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Heroes of Disruption

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Heroes of Disruption is a series of conversations with disruptive thinkers and executors about what they are doing differently in business. Hosted by seasoned entrepreneur Ross Sklar, each episode explores the trends that are driving innovation and considers who are the game-changers shaping the future.
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Nadim Sadek is the founder and CEO of ProQuo AI. The brand management platform uses AI and data collection to drive brand growth - facilitating brands such as BMW, American Flatbread, Flickr and Meyenberg. His previous leadership roles include chief executive of TransgressiveX, global chief executive of Millward Brown’s Qual Network, and worldwide commercial and strategy director for Research International. Nadim also built his own brand, the ‘Inish Turk Beg,’ based on the eponymous island he purchased off the coast of Ireland. In this conversation, Nadim shares how his interest in neuroscience has aided his understanding of how people interact with brands, and identifies 16 relationship drivers such as integrity, which can be used to measure brand performance; describes how the platform provides an “iron man suit” for brand managers, utilizing AI to help them make better decisions; and they discuss how the pandemic has created a shift in consumer behavior whilst providing a “significant entrepreneurial opportunity.
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