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Author: Jen Hemphill: Motivational Money Coach

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Jen Hemphill, Motivational Money Coach goes on a money journey each week with you helping you make your money simple and easy to master. She brings to you practical and simple money insights and showcases women like you to share their real life stories. Grab the Jumpstart Your Budget Mini-Guide that gives you a simple place to start and finally limit the overwhelm you experience with your finances at
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Win the Money Battle, Focus More on What You Can Control with Garrett Philbin | HMM 152
Do you find yourself confident in most areas of your life, but when it comes to money you run to a corner a hide? You aren’t alone in this!   This week’s guest Garrett Philbin provides some insanely good insights on how you can win the money battle.    What you'll learn about in today's episode: The specific imprint his parent’s money story left on his own How he went from working in the music industry to becoming a financial coach 4 exercises you can do to help you dive deeper into your money story The significance of focusing on what you have control over and why it matters For the complete set of show notes for this episode go to   Be sure to continue to join us in more money conversations in our FREE community over here:   Enjoy this episode and want more?  Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes:    By you doing that will help us reach more women like you.  It’s easy, here is how:    The post HMM 152: Win the Money Battle, Focus More on What You Can Control with Garrett Philbin appeared first on the Her Money Matters Podcast.   Have you not grabbed my book? You can do so by searching Her Money Matters on Amazon OR  using this link: 
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Jun 10th
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