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Is AI a threat to mankind? We ask Mike Cook, AI researcher, if they are actually a danger, and talk to voice actor Sarah Elmaleh to find out what makes a good robot voice.
Is Sifu the game realistic? We talk to martial arts instructor Carrie Ogawa Wong about what it's really like to teach Kung Fu to students.
Elden Ring is set in world "built" partly by George R R Martin. But what is worldbuilding? We talk to games writer Jon Ingold of Inkle Studios to find out.
We ask a farm worker who left the city to live in the countryside if it's anything like Stardew Valley
We speak to astronomer Scott Manley about how artificial gravity works on a rotating ring world like the one in Halo Infinite.
We chat to Dr Emily Zarka about the zombie's origin in Haiti and why having a "zombie plan" might not just be a stupid fantasy.
We ask a professor of philosophy and physics whether time exists, and why we can never create a time loop like in new shooter Deathloop
We ask a medieval history buff what it took to become a knight, as we battle foes in the multiplayer mayhem of Chivalry 2
We ask an astrobiologist from NASA if aliens would look anything like your friends in the Mass Effect trilogy. Short answer: Nope.
Is running a zoo like management game Planet Zoo? We talk to a zookeeper about picky polar bears, high-strung cheetahs, and escaping monkeys.
To celebrate Resident Evil Village, a horror expert tells us why the vampire is so enduring as a monster
We play Sea of Thieves and ask a pirate historian: how did everyday sailors join a pirate crew and begin a life of high seas shenanigans?
We ask a psychologist (who is also a judo coach) why some people enjoy the pain of the ring, and what they do to prepare themselves mentally
A polar expedition leader and wildlife photographer tells us what it is really like to trudge through the snowy landscape of the frozen north
We showed a professional interior designer some photos of our first Sims house to see what she thought. Her response was polite.
Who invented Chess?

Who invented Chess?


Will we every know who invented Chess? We ask a board game historian to reveal the background of this ancient game, and ask why it has stuck around so long
The Medium is a new horror game about talking to spirits. We spoke to fact-checker Susan Gerbic about the tricks mediums use to fool an audience.
The Yakuza games always feature a mobster with a heart. But what about the real Yakuza? We speak to an investigative journalist about these savvy criminals.
Lara Croft stands accused of being a bad archaeologist. In this episode, three of her peers will judge her
An archeologist and expert in Greek myth tells us what Hades the game gets right (and wrong) about the Gods...
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