcast reboot, David talks with writer Albert Muzquiz on his articles following the fallout of Covid-19 on the clothing business (spoiler:  it hasn't been great). Then we have a lengthy chat with all-around denim renaissance man Mohsin Sajid about his 20 year career designing, consulting, and educating about all things indigo, including his latest push for a greater use of hemp in the textile industry. Also, take 10% off your next purchase at the Heddels Shop this week with the code BLOWOUT, including our newly stocked Waltzing Matilda sandals. Handmade in Maine from Horween Chromexcel leather, these are flip flops that will last you for many many seasons. You can find Albert's articles here: J.Crew: CARES Act: J.C. Penney: Brooks Bros.: Gitman: Here's Mohsin's vintage sewing machine piece: And his webinar on hemp in denim: If you've got questions, comments, or want to submit your own industrial audio, email us at
We sit down with husband and wife team Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher as they discuss the start of their brand, Winter Session and it's evolution from an architectural side project to a full fledged business with a full time staff.
We sit down with Dave Himel of Himel Bros., arguably the finest leather jacket maker working today. Dave takes us through his start as a vintage clothing dealer through the founding of his eponymous brand. Also a new treat, two minutes in takes you inside the sounds of chopping a shoe on a bandsaw. Episode is sponsored by Mildblend Supply Co. in Chicago,
In this episode we sit down with Karl Thoennessen, the founder of denim and lifestyle brand Rogue Territory. Hear all about the early days of RgT and how he grew a small custom jeans business into one of the most beloved raw denim brands around.
We talk with the founder of Left Field NYC and twenty year industry vet Christian McCann about everything from the start of his brand, to the difficulties of manufacturing in the United States, to how the denim game has changed in the last two decades.
On the second episode of the Rawr Denim Podcast, we sit down with Andrew Chen, the co-owner of lifestyle and denim brand 3sixteen as well as the co-owner of denim boutique Self Edge NY.
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