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Author: Brendan Caldwell

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Hey, Lesson! is a show about science, history, language, and other fascinating topics explored through the lens of popular videogames. Every episode features two experts: a guru of games, and an expert from reality. Let's see what we can learn.
15 Episodes
We showed a professional interior designer some photos of our first Sims house to see what she thought. Her response was polite.
Who invented Chess?

Who invented Chess?


Will we every know who invented Chess? We ask a board game historian to reveal the background of this ancient game, and ask why it has stuck around so long
The Medium is a new horror game about talking to spirits. We spoke to fact-checker Susan Gerbic about the tricks mediums use to fool an audience.
The Yakuza games always feature a mobster with a heart. But what about the real Yakuza? We speak to an investigative journalist about these savvy criminals.
Lara Croft stands accused of being a bad archaeologist. In this episode, three of her peers will judge her
An archeologist and expert in Greek myth tells us what Hades the game gets right (and wrong) about the Gods...
In Heaven's Vault you uncover a long-lost language. But how do real languages die? We ask a linguist about the Zapotec family of endangered languages
What do we know about the shieldmaidens of the Viking era? We talk to a bioarcheologist to find out
An expert on hacker culture tells us what makes a "hacktivist" and what they face when taking on the government like in Watch Dogs: Legion
Baldur's Gate 3 sees your hero coping with a horrible brain parasite. But you might already be infected in real life (don't worry, it's not that bad)
Star Wars: Squadrons envisions a conflict among the stars. But what would real war in space look like? And why should we try our best to avoid it?
Spelunky 2 puts you in the boots of a cave explorer. But what does a real-life spelunker make of snake-infested caves? Let's ask one.
We ask a neuroscientist: why do we crave 'likes' in Death Stranding?
The Last Of Us 2 shows us earth with humanity almost wiped out. Is that how our world would really look? We ask an environmental journalist
The hard-hitting questions we ask on the Hey Lesson podcast, a show about science, history, videogames, and earth.
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