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A Shot of Hope: Recovery Stories

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A Shot of Hope is all about addiction, recovery, and grace. We share recovery stories from around the campus of Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, Maryland.
24 Episodes
"Everything you wanted - it's starting right now."  Listen as Ramon shares his story of addiction, recovery, and spiritual renewal. We featured Ramon's story in our video Road to Hope: Music by Blue Dot Sessions.
"The catalyst, the breaking point, of me changing my life was me sitting on the side of a road one day and telling God that I accept this is going to be my life because you won't answer my prayer. " Demetrie grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Hear him describe how, in recovery, his prayers started to change from telling God what to do to asking for God's will to be done, and how he's found the transformation he was always looking for.    Produced by Will Kapfer and Vic King. Music is Fifteen Street by Blue Dot Sessions and Thank You by Walter Hawkins.
We're relaunching our podcast with a new name! A Shot of Hope: Recovery Stories.  Listen and subscribe at: Music is Fifteen Street by Blue Dot Sessions.
We invited our men to share: What does recovery look like for you in this moment of COVID-19? What's changed? What’s stayed the same? What encouragement would you have to offer others?  View the video version of this episode: Thank you for your prayers and your support, and may God bless you this Easter. Music is "Keep Up the Momentum, Friend" by Chris Zabriskie
We're back with Season 3! This episode is the story of Bobby Johnson and how despite his stumbles, God has placed Bobby on a path of service and redemption using his talents as a way to give back. Bobby reminds us that even in our darkest places, we still have a protector who, if we're willing, will help us out of the grips of death and into loving and meaningful relationships. Read more at This episode was produced by Gino Toskes and Vic King with music by Podington Bear and Quincas Moreira.
“When I was in the midst of everything, there were no options. You wake up every day, and your intent has to be get money or be prepared to die. I have choices nowadays.”  Read more at  Featuring Eric’s segment from the new podcast Drug Stories – check them out at (Audio by Miriam Zimmerman and photo by Michelle Frankfurter)  This episode was produced by Evan Jones and Vic King.  Music by DMB (Eric’s request). 
“I am a firm believer that the small things in life make the difference. The big [things] are going to happen to everyone. The little ones are gifts. When someone talks to you and they actually care, it’s something you remember. It can make a huge difference in the rest of your day. It might make a difference in the rest of your life. Care might be the difference between life and death.”  Read more at 
“I was using drugs for so long that I didn’t know how to live without them.”  Read more at 
“You can’t do this alone; it’s just impossible.”  Read more at
This spring, we had the privilege of welcoming Diane Langberg to our campus for a visit. Dr. Langberg is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes 45 years of working with trauma survivors and clergy.  Dr. Langberg shared with our clients some of what she’s learned about healing from shame, sexual abuse, and other kinds of trauma.  00:01 The many faces of shame (below is the Shame Compass that Dr. Langberg refers to in this section)  28:05 The trauma of sexual abuse  36:07 The shape of healing: talk, tears, time 56:13 Q&A You can also view this talk on Youtube. And you can hear what Dr. Langberg shared with our staff, “Lessons from a Life of Counseling,” at
“When I saw my daddy in the hospital, I made a promise I would stop.  I made a promise to him, and I stopped for a while.  But it took a toll when he died… and I couldn’t help it.”  Read more at
“Before, I had no desire to really dig.  I was too afraid of what I would find.  Now I know that there is no hope of hope if I don’t do what is uncomfortable.”  Read more at
“…That is when things started to go downhill for me, once I deleted God out of my life and pushed him to the side, that is when I started to do some really, really sad things.”  Read more at
“Part of me thinks that it was because I was doing so well – maybe I could get away with one… I shot up while driving and I just had an immediate overdose…the last thing I remember was a loud crash. My next conscious memory is three weeks later in Johns Hopkins ICU surrounded by doctors with machines and tubes everywhere. My parents are there and crying, so I started crying.”  Read more at
“I had nothing to sell; I had nothing to give; I was just really taking everything… trying to fill the void inside with drugs.”  Read more at
Julio knows how it feels to be successful in the world’s eyes, but had to learn to be still and serve in order to succeed in his recovery. Read more at
Richard is no longer wandering the streets. Instead, he is spending this Christmas with family! Read more at
“I just tried to talk honestly about myself and how God is helping me. I also shared that I don’t really know what God has for me, but am waiting patiently. Afterwards, one guy said to me, ‘God is already doing something in you and through you.’ That helped!” Read more at
Yasin Abdul Adi was born in Detroit, MI but, while still young, his family moved to Knoxville, TN – the places he considers his “hometown” today. Yasin says he always felt a God-connection and tried many things to deepen it – including 25 years practicing Islam. Here’s his story. Read more at
“Settling in, I wasn’t scared. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I was ready to change, whatever it took – I knew it was better than jail and it was time to get honest with myself.  I felt peace and could walk into a place and not be judged. I could lay my head down and fall asleep.” Read more at
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