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Author: Tara Thompson

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Cheers to being a Woman, But WOMANHOOD... Its a jungle down there!Get ready to get real, raw and totally uncensored as we explore health, sex, motherhood and relationships. We are going to break through the stigma's, the taboos and talk about all those things that are embarrassing, awkward and that make you think your the only one! Lets through back the covers and exposure the journey of womanhood together.
13 Episodes
Loving yourself comes in many different forms and finding that balance can be hardAlice opens up on her own journey of finding self love and also shares some of her tips and hints on how she gives herself self love and self care and how you can tooListen as we talk through loving the journey of life and finding balance in life too...
We talk the Big 'O' with certified Sex Therapist Dr KateTalking in detail about female orgasms, why some women dont experience, how to talk to your partner about your sexual pleasure, finding your sexual desires and chatting with your girl friends.
From the moment you get married it begins the JUDGEMENT and OPINIONS of others that they just have to share with you...From when your having babies, your pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and everything else! Its alot and we often have no idea whats happening behind the scenes in someone else's life.In this episode we chat about the opinions and judgements we have received and want to remind you to be kind to yourself (cause hey we judge ourselves pretty hard too!) and to be kind to others...
Sometimes the road to babies is easy but for others the path is long and hard...Grecian shares her journey of trying to conceive, her infertility at only 25 and then the journey through IVF which lead to twins. But her journey wasn't to end there and she had to deliver her twin girls at only 25 weeks and a whole new set of challenges began. 
With pregnancy comes fear, worry, maybe a little anxiety that everything goes right and your baby is growing and is healthily. But what if that normal fear and worry turns into something else.... When a little worry turns into all consuming dread and consumes your every thought, thats when you need to take action. After suffering a pregnancy loss, Keira world totally changed and her thoughts moved to a place she had no control over. In the episode we discuss what is pre natal depression, the signs and where to go to get help.Its okay to NOT be OKAY!
I always thought meditation ment sitting in silence with my legs crossed, humming some ancient monk tune and finding inner peace.... Except there is NEVER silence going on in my mind!Kirsty chats about mindful meditation and talks us through how meditation looks different on everyone, its your practice and she also provides some great tips on how to begin if you need a little calm, zen or just to reduce your stress or anxiety.
Giving birth can be daunting but finding out you need to have a c-section can add so much more stress and anxiety to the situation. When Rachelle was due to deliver her twins this was the exact situation that she was confronted with.Then came breastfeeding...TWINS... She had successfully breastfed her first son but this time was totally different and began to effect her mental state but where do you go for info on bottle feeding?Tune in as Rachelle shares her journey, highs and lows with us.
Tampons and Pads... The typical go to right...BUT what else is out there? We talk mensural cups, discs and period panties. How to use them, clean them and do they WORK!Then we go deep into contraception - how is your contraception affecting your body? Do you know the side effects? We talk real deep on whats going on in your body!
Are you in touch with your sexuality? Do you even know how to connect?Leading sex coach Lauren Joyce speaks to us about "pleasure dependency" - aka how many women seek pleasure especially sexually from someone else vs having that relationship with themselves first. The importance of the feminine energy - why so many women ignore this until its too late. AND How awakening your connection to your sexuality and sexual energy. This is the key to getting the relationship that you desire.... Are you ready?
Every breastfeeding journey is so different but there is still so much judgement and confusion. With mum of 3 Krissy Ropiha we discuss intolerances casing you baby reflux, the differences of each journey, when to stop breastfeeding your baby and also when to start feeding your baby solids and what to feed them.Krissy is the creative mind behind @hernourishedkids and gives an amazing insight through sharing her journey.
Ever wanted to smooth out those fine lines, or plump up those lips?Cosmetic Nurse Injector Felicity Ward talks us through Anti Wrinkle Injections & Fillers, what are they, what's involved BUT most importantly uncovering the myths and FALSE stereotypes surrounding this industry. Everything you've ever wanted to know PLUS we talk Vampire Facials...
Effectively communicating with your spouse can be way harder than anyone expected. For a lot of us we aren't taught how to be effective communicators especially when it comes to emotions. Then throw children into the mix and communication & prioritising your husband can easily go out the window and divorce can rise on your horizon. This week we talk through effective communication in marriage with Women's Life Coach - Michelle Purta
A lot of what we do in life as women is connected in some way to our VAGINA. 'I hope vagina doesn't make you to uncomfortable cause i'm gonna say it A LOT!!!'We don't talk enough about the stuff that is really important to our overall health and happiness as WOMEN - So I started this podcast to do just that. Along with some special guest we are going to get deep into Health, Sex, Motherhood and Relationships! A new topic each week that falls into those categories and covers thing we aren't talking about, we hide or only share with our closet friend. Nothing is of limits, it might, NO it will be outrageous at times and it will certainly make you laugh and hopefully nod your head along in agreeance too... Get ready because its going to be a fun ride!
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