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Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

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Welcome to Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel – a show where LinkedIn’s Jessi Hempel explores the changing nature of work, and how that work is changing us. What does work mean to us? Should we love what we do? How can we switch it up? Join Jessi as she talks with guests such as Reid Hoffman, Roxane Gay, and Guy Raz to unearth lessons that apply to our own careers. New episodes each week.

84 Episodes
For this US holiday week, we’ve grabbed a team favorite from the archives: Jessi’s conversation with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, Stanford professors and authors of Designing Your Work Life.
Jessi sits down with listener Lauren Maffeo to discuss Lauren’s transition from journalism to civic tech, and her advice for others interested in making a career change.
On Monday, award-winning financial strategist, TV host, and bestselling author Farnoosh Torabi talked with Jessi here on Hello Monday about the intersection of money and career. On the same day, Jessi visited Farnoosh's show, So Money, for this conversation on the future of work and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic and recession on women.
Farnoosh Torabi on money

Farnoosh Torabi on money


To succeed in our careers, we have to talk about money. But it can be uncomfortable. So we drafted Farnoosh Torabi, a money expert and host of the podcast SO MONEY, to demystify and destigmatize talking about and planning for our financial realities.
At Hello Monday, we believe that creativity is a muscle. And muscles need trainers! Creativity strategist Natalie Nixon joins Jessi to teach us all how to infuse our workdays with more innovative thinking.
Carbon CEO Ellen Kullman visits with Jessi to tell her rare-for-today story of growing throughout her career at only two companies - GE and DuPont. She shares lessons learned from leading DuPont during the ‘08 financial crisis, and ways we can each take control during uncertain times.
Yale professor emeritus Craig Wright studies the nature of genius and what we can learn from the geniuses among us. He shares stories and tips from exceptional lives.
In this special bonus episode, guest host Michaela Greer talks with Dr. Rheeda Walker, psychologist and author of The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health, about measuring and improving our "psychological fortitude."
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff sits down with Jessi to trace his unique path from indie programmer to Salesforce leader, and shares his vision for how business can improve the world.
On the eve of her new PBS special, writer and host Kelly Corrigan shares the importance of deep human connection and the value of three little words: Tell me more.
Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoox - the self-driving car startup recently acquired by Amazon - shares advice on thinking tactically when choosing a startup to work for.
Jessi visits with feminist career coach Cynthia Pong, who shares tips on how to successfully navigate difficult systems and achieve career goals.
Film editor - and modern farmer - Tom Deacon joins Jessi to share his insight into running a successful small business while working a full time job... during a pandemic.
In this special bonus episode, Jessi chats with listener Ellice Patterson about disrupting ableism and making change with her company, Abilities Dance Boston.
In this episode from the Hello Monday archives, Jessi talks with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about the curiosity which imbues his life, the benefits of practicing a growth mindset, and his vision for Microsoft's future.
Prompted by a listener’s question, Jessi seeks advice from iRelaunch’s Carol Fishman Cohen on whether it’s possible to step out of the workforce, and how to come back.
Jessi talks with Baratunde Thurston about using comedy to build bridges on his journey from technologist to journalist to activist.
Jessi talks with lawyer Lindsay Harrison about loving your job, the importance of knowing who you're trying to convince of something, and the power of passing the mic.
Jessi talks with Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin about proactively managing careers and battling that dreaded monster - imposter syndrome.
Peloton’s Robin Arzon sits down to chat with Jessi about how to make a change when your first career doesn’t totally meet your expectations.
Comments (7)

Srinath Sharma

Found Burnett and Evans to be very condescending and full of superiority and glib talk.

Mar 26th

Richard Ottley

awesome podcast 👍

Oct 7th


Inspiring episode to start my day.

May 20th

Mint Clare Dew

I was sent here by Tim ferries and I'm excited for the practical and I sirstion advice for life ^^

Mar 30th

Austin Peek

Hello Friday by Austin Peek of the Millionaire Interviews Podcast.

Mar 5th

Tiffany Huang

Refreshing take on how we can all be prepared for the future of work. Have already taken nuggets of info to apply to my job. Highly recommend this - what a great weekly morning commute listen!

Mar 5th

George Anders

Lively, fun and informative as can be. Jessi Hempel's interviewing style reminds me of watching a master chef at work. She brings all the right ingredients together at just the right time.

Mar 4th
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