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Access the full episode by joining Heddels+: You can own pants, but can you own all pants? Albert apparently does as he was recently gifted an NFT of the entire concept of pants as a whole. Listen to our uneducated discussions of NFTs, and our slightly more educated discussions of Converse potentially ripping off a potential intern, Etsy buying Depop, if Guayabera shirts are something appropriative, and how we don't recognize a Paul Newman t-shirt when we see one.
92 - Juvet and Jillows

92 - Juvet and Jillows


Denim. Why is it funny? Is it because it's so ubiquitous or is there something comedic inherent to its nature that makes you laugh when you see it fashioned into a couch or boots or sunglasses? We attempt to answer this and other deep questions, like "Are the provisions in the new FABRIC Act proposed by US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand going to be enough to bring back American manufacturing jobs?" and "Should Albert soak his deadstock 501s?" All that and more above. Thank you to our sponsor, Science and Kindness Denim Repair. Whether your jeans fit so well they are wearing out or need some adjustments to truly earn your love, Science and Kindness Denim Repair understands. Discrete crotch repairs? Yeah. Sashiko? Yeah. Chainstitch embroidery? Yeah. Union Specials? Yeah. Period correct Big E patches? Yeah! They go hard when it comes to your jeans but it’s not hard to get things taken care of usually within two weeks. No waitlist. No judgement. Just your jeans-- better. By mail or drop-off in St. Paul, MN. @Sciencendkindness on instagram to see our work, for an estimate or to get started. A free chainstitch hem and repair/service discounts for all Heddels+ members. Science and Kindness — Less Yikes.
David here, I wasn't here for this episode and I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm sure it's great and it's about everything the notes claim: Critiquing Met Gala fits The colonial history of Safari shirts Reed goes on a tangent about candy themed clothes Etc. etc., I can't wait for both of us to listen to it. Also, join Heddels+ and shop at the Heddels Shop!
Listen to the full episode on Heddels+: When you get on a plane, are you dressing for yourself? For your fellow passengers? Or for a certain Washington Post op-ed writer? We dive into the airplane dress code debate and the validity of all dress codes in general. We also discuss the multitude of items in the Wachowski's prop auction and our picks for best general releases, including: Birkenstock Boston Nike Blazer Reebok Club C or Reebok Leather Original Nike Cortez Adidas Samba Jordan 1 Low 990 series Adidas Campus 80s Gazelles Reebok Beatniks Send us your picks for the best general releases at
89 - Daisy Mae Bucket List

89 - Daisy Mae Bucket List


It may very well be a bucket that drains your bank account this spring. We're talking hats of course, the pocketable fabric cap that looks like it's ready to peak this summer season. We look back on its origins in the Irish countryside, adoption by the military, and eventually taking its place in mainstream pop culture. We also have a few picks to put on your bucket list: Blluemade’s bucket hat in steel blue linen Kapital’s Old Man and the Sea Bucket Hat Propper ripstop boonie hat And Wander pe-co hat Universal Works seersucker bucket hat Plus we discuss the horrifying consumerism of one Orange County brand director. Join Heddels+ and shop at Heddels Shop, Le Laboureur is back and 10% off with code BLOWOUT!
Hear the full episode on Heddels+: Cat's out of the bag! I (David) am planning an extensive six month trip through Europe and Asia for the latter half of this year. I'm going to ride as many trains and eat as many weird things as I possibly can (more on this to come in future articles), but how does one pack for being continuously mobile across 30+ countries, climates, and time zones? Reed and Albert help me sort through the good, bad, and ugly that will and won't fit into my bag. We also discuss the origins of the returning bell bottom trend and the bell.b0ys of Tiktok leading the vanguard.
On the mean streets of San Francisco, one garment is ready to tear the entire city apart:  the Patagonia fleece vest. What you wear is often the first thing you can say to the world, and in the Bay, the vest is an extremely loaded statement. We get into Bobby Allyn's NPR piece about the agony and the ecstasy of going vested in San Francisco. We also discuss the following: Knickerbocker x Kleman Dimori Sandal North Face Purple Label Mountain Field Pants Unique Garment Urban Type 2 Burgus Plus Overdyed Hoodie Remember to join Heddels+ if you haven't already and visit the Heddels Shop, as always, 10% off with code BLOWOUT.
Hear the full episode on Heddels+: How old were you when you had your first job? Hopefully it was older than what's showing on Nike's interactive production map, where the average age of some country's factories is listed at 15. Have a look at their interactive map. [UPDATE 4/7/22: Nike has addressed what they're calling a "data error" and the information on the map has changed since recording and no countries currently list an average age below 20.] We also dive into our Spring/Summer trend predictions, so buy up your alt-Crocs models early!
When buying a new product these days, the search often starts (and ends) with Google. But how does Google tell you what to buy and where to go? And how are publishers telling Google what to tell you? The world of ecommerce has become more and more concentrated around a single source and we explore what that means when trying to buy something like a pair of sneakers or a toaster. We also discuss the state of retail and what it's like to work on a sales floor these days with ever shifting customer expectations. Be sure to check out the Heddels Shop and join Heddels+ for more Blowout.
Listen to the full episode on Heddels+: It's been a minute since we've gone deep on product so we thought we could catch up and catch up in style with a whole episode devoted to our product picks and misses (with a short aside on Victorian era crotchless underpants). We get into the following: Burgus Plus Ripstop Cargo Pants - Leopard Viberg Wholecut Derby Boot - Taupe Horsebutt Epperson Mountaineering - Large Climb Tote w/ Vintage NASA Patch - Clay Master-piece Potential V3 Waist Bag Black The Rite Stuff Atlas Salt & Pepper Work Shirt (Cedar) Iron Heart POLARTEC® Fleece Vest - Black Loewe Distressed Denim Shoes Le Laboureur Cape de Berger Scott Fraser Collection High-Waisted Denim Jeans Corridor Space Dye Cardigan in Sunset Also check out the Heddels Shop, 10% off with code BLOWOUT.
A few weeks ago we had a discussion about Burberry’s use of Wehrmacht-esque Nazi camoflauge patterns in their winter collection and that put me back in touch with Charles McFarlane, who is one of the most well informed individuals I know on all things military uniforms. Charles is a second-year masters student in Costume Studies at NYU, whose research focuses on the intersection of military uniforms and popular fashion and the soldier as a consumer of fashion. He has also been a contributor at GQ, Put This On, Gear Patrol, Heddels, and his own substack Combat Threads. We had the opportunity to discuss the origins of camo, some of the patterns you'd most likely want to avoid, and how to get a start in collecting and wearing military clothing in your wardrobe. Join Heddels+ and shop at Heddels Shop, 10% off with code BLOWOUT>
82 - Dressing Like Jackass

82 - Dressing Like Jackass


Hi, I'm David Shuck and welcome to Blowout! We were recently graced with a new entry in the Jackass franchise and we thought it appropriate to detail the many fits and stylings that the band of pranksters and stunt artists have donned over the last 20+ years. Reed, Albert, and I run through the clothing of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Bam, and many more. Listen to the episode above, sign up for Heddels+, and get 10% off at the Heddels Shop with the code BLOWOUT.
Listen to the full episode at Heddels+: A vibe shift is coming, are you prepared? Reed and David dissect the idea of a "vibe shift" and the previous vibes we have experienced in the last 20 years while riffing off of a recent New York Magazine article. *Spoiler alert: if you're listening to this, you probably didn't survive the last vibe shift.
Join Heddels+ and shop at the Heddels Shop ! What is the shoe policy in your home? Are you a sane person that asks guests to take their shoes off at the entrance? If so, you may not want to invite WSJ columnist Kris Frieswick into your home because they made their stance loud and clear in a piece titled, "Here’s Why I’ll Be Keeping My Shoes on in Your Shoeless Home”: We go over Kris's errors as well as the apparent facade of organic cotton uncovered in a recent NYT article: Plus we get into product talk on a Sassafras Diggin Half Cotton Tweed Black Shirt: Momotaro's Green-Tea Dyed Ochazome Sashiko Type II And our Bootleg Bootcut Returns
Hear the full episode and much more on Heddels+: If you own a tote bag and have my phone number, chances are you have texted me about a new PBS documentary that just released this week. I’m of course talking about “Riveted: The History of Jeans”, the latest in PBS’s “American Experience” series directed by Michael Bicks and Anna Lee Strachan. The documentary traces indigo twill cloth from its origins in Northern Africa, Italy, and France in the late Renaissance through the American enslaved peoples, gold miners, biker gangs, high fashion, and hip hop. We all watched it and I guess my gut reaction is it was good but they could’ve talked more about Taco Bell. We get into that as well as the rebirth, or lack thereof, of Brooks Bros. and J.Crew in a recent GQ article. Find all that and more on this week's episode.
It took over a decade, but Levi's finally upped the price of the 501 and it still hasn't matched the rate of inflation. We discuss Levi's latest statement on raising their prices, Uniqlo getting into the repairs game, Burberry using a Nazi Waffen-SS camo pattern in their latest collection, and David's experience at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow. Get 10% off your order at the Heddels Shop with the code BLOWOUT, and join Heddels+ for even more Blowout episodes!
To hear the full episode, join Heddels+: Inadvertently or not, Carhartt has waded into the culture war with a recently leaked memo saying they're going to maintain their company vaccine mandate after the Supreme Court struck down OSHA's federal mandate for employers. We discuss the efficacy of burning bought and paid for items for a political end and the cynicism inherent in being a brand making statements to begin with. Also Albert discusses some tiktok #drama about the ethics of buying dupes. All that and more on Heddels+!
76 - Funky Denim Monks

76 - Funky Denim Monks


To pick up the newest release from G-Star, you just have to renounce all of your worldly possessions. We've got discussion of denim monk habits, including what other religious brand collabs we'd like to see, plus another brand (Aime Leon Dore) being sacrificed on the altar of global capital. We also go deep on a few products: Shaggy Melton Wool CPO Sloppy Shirt Coat - Black Vague Watch Company Every-One “Explorers” Automatic Watch Hikers Suspender Things Subscribe to Heddels Plus, shop at Heddels Shop, and email us at
To hear the full episode, join Heddels+: http://plus.heddels New York state could pass the most comprehensive and impactful fashion transparency bill in history and a man supposedly owes Santoni $7,000 for a pair of Oxfords gone awry. We've got that plus trying to figure out how I can hurt myself with food for my birthday. (Yes, those are all real shoes from the Santoni website.) And don't forget, all listeners get 10% off at the Heddels Shop with code BLOWOUT.
I hope you got something good for the holidays, because New Balance got a federal lawsuit. The Boston-based shoemaker is being sued for false advertising that their "Made in USA" line of sneakers isn't entirely made in USA per the Federal Trade Commissions guidelines. We look into what 70% of a shoe could entail, talk about our holiday hauls, and play "Is it too costumey?" on a fresh edition of product talk: Freenote Cloth Western Rambler Shirt Pendleton Wool Zip up Sweater Post O’alls Craftmaster 3 Ikat Indigo Pullover Check out the Heddels Shop and consider joining Heddels Plus if you haven't already!
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