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Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development
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Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life | Self Help & Personal Development

Author: Kate Snowise, Self Help

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Hosted by Psychologist turned Life Coach, Kate Snowise, Here to Thrive is a practical show about creating and living a fulfilling life. It mixes Positive Psychology with Wisdom + Modern Spiritual Thought, always with a focus on sharing information that will help you create a personally meaningful and fulfilling life. If you're into self-help and enjoy the likes of Gabby Bernstein, Brene Brown & Elizabeth Gilbert you'll likely have some fun here too.

The show is practical in that it will include plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to your own life to feel more happy in your heart. It focuses on achieving balance, finding peace, and discovering our personal power. It is a show is for those of us who are not content with living a shallow life but rather are ready to focus on our personal and soul growth and development. 


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When Tricia Barker was 22 she had a near fatal car crash. She broke her back in three places. During her emergency operation, she experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE). Her consciousness left her body and she saw Angels in the operating room. In this episode, Tricia talks through the details of her experience, as well as the messages that she received that were so clear to her. Specifically we discuss: Experience of leaving her body, and recognizing that she existed outside of her humannessAngels who communicated with her telepathicallyHow the Angels worked through her Doctors to heal her broken bodyThe small details she noticed of things that were happening outside of her operating room, which helped to verify her experienceThe messages she took back from the loving God energy she experiencedWhat it was like to come back to her physical formThis is a story that is full of hope and love. She talks about the sense of connection between us all and how we all have lights that can be turned on. To get the full written transcript of this episode, head to: learn more about Tricia:*To link to her book, Angels in the OR: learn more about the host, Kate Snowise:*note, this is an affiliate link. See for privacy and opt-out information.
What is the Hedonic Treadmill, and how does it undermine our ability to sustain a lasting sense of happiness? In this episode Kate overviews her take on the Hedonic Treadmill. She discusses the Hamster Wheel that helps her make sense of the concept. She also discusses the pursuit of external sources of happiness and pleasure and how it often foils us in our attempt to find greater life satisfaction. Finally, she highlights actions you can take to get off the treadmill, including:Deepening your awarenessCreating variation in your lifePutting the conscious effort in to savor simple pleasuresand Creating a Values-Based Life. To learn more about Kate, head to www.thrive.howTo access a full written transcript of this episode: See for privacy and opt-out information.
“This experience that we’re having here is very, very, very strange. Consciousness itself, the fact that you and I can be aware of ourselves having this conversation. The most basic realities of this experience that we’re having are indescribably strange and odd. So that is also what we mean by spiritual. If you aren’t at some point smiling about how strange this whole thing is, you’re not paying attention.” – Rob Bell ROB BELL is the New York Times Bestselling author of ten books, including Velvet Elvis, Drops Like Stars, and Love Wins, which have been translated into 25 languages. His podcast, called RobCast, was named by iTunes Best of 2015. He’s toured with Oprah, been profiled in The New Yorker, and in 2011 TIME Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. He does regular shows at Largo, a comedy and music club in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife Kristen and their three kids. In this episode, we’re talking (and so much more):Quantum Physics and it’s relationship to SpiritualityWhen you don’t know what is next for you, that space in betweenWhat does it mean to be successful?Our human identificationsSelf-Care and how we can support ourselves Rob & Liz Gilbert are doing are doing an online workshop on Imagining on 31st Oct 2020. For more details on that, head here: www.celebrateyourlife.comRob Bell’s new book is Everything is Spiritual. Find it here alongside more about Rob: more about the host, Kate Snowise, here:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We can become the observer of our thoughts, and when we can step into this higher level of consciousness, we can unlock the keys to our behavior and create from a place of intentionality. We switch from Reacting to Responding. For a full transcript and show notes, head to: this episode Kate is talking through this concept of becoming the observer, and addresses: What does it mean to split from our thoughts and switch to being the observerIf I am not my thoughts, then who the hell am I?How else we can think about the observerWhy this is useful, and how it can impact our livesPaths we can following to begin to integrate this ideaKate specifically mentions the following tools and resources: Episode #62 of Here to Thrive with Andrea Featherstone on Deconstructing Mindfulness. Eckhart Tolle's book - A New Earth. Link here: C. Hayes book on ACT - A Liberated Mind. Link here: Oprah & Eckhart New Earth Podcast. Link here: learn more about Kate Snowise and Thrive.How head to See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this episode we're talking about our relationship with technology, and how we can have a healthy-partnership with it, rather than have it dominate us and our lives.Dr Lori is a Clinical Psychologist who did her research into technology and the impacts on relationships. She is an thought-leader in the field of technology and helps businesses and families manage technology distractions and establish real connections.The "Phubbing" phenomenon - being snubbed for devicesTechnology and marriageHow to know when we're addicted to our devicesMinimizing stress coming from technologyBoundaries and technology - what we need to considerTechnology and our kidsHow we can use technology during this crazy Covid seasonDr Lori's new book is Connected & Engaged. You can find that here: a full transcript of this episode, head to: learn more about Dr Lori Whatley: learn more about the host Kate, head to See for privacy and opt-out information.
This episode discusses the concept of Toxic Positivity. Positivity in and of itself isn't bad, but when used in the wrong manner it can do harm and become toxic. To access the show notes for this episode and a full transcript: episode covers:What toxic positivity isHow it can do harm to both ourselves and othersHow Susan David's concept of Emotional Agility can help us find a middle-pathWhy emotional comparison is irrelevantHow positivity isn't bad, but it sit alongside compassion Junto Institute Emotional Wheel: refers to Susan David's work on Emotional Agility. You can find her TED talk here: David also has a book on the topic. You can find that here: Emotional Agility Book on Amazon*This post includes affiliate links. ---To learn more about the host, Kate Snowise, and her work: See for privacy and opt-out information.
This is a soul-grounding conversation with Latina Healer & Licensed Psychotherapist, Christine Gutierrez. She is the bestselling author of I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself and Coming Back Home to Soul.Christine offers private coaching, group coaching, and transformational retreats such as her annual Diosa Retreat in Puerto Rico, as well as the Diosa Tribe, a global community where like- hearted women come to heal, rise, and lead. She has been featured in Time Out NY, Latina Magazine, Yahoo Health, Ebony, Cosmo for Latinas, Huffington Post, and others. Christine currently resides in Puerto Rico with her husband, Fernando Samalot, and their pup, Bo­dhi. For more on her work, visit and follow her on Instagram @CosmicChristine.To access the full-transcription of this episode: talk about a lot, including:Coming back home to our soulThe seed of divinity that we all shareHow healing is repairing ourselves, and bringing our soul back to usHow when we abandon ourselves, we disconnect from spiritHow life is full of both the magical and the shittyHow there is great power in humanizing our experienceHow we can recognize our soul voice...and more.To find out more about Christine and her work, visit: and main website is ---To learn more about host, Kate Snowise, head to See for privacy and opt-out information.
Here to Thrive is back! Season 3 has landed.In this update, Kate gets raw and real and explains why she went quiet, what has been going on for her personally, and where to from here.Kate mentions the Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC) certification she completed recently through the Raleigh Coaching Academy. This program can be completed online via a virtual live classroom. To learn more: learn more about the host, Kate Snowise, head to her website: www.thrive.howFor transcript of this episode, head to learn more about Kate: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Dr. Lindsay Weisner, and she is the co-author of a book with Selene Castrovilla called 10-Steps to Finding Happy which is due to be released on March 20th which is the United Nations International Day of Happiness.Now this was recorded well before Coronavirus was even a thing. It’s amazing how things can turn on their heads! So some of our comments you may look at through a different lens now that we’re living with more uncertainty.Lindsay is a psychologist who specializes in teenagers with suicidal ideation. We’ll talk a little bit more about that in here. Alongside that conversation though is one about what makes us happy? And why we aren’t necessarily as happy as we could be. Specifically we’ll touch on:·     How technology is interrupting our lives, and stopping us from being present in the here and now (news notifications anyone?)·     How perhaps we really are more stressed out these days·     How every generation has their “mess of garbage” to deal with·     How we are likely bringing more psychological baggage into our lives than previous generations·     How expectations of happiness can lead to disappointment·     And the importance of living an active over a passive life.You can pre-order 10-Steps to happy before 20th March. But also remember, 20th March is United Nations International Day of Happiness. We need it this year…so spread so happy around dear people.Dr. Lindsay Wesiners book 10-Steps to Happy is going to be released on 20th March. If you enjoyed her upbeat vibe, you can also listen to her podcast which is Neurotic Nourishment. If you want to track down Lindsay and learn more about her work, therapy etc. you can follow her at @PsychShinkMom, and she practices out of Hewlett New York. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Kate Litterer is a productivity researcher and coach who specializes in intentionality, habit formation, mindfulness, and slow living. Her clients range from PhD students to tenure track professors to self-employed creatives.In this episode, we cover so much about how you can work smarter, so that you have more time to truly live, rest and love. Specifically we talk through:Parkinson's Law (how we will use whatever time we have to do a task)The Planning Fallacy (how we often underestimate time resources needed which leads to overcommitting)Pomodoro Technique for Enhanced ProductivityWorkaholismRecognizing our Invisible Labor as still EffortfulHow to set Boundaries with Ourselvesand more.This is a podcast with hacks to help you better manage your time and your restoration.This is a podcast with hacks to help you better manage your time and your restoration. Find Kate @ or The list of books she mentioned: Counterproductive by Melissa Gregg: to do Nothing by Jenny Odell: to Not Always Be Working by Marlee Grace: Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Nancy Levin is a Master Coach and bestselling author of several books including her latest, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free. Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the creator of Levin Life Coach Academy, and offers in-depth coaching and training programs designed to support clients in making themselves a priority and setting boundaries that stick. In this episode we dive deep into the concept of boundaries, including:What a boundary isHow to know when you've allowed yours to be crossedHow we cannot heal, fix, save, rescue othersWhat selfish, self-love and self-care have in commonAuthenticity in our relationships, and what that looks likeThe danger of addiction to external validation and approvalUndoing do-it-all-doormat syndromeAnd so much moreYou can learn more about Nancy here: grab her excellent new book, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free here: Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free See for privacy and opt-out information.
We're often told to "find our passion" but what does that even mean? Using Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski's 3 career orientations, I talk about the different ways we can approach our work, and how we can move towards a great sense of personal meaning in what we do.I mention being curious, and Elizabeth Gilbert's excellent talk on this, The Flight of the Hummingbird. You can find that here: also talk of discovery in the bookstore exercise suggested in Martha Beck's audible workshop lecture series. You can find that here: Follow Your North Star.--To find the facebook community: find Kate on Instagram: sign up for See for privacy and opt-out information.
Kate Crocco, MSW, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, confidence and mindset coach and writer who mentors female leaders around the globe. She has coached thousands of women through one-on-one, group, and mastermind programs, as well as through her Confident Ladies Club community. Her first book (of two), Thinking Like a Boss is releasing February 2020! Kate currently resides in New York with her husband, her two sweet girls, and her rescue pup, Turbo.>> to view notes online: This episode with Kate actually woke me up big time. As I prepped for it I started to wonder if I was using the excuse – I just don’t have enough time – to postpone working on the goals that mattered most to me. This discussion with Kate challenged me to look closer at my own life to see why I was using that excuse. What was the real block that was holding me back. So spoiler alert – this doesn’t sound like a therapy session, it sounds like an interview…but it is absolutely the beginnings of me having a personal breakthrough. I am so very grateful for Kate Crocco!In this episode we’re talking about confronting the excuses that are keeping you stuck. We deep-dive into that pesky excuse of “If only I had enough time” and look at it in detail. We also discuss:The power of looking at the unconscious beliefs behind your excusesHow we often have to be the cheerleader of our own dreamsHow it’s important to look at what we are prioritizingand how Consistency is the key to confidenceThe book she mentions in the podcast as a favorite read is: The Power of Broke by Daymond John—-To learn more about Kate, head to >> www.katecrocco.comTo grab your copy of her new book, Thinking Like a Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success, head here: See for privacy and opt-out information.
This is a quick overview of the Free 2020 Planning Guide I have created for Here to Thrive listeners. It is the same process I take my clients through, I do this myself! and I wanted to share it with you. You can grab your guide here: process shouldn't take any longer than a couple of hours, but will make you feel so much clearer about what you want from 2020 and how you're going to approach it. See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this episode, Kate shares the three practices she has that help keep her in touch with her inner voice.She references:Meditones (Sonesence): Timer - Teacher, Allison Serour: Cameron - The Artist's Way: Book on AmazonCoaching with Kate: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Monica Berg is full of grounded wisdom. This conversation we touch on so many points, but we focus on the difference between Ego & Soul Consciousness.You can find Monica at: www.rethinklife.todayLearn more about Kabbalah at: learn more about the host Kate: See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this episode Kate is sharing a Taoist parable that tells the story of the Maybe Principle. It demonstrates the power in suspending judgement around our experience, recognizing that life is full of ups and downs, and that often our heartache holds the seed of our greatest blessings.To read the parable, you can head to this site: learn more about the host Kate Snowise and her work, head here: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Shannon Kaiser is a leader in the self-help space. Her books to date include: Find Your Happy, Adventures for Your Soul, Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, The Self-Love Experiment and her latest release - Joy Seeker.In this episode we're talking about the concept of authenticity, and how we can live a personally meaningful life that is authentically aligned. We cover a lot of concepts in this conversation, but they include:The power in letting go and surrenderFear, and how our dreams can scare usHow having fixed expectations can harm usWhat life looks like when we focus more on making meaning than achieving goalsSelf-Actualization and Self-TranscendenceCourage...and all the things in between.To get a copy of Shannon's latest book, you can head to Amazon: learn more about Shannon: www.playwiththeworld.comTo learn more about Kate, and see her list of recommended reads and Here to Thrive guest books, head here: See for privacy and opt-out information.
How can we choose courage over comfort more often? And why would we want to?This episode I define courage, talk through why you might want it, discuss how you can live courageous and the hacks that it takes, and also touch on what to do when you have to pick yourself back up. It has specific action points to help you truly live with more courage.I share a personal note about a dear friend of mine - Nora Guise - at the end of the podcast interview. Nora is a 6-year old fighting for her life and has been accepted into a ground-breaking immunotherapy trial in Houston where they are using CAR-T therapy on a solid tumor cancer. This is the very edge of current cancer treatment. Nora is advancing medicine. This final note some people may find triggering so I want to make it explicit here. If you would like to support Nora and her family, here is the link: Join Nora's ArmyIf you have any trouble, you can search "Nora Guise givealittle" and her donation page will pop up.Thank you so much in advance. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Today’s guest is Dr. Judy Ho. She is triple Board-Certified Clinical, Forensic, and Neuropsychologist, with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and co-host of CBS's Face the Truth w/ Vivica A. Fox —has the answer. She also a frequent guest on the show The Doctors.Dr. Judy defines self-sabotage as being when we get in the way of the goals we set for ourselves and the things we say we want. It is the thoughts and behaviors that undermine our best intentions.Her book – Stop Self Sabotage – is out now. In it, she outlines a a six-step program for getting out of your own way and reaching your most-desired goals in love, work, health, and all aspects of life.In today’s episode we touch on a lot, but in particular we talk about a few ways in which people often self-sabotage including:-       In our careers-       When it comes to food & health-       And in our relationships---References from in episode: Dr. Judy shares her 4-part acronym – LIFE - that are the causes of self-sabotage. She has found that usually we are self-sabotaging because of one of the following:L: Low Self-EsteemI: Internalized BeliefsF: Fear of the UnknownE: Excessive Need for ControlShe also mentions the book, The Happiness Trap, by Russ Harris which is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. You can find that here> Kate's Favorite Books on Psychology & CoachingThe book by her bedside is called The Way of Kings. You can find that here > Way of KingsTo purchase Dr. Judy's book, head here > Stop Self-SabotageYou can find show notes in blog form at learn more about Dr. Judy:** This post contains affiliate links. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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