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This is the OFFICIAL Heffron and Reep Show, voted the #1 podcast by both the "World Podcast Federation" and the "Podcasting Ranking Association." The show is hosted by 2 stand-up comedians and "Last Comic Standing" winners, John Heffron and Jon Reep. They talk about a variety of different topics, all focused around entertaining you the listener. And, as a added BONUS, by listening to the Heffron & Reep Show, you'll avoid pain in your neck and back region, replaced by the feeling of immense pleasure. So, ask yourself, isn't that what you really want?
101 Episodes
John Heffron is visiting Jon Reep's hometown of Hickory, North Carolina... and talks about the things he expects to do while in town. Jon talks about his childhood break-dancing squad "Cosmic Force", while John shares information about his food preferences.
John Heffron and Jon Reep are comedians talking about comedians... who talk about comedians.John gets invited to go on a boat, but declined when he realizes he’s not a boat guy.If the guys had to work at a fast food restaurant, John is all about working at Arby's.They discuss sleeping arrangements for their upcoming “town swap” visits to each others’ hometown.And what’s the name of their new tour?
John talks about his recent trip to Boston, which leads them to a conversation about hotel bars.There's a lot of talk about having sex at an older age. And can you complete The Mailbox Challenge? Hopefully, it's a long driveway...Jon brings up a t-shirt he saw online where it had a picture of Michael Jackson but with Prince's name and logo. Is this an insult to those who grew up in the 1980s? And what other bands could be mixed up?Does John Heffron have Debbie Gibson's contact info? And was she going to be on the show?And there's some talk about the band Menudo.
Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep get together to talk about their Green Room demands and 5 helpful tips to prevent Man Boobs.Check out John Heffron and Jon Reep live in Hickory, NC on Monday, June 7th at the Main Cellar City Club! Get your tickets:, Heffron & Reep will be performing in Ann Arbor, MI on June 11th and 12th at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase! Get your tickets:
Ep97 - Varsity Dudes

Ep97 - Varsity Dudes


John and Jon discuss how they need to have a name for their upcoming stand-up tour. Something like "Heffron & Reep On Stage Wearing Hats".They talk high school varsity jackets, John shares his high school photos and Jon shares a photo of his prom night and sweet ride.
Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep discuss borrowing an RV for a cross-country comedy "Town Swap".John discusses his childhood homemade Hot Cinnamon Toothpick business and how it almost took a dark turn into greed and deception.What the hell is a Sugar Glider?And Jon does not find the smell of cat piss to be that bad. He actually thinks it smells kind of clean. He appears to be the only one that feels this way.
Ep95 - Flip Phone Roulette

Ep95 - Flip Phone Roulette


Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep talk about a fun game they can play with old-school flip phones, manilla envelopes, and unsuspecting people.Then they discuss the idea of having a "Bug Out Bag" to help get out of some uncomfortable situations. Do you have cash saved in your underwear drawer? One of their listeners does.And did Jon try to kill someone over the weekend with Pickle Juice and Irish Car Bombs?  Accusations are flying, and Jon has some video evidence.
Ep94 - The Burner Marriage

Ep94 - The Burner Marriage


John discusses some recent audience interactions he's had at some shows, which leads to a discussion on how people should have a "burner marriage".What about a TV show about time-traveling, body-swapping comedians? For Jon, call it "Quantum Reep".And John and Jon discuss the genius of comedian Jay London.
Jon Reep is in the studio, John Heffron is stuck and calling in from the Detroit airport, and Reno Collier joins the conversation to talk comedy shows, disrespectful audience members, the upcoming "Town Swap", and kissing on camera.
Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep discuss shopping malls in the 80s and tease a guest coming up in the future to talk about "Dead Malls".Some other important questions discussed:Did you know comedian John Heffron falls asleep to 80's music videos every night?Would you watch a television channel of nothing but failed TV pilots?Is Godzilla a bad guy?Whatever happened to the lost art of cobbling?What about a crime TV show where someone can see the thoughts of others by laying their head on the other person's pillow? Coming soon on... "The Bed You Make".And, finally, Jon and John ask the question... "What's our circle?"
John Heffron and Jon Reep welcome fellow comedian Rob Little to talk about his adventures performing comedy for nudist groups and on swingers cruises.
Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep talk about bleeding on stage, frustration with loud stirrers in the audience, and what to do if the power goes out during a show.Then they spend some time trying to understand why hot air balloons are considered romantic. Are there other overrated romantic gestures?But most importantly, drones are flying around John's house... and he's got plans to set up a honey pot trap to catch them.The Heffron & Reep Drone-Busters with their trusty sidekick Roomba!
Ep89 - Cancel Culture Club

Ep89 - Cancel Culture Club


John Heffron is performing in Nashville but still has some time to join the show and bring comedian Josh Wolf up for a very quick cameo.Jon Reep takes over in the studio and talks with producer The Alan Jackson about his idea for "Cancel Culture Club" and a passive aggressive argument with a Twitter fan.Then, Jon invites some of the Heffron & Reep Patreons on the show for a round of 80s and 90s trivia!
Comedians Jon Reep and John Heffron talk about John's recent haircare appointment. How much did he pay? Keep in mind, he got shampooed and had his eyebrows done too. And did he tip? And if so, how much?Also in discussion: Meatballs. International Women's Day. The occupations of 80s sitcom parents. Beavis & Butthead. And Pepe Le Pew is cancelled... what classic cartoon character is next?
John Heffron and Jon Reep welcome fellow comedian Josh Sneed to talk comedy and t-shirts. Actually, there's a lot of talk about t-shirts.There's also talk about the smell of butterscotch, how not to handle a situation when someone is choking, and accidentally lunging onto a pointy chair.And there's also a round of trivia between Jon Reep and Josh Sneed. Who will take home the prize this week?And we're not kidding about the t-shirt talk. There's a lot of it. They guys even discuss a website where you can get cool retro t-shirts:
What’s Heffron’s baby tooth worth? And why did the Tooth Fairy stiff him?Check out Heffron’s new toys! What 80s action figures did he get in the mail?Listen to Reep’s scary weekend story… was he and his friends staying at Old Man McGillicuddy’s haunted cabin?Heffron tells a “Knock Knock Road” story.And the guys discuss a Hometown Swap, or City Swap, or Trading Towns with Heffron & Reep.
John Heffron and Jon Reep share some stories from their time on the road.And then they bring in live listeners to play some trivia.It's a great episode filled with fun stories and laughter.
Jon talks about giving away his $900 residual check to a listener, John lets us know he has been text messaging the wrong person for years, there's some Super Bowl talk, 80s and 90s trivia, and some sing-alongs. And the question that defines our times: who would win in a cage fight - Simply Red or Simple Minds?
Ep83 - Sleep Study Slasher

Ep83 - Sleep Study Slasher


Could a good slasher movie be made set during a sleep study?"That snoring is KILLING me!"Lots of whistling, humming, and "grandma-singing". Lucid dreams and period parties are discussed, along with some more 80s/90s trivia.And "We Built This City" was NOT sung by REO Speedwagon.
Ep82 - Father Figure

Ep82 - Father Figure


Was George Michael the best singer of all time?What is a Buffalo Stance?Is Jon getting married?What would a prom or school-dance restaurant look like? Let's bring back awkward slow dancing.And what if you've been around the world and... you can't find your baby?More 80s and 90s trivia with Jon, John, and the live listeners.
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