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Author: Living Our Best Lives With Diamond Okoh

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HelloFounder is a podcast for Aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs

The podcast was created to help provide actionable information aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs can use to have an easier start to launching their own online business or growing their new online business

We discuss questions and challenges you have and face around starting and growing a new online business

The podcast is owned by The HelloFounder Company co-founded by Diamond Okoh and Kieva Chris-Amusan
35 Episodes
When starting a business or growing one, we often fall for the RA RA mood of it all. We find ourselves pushing harder and harder sometimes out of full motivation, other times because we want to be seen as being consistent and other times, to meet our goals. We are plagued with the whole “sleep 4 hours a day” hustle mentality that in my experience, does us no good. If you are starting a business or growing one, am essential part of what we do is SELF CARE. You should never put yourself second to your goals and your business. As hard as it may be. To join us in Hellofounder , go to and click on SIGN UP. You can find us on YouTube as HelloFounder, On instagram also as --- Send in a voice message:
Yes, there are certain factors to consider before going ahead to invest in a business. I know there are people that will say “RISK IT AND GO FOR IT” but, I love taking calculated risks. No need putting myself through a wall when I know it will end in tears. In this episode, you will learn some of the key ways to know if your business idea is worth investing in. Join us inside Hellofounder. Go to and click on “Sign Up” to join in or Click on SHOP to get the business idea workbook. Watch this video to learn how to validate your business --- Send in a voice message:
When it comes to growing a business, nothing else can hurt our growth than lack of profitability. A lot of people make mistakes when starting that goes on to hurt the ability of their business to survive long term. Remember, cash flow is the lifeline of a business. Once money stops coming in, the business is headed for the grave. In this podcast, you will learn the 6 tips to avoiding this trap with your own business. Join Us at hellfounder by going to and clicking on “Sign Up” to become a member and access all the courses, resources and mini classes we have available. Watch this video to learn how to VALIDATE your business idea Watch this video to get more insight into PRICING for profitability from day 1 --- Send in a voice message:
There are two key things I have struggled with a lot when it comes to growing my business and starting a business, they are COMPARISON and CONFUSION. If you are trying to grow a new business or start one then, you know what I am talking about. In this episode, I talk about this in way more detail and explain the power of trusting your journey and trusting your gut when dealing with this two. This episode is more like a gentle reminder --- Send in a voice message:
Starting or growing a business can be super over-whelming. There are a million things to do and for most of us, we are doing it on our own. I know this feeling so well because I have dealt with it before. For a long time, overwhelm kept me in inaction. Until I found this process that has helped me a ton. I have been able to use this process over and over again to move past overwhelm and do the things I need to do when starting a business and I am using it as I work to grow Hellofounder. Go to to see what we are about. Hellofounder is an online space for you if you are looking to start a business but do not know where or how to start OR, you have launched but don’t know what to do next or have the skills to get you the desired results you want. --- Send in a voice message:
With the situation the world is facing, a lot of us in business are left asking “Is this a good time to be selling?” The answer is YES. Why? There are still people who 100% need what we are offering even in these times and , if we stop showing up, we make it hard for these people to get the help they need. In this episode, I break down the mindset change that enabled me to focus on building and selling my products and services. Then, I share the simple 3 step process to use in showing up during this time with your products and services. Hi there, my name is Diamond okoh and I am the founder of Hellofounder. Hellofounder is for people looking to launch a business successfully but don’t k ow how or where to start and, for people who have launched but don’t know how to get their first 1,000 customers. Go to to find out more about hellfounder --- Send in a voice message:
If you go on google and type, how to start a business, different people will list out things you need to have before you launch. In my experience though, most of these things are not at all necessary and will lead you to spending on things that will slow down your business progress in the long run. In this episode, I break down things that will actually make a difference that you should cloud on and things that don’t. That way, you can give your business a stronger chance of surviving your first year. Go to to get some of the resources mentioned in this episode. Go to to join the waitlist if you are looking to launch your business --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I pull out the 9 key growth things I have focused my attention on for the year and during this time as well in my business. With different people suggesting different things, it can be hard to know what direction to go. I share exactly where my head is at and why I strongly believe these things will make a ton of difference for me and for you as well in your business. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I share all the new habits I need to form in 2020 to move forward and get closer to some of my goals. Today, the first will mark the beginning of my reflective period for the year looking at the things I need to iterate and do better at for growth --- Send in a voice message:
Execution wahala

Execution wahala


Execution is one of the things a lot of us struggle with when it comes to our goals. I know I do, in this episode, we talk about 4 simple things I have been trying that have consistently helped me execute on my goals --- Send in a voice message:
Show Me Road

Show Me Road


In this episode, I share the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs really struggle to move forward in their business and why most aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck. . It is something that has really changed the way I look at business. If you want to grow a successful business and move forward, this will definitely help you get going --- Send in a voice message:
If you are serious about building a successful business , you do not want to make these mistakes. These are mistakes I have made that honestly hurt so much. Learn from me, be wiser and dodge the bullets. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I share the most important skill any one who wants to start a business and grow that business needs to have. There are lots of skills needed but this one tops all of them if you want to grow --- Send in a voice message:
I am currently going through the process of turning HelloFounder which is the business I launched into a successful brand and let me tell you, it isn’t an easy thing to do. There has been a lot of crying and failing and lessons. Everyone says building a successful business is hard but hard how? In this episode , I share 4 key things no one told me about building a successful business or they did and I did not listen --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, the focus is on comparison and how to deal with it. If you have ever looked at what other people are doing and feeling sorry for yourself , this is for you. If you feel like everyone else has it figured out and you don’t know what you are doing, you need this. I get really open and honest about the truth of this journey --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we talk about dealing with fear. A lot o us struggle with moving forward and doing what we need to do to grow regardless of the fear that we feel. Overcoming fear becomes where we are STUCK and guess what, trying to OVERCOME FEAR is why you are struggling to deal with it. I share everything I know about moving forward regardless of fear in this episode --- Send in a voice message:
Balance, a myth?

Balance, a myth?


Look guys, balance is hard. It is hard because there is always so much to do and only 24 hours in the day. It’s is hard because we have goals and things we want to achieve that demands work. So, how do we attain it; balance family , friends, different work tasks , drinking water , eating healthy while staying mentally healthy, I share my 2 cents on the matter --- Send in a voice message:
Pay Me Bish

Pay Me Bish


In this episode, I talk about creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs generally coming to a place where they are super comfortable with charging and asking to be paid for their services and pointing out that this should be completely okay. We also explain how to deal with the fear of charging --- Send in a voice message:
Don’t Settle

Don’t Settle


Too often in life, we will meet things that make us question if we must wait for the things we want. We question and then out of fear or pressure , we decide to stick with those things that look like what we want but aren’t. In this episode, I talk about settling , finding the strength not to and how to deal with the fear and pressure --- Send in a voice message:
Daddy, you are wrong

Daddy, you are wrong


This is why it is so important to work on our personal development. For a long time, I felt like personal development was a complete waste of time. I was wrong and this is why --- Send in a voice message:
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