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A Weekly Podcast where Mike and Thanatos Kane discuss everything in entertainment, movies, TV, comics, and more!
72 Episodes
Heroes Asylum s creating it's own Mount Rushmore. This time we see who deserves to be on the WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment). Kane and Mike discuss who in their list deserves this spot. They also review the latest new and rumors for the Geekverse. Get to the Asylum
Welcome to the TV room where we do watch a longs and retrospectives on TV series. This week Mike watched Season 7 Episode 6 Clone Wars Deal No Deal. Watch along on Disney+ and Get to the Asylum. 
Mike and Kane cover the latest Comic Book in the last few weeks. Also the recent news and talk about ways to get your comics digital with Comixology
Bonus Issue: After a few weeks off Mike returns to the TV Room for the latest Clone Was episode. The return of Ahsoka Tano to Clone Wars. As she struggles to find her new life outside of the Jedi order. Get you popcorn and Disney + in this Cornonairus free addition. And Get to the Asylum!!
Mike and Kane cover the recent news on Black Widow ad the delay of multiple movie productions. They also discuss what Wrestling character would translate over to having a Comic Book career. Make sure to check out the latest Midnight Movie episode at and don't forget to Get to the Asylum
This issue Mike and Kane break down the Villains that have a purpose and logical reason, Behind what they do. Everyone from Lex Luthor to Thanos. Download and subscribe and Get to the Asylum
Inmates Assemble as Kane and Mike cover the latest new from the Geekverse and they also they do an extra Legends of the Long Box where the guys dive into some new books and a few old runs. Get to the Asylum
Mike returns to review and watch Season 7 episode 2 of Clone Wars "A Distant Echo" They continue to search for this program that know the every milarty move of the clones. Rex thinks this is his lost brother Echo. Join the Asylum in the TV room and Get to the Asylum
Issue 57 - 1 Year Show

Issue 57 - 1 Year Show


We Celebrate our 1 year show, by doing what we do the best. Being geeks. We review the News on several new Netflix show, New Batman suit revealed and Star Wars new on Project Luminous. Get to the Asylum.
First episode of Heroes Asylum TV Room. Mike discusses the and watches the return of Clone Wars season 7. Get your Disney + fired up and Join Mike on the beginning of the final season of this amazing series....Get to the Asylum
This issue the guys cove the latest new from He Man Netflix casting to the Fandom Menace reaction to the Birds of Prey. The return of Legends of the Long Box as they break down reading suggestion for the week. Get to the for more content and Midnight Movie podcast.
Giant Sized Issue of Legends of the Long Box. This week we have a special edition of our Legends segment. This Mike Covers Marvel Darth Vader and X men/ Fantastic Four #1 and also Locke and Key Volume 1. Kane reviews Gideon Falls, Infected 2, John Constantine #2 and Batman/ Superman #6. 
Issue 55 Mike and Kane discuss the Birds of Prey opening weekend numbers and cover the latest Dr Who and Supernatural seasons. Look for the Bonus issue this wee of Legends of the Long Box. Get to the Asylum
Kane and Mike both are in therapy this week. So this issue we bring you a Midnight Movie watch a long to The Prince Bride. Join the guys with this "Inconceivable" cult classic as they follow Wesley and Buttercup adventure to true love. If you enjoy this show subscribe to Midnight Movie on to the Asylum........"As you Wish"
This week at the Asylum Mike reviews Star Trek -Picard and covers the news on Obi-Wan Kenobi series and plans for JJ Abrams with Warner Media. New books reviewed are Marauders #4, Excalibur #4 and Star Wars Kylo Ren #2. While Kane's away giving his body to science. Get to the Asylum!!
This week inmates Mike and Kane release Grant"Gimmick" from solitary confinement so they can do their WWE Royal Rumble prediction issue. Grant brings his own personal experiences and fanatic love of the game. They also cover the history and past Rumbles as the Asylum shares their love of Wrestling and "Sport Entertainment". Are you ready to.......Get to the Asyyyyyyyyylum!!!
Kane finishes this year Crisis from the CW with Crisis on Infinite Earths. For the final Kane is joined by Mike. Join the Asylum as they breakdown both episodes and cover their favorite parts of this epic event. Get to the Asylum. 
This week Kane and Mike cover the changes made to Dr Strange 2 and the future of MCU. They also cover the rumor of Firefly and a possible return of other classics. Kane gives his comics pull for the week in Legends of the Long Box
Happy New Year Inmates. Welcome to our first issue on 2020. Mike and Kane talk about the Fall of Collider and the new rumors for the future of the Star War franchise. 
Mike and Kane cover the Movies, TV and Comic Books. Join and Celebrate the Asylums 50th show and look back at the year. With this Double Feature Issue. Get to the Asylum!!! Correction - Shazam was from Fawcett Comics not Timely Comics.
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