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The purpose of the Hidden Talent Podcast is to tell the stories of talented people that fly under the radar. This is a series of interviews with super talents that go mostly unnoticed by the general public. They prefer to build in silence and let their achievements speak for themselves.

This podcast is supported by Talent Protocol, the web3 professional network where anyone can invest in high-potential talent.

"Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others.” - Mark Twain

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14 Episodes
Hidden Highlight Season 2 Episode 2 with Jessica Lawson - 90% of being a startup founder means manifesting Being a founder means…. #manifasting ✨ (SPOILER: no, there is nothing magical about it) As a #startupfounder you are expected to WORK WORK WORK but what if it’s not the #hardwork that will make you a #successfulentrepreneur ? 🤔 The secret is #thepowerofmanifestation (and before you click away - no, there is nothing magical about it). 😉 Manifestation means believing and convincing YOURSELF that YOU CAN. Moreover, only if YOU are sure about your product, only and only then you’ll be able to successfully convince everyone to think the same (and buy/invest/book etc) 😎 FULL EPISODE:
Hidden Highlights S2E1 with Lukas Friedemann - How breakups (romantic and entrepreneurial) make you STRONGER Rethink the way you feel about ending something (on purpose) ☝️ Romantic relationships, projects, jobs, companies, friendships, stays, etc - all of them can be wonderful but also all of them have the ability to end 😓 So you can either oppose this simple truth and suffer through it OR you can accept it and learn through this experience ☀️ FULL EPISODE:
Hidden Highlights S2E1 with Lukas Friedemann - How to choose the right career for yourself? Forget about the “money first” approach and apply to jobs that align with your values and life goals. Money can’t buy a deep sense of fulfillment, but a fulfilling career can bring you financial independence 😎 FULL EPISODE:
Hidden Highlights S2E1 with Lukas Friedemann - What can Latin American entrepreneurs teach everyone else? While many North Americans and Europeans enjoy the stability of their 9 to 5’s, Latin America offers a lot of challenges AND opportunities to build/ create something yourself! So what makes #latinamericanentrepreneurs so special? Their SPIRIT and ......❤️‍🔥 FULL EPISODE:
Hidden Talent Season 2 Episode 2 features Jessica Lawson, a former Deloitte Senior Consultant and currently a successful Web3 content creator with 282.3K followers on TikTok and 10k followers on Twitter. Additionally, she is the CEO and Founder of Radia - a multi-chain wallet for media and entertainment. 🎞 In this episode, Jessica shares her career journey from working with the FBI, CIA, and other agencies as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, digging into the business world as Head of Business Development at Spirit Bomb (Strageloop Studios), becoming a Web3 influencer on TikTok, to now building and managing her own startup - Radia.   Episode Overview: 00:00 - Intro 00:10 - Welcome to Season 2 of Hidden Talent 00:59 - Who is Jessica Lawson? 07:40 - Shout out to Talent Protocol 07:49 - Making CVs goal - / future- oriented 09:38 - The power of manifestation for success 12:50 - Goal setting in high school & getting a scholarship 21:42 - Following Bill Clinton's footsteps at Georgetown University 23:28 - Taking LSAT and not choosing a career in law 27:23 - The advantages of being a Senior Consultant at Deloitte 31:30 - The move from working with the FBI and CIA to the entertainment industry 37:42 - First reaction: NFTs are a scam 43:51 - The NFTs possibilities in the entertainment industry 46:22 - Becoming a Web3 TikTok influencer 49:48 - Solofounding a Web3 startup - Radia 01:04:48 - Technical Co-founder WANTED 01:05:33 - LGBTQ+, gender, and racial representation in business and DeFi 01:10:25 - Future predictions (manifesting) for 2023 01:12:48 - Thanks and see you next time! Contact Us: Email: Instagram: Video Version: Check Out Talent Protocol:
Hidden Talent Season 2 Episode 1 features Lukas Friedemann, an entrepreneur, startup mentor, and advisor. As the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of The Equal Food Co., he is also the ambassador of all crooked fruits and veggies in Spain and Portugal. 🥑 In this episode, Lukas shares his unique career path from studying International Relations and aspiring to become a Diplomat, to co-founding 2 impact-oriented companies. Lukas' story is not only full of multicultural insights but also highlights a lot of valuable lessons for young entrepreneurs or those who just enter the job market. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Welcome to Season 2 of Hidden Talent 01:24 - Who is Lukas Friedemann? 03:25 - Studying International Relations and International Policy 06:14 - Human-Centered Design in Africa and Latin America 10:33 - Working at Polymath Ventures 14:30 - Entrepreneurial Mindset in Latin America vs in the USA 17:41 - The jump from a stable position to startup co-founding 20:53 - Building in the food and beverage industry 27:09 - The pains and gains of closing a company 35:44 - The profitable business of food waste 44:16 - Future plans and goals 48:39 - Thank you! Contact Us: Email: Instagram: Video Version: YouTube: Check Out Talent Protocol:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 8 features the stories of 7 amazing women that are working in web3. Although they come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, Sanja, Denniesse, Lucija, Julia, Mia, Jade, and Amita are actively promoting and fighting for women's chances in DeFi, NFTs, UX UI, investing, financial education, and engineering. In this episode, you will hear what the main issues with the current job market are; how women can support other women start a DeFi career; and why the male-dominated engineering and programing world needs a female touch. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Highlights 00:55 - Intro 01:29 - Welcome to all the Guests 01:58 - Denniesse's Story 03:59 - Julia's Story 05:13 - Lucija's Story 07:09 - Sanja's Story 10:03 - The problem of the gender gap in web3 15:30 - Mia's Story 20:28 - Jade's Story 28:45 - Amita's Story 30:06 - Exciting web3 job areas for women 34:17 - How can NFT's and Social Tokens empower women 39:45 - Thank you! Good luck! Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 7 features Matt Alston, ex-Product Manager at Uber, and now CEO and co-founder of Bonfire, a platform to create custom web3-native homes, powered by your social token & NFTs. In this episode, you will hear more about the transition from a web2 to a web3 company; the importance of your network when aiming for success; and how NFTs and Social Tokens can help creators build stronger communities. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Highlights 00:45 - Intro 01:17 - Who is Matt Alston? 5:55 - Web2 vs Web3 approaches in customer loyalty building 16:39 - Fungile Tokens, Social Tokens, and NFTs for creators 24:42 - Bridging Web2 and Web3 elements in Bonfire 33:47 - The concept behind Bonfire 40:44 - The role of super-fans for a creator, inventor, and worker 46:27 - Maintaining the social network 59:59 - Thank you and till next time! Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 6 features Jamie Russo and Thea Knobel. Jamie is Sr. Program Manager at Launch House on the Eastcoast, in NYC, and the author of the Amazon Bestseller "The Underdox Paradox". Thea, on the other hand, is Program Manager at Launch House on the Westcoast, in LA, and guest lecturer at the University of Southern California. Both of today's guests have a lot of experience in community building and have big ambitious career plans (around talent support and elevation). In this episode, you will find out different types of investments one can do into someone with big potential; how believing in yourself makes others have more faith in you; and why people love to follow someone's success in real-time. Episode Overview: 00:00 - HIghlights 00:34 - Intro 01:00 - Welcome Jamie and Thea 02:19 - Who is Jamie Russo? 05:43 - Who is Thea Knobel? 07:56 - The meaning of Belief Capital 14:34 - How believing in yourself makes others also have more faith in you 17:00 - The impact of parents' role model on children's self-esteem 22:10 - Goals setting and success manifestation 31:16 - The components of Belief Capital 33:15 - The purpose of Launch House 43:04 - The use of social media platforms in building social networks and personal communities 49:02 - Who is believing in Jamie and Thea? 51:16 - Thank you and till next time! Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 5 features Matthew Espinoza, CEO and co-founder of Agora Labs, Tech Mentee at Microsoft, and Web3 enthusiast. WARNING - this episode contains materials provided by a very ambitious guest! Today, you will find out how by the age of 20, Matthew co-founded multiple companies; established his personal brand; became a web3 and crypto mentor to middle school and high school students; and started teaching productivity hacks online. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Highlights 00:30 - Intro 00:57 - Welcome Matthew 02:20 - Who is Matthew? 04:51 - How the interest in crypto and web3 began 06:14 - The future value of Social Tokens 07:59 - Matthew's involvement with BitCloud 12:56 - The struggles of being a tech founder 16:34 - About being crypto and web3 mentor to middle school and high school students 25:07 - Introduction to Agora Labs (previously BitPerks) 29:07 - Creating and launching a Web3 Creator Accelerator Program   31:33 - Web3 and Social Tokens benefits for content creators 44:27 - Advantages and struggles of being public about everything 53:21 - Matthew's contacts 54:17 - Till next time!    Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 4 features Alex Poscente, the CEO and Founder of Ivy Insights, LLC. Her entrepreneurial spirit began contouring itself in early childhood when, at the age of 10,  Alex started to organize daily garage sales and summer camps for kids. Ever since, her career journey was anything but monotonous and monogamous, combining art, entrepreneurship, and web3. In this episode, you will get a closer look at Gen Z's point of view on jobs; why age and gender are not an excuse in the world of business; and how exactly acting and investing are related. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Preview 00:27 - Intro 00:54 - Welcome Alex 02:14 - Who is Alex Poscente? 04:39 - Early childhood entrepreneurship 06:48 - Defining the interest in High School 07:30 - Acting and new generation media 08:35 - Gen Z work ethics vs Others 19:04 - Age- and gender-based career challenges 22:30 - Web3's impact on the future of work 26:53 - Gen Z's take on the future of media production 34:05 - Alex's vision of the business world in the next 5 to 10 years 36:02 - Till next time! Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 3 features Bernardo Faro (aka Bernie), an ex-Senior Consultant at Deloitte, and now a full-time Web3 content creator and Growth Lead at Odyssey DAO. In the next 57 minutes, you will find out why many consultants are successful in switching to Web3 jobs; how someone can grow a Twitter account from 0 to over 20k in just 4 months; and what are the advantages of working a corporate job before becoming an entrepreneur. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Preview 00:38 - Intro 01:04- Who is Bernanrdo Faro aka Bernie? 05:55 - How being a consultant shaped Bernie's work ethics 16:42 - Why consultants are good at Web3 jobs 23:25 - Moving from consultancy to full-time content creation 28:19 - How to grow on Twitter from 0 to 20K followers in 4 months 37:50 - Odyssey DAO and growing its brand page 44:22 - Building an NFT collection and developing a protocol 53:16 - Launching a professional social token 56:59 - Till next time! Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 2 features Rachel Black, the co-founder of GoodGhosting - a DeFi app that incentivizes regular saving. In today's episode, you will discover her incredible career journey (from teaching English in Southeast Asia, to becoming the co-founder of a DeFi startup); how to become a successful developer without being an early child prodigy; why life-long learning is the only career option professionals have now; and how everyone can regularly save money in a gamified style. Episode Overview: 00:00 - Episode Preview 00:38 - Intro 01:05 - Who is Rachel Black? 01:43 - What is GoodGhosting? 03:02 - Becoming an English and Geography teacher 14:41 - Getting into coding 18:17 - Switching roles from being a teacher to being again a student 23:52 - Getting involved in crypto and development 30:02 - Co-founding GoodGhosting 36:40 - The future of Web3 42:34 - How Social Tokens support career shiftings 48:11 - Till next time Contact Us:
Hidden Talent Season 1 Episode 1 kicks off with not just 1, but 8 inspirational stories of New Generation Founders. In this episode, you will find out what New Talents currently work on; what start-up niches are the most attractive; how anyone can contribute (spoiler alert: not only financially); and which hidden talent is worth early investing in.  Episode Overview: 00:00 - Preview 00:34 - Intro 01:00 - What is Launch House? 01:58 - Carlo Scaglia about his app - Exordi 08:34 - Jessica Lawson, increasing the utility of NFTs through her RADIA 15:59 - Stephen DeGrazia on his music-tech startup - SangCash 23:01 - Alifya Valiji, building the Closed Round company 27:39 - Jeffrey Monson more on founding labr matching 31:35 - David Kobrosky, founder of personalized intros software - Intros AI 37:45 - Lauren Self and her abolishing rent startup - Roots Homes 44:14 - Bart Hofkin, the co-founder of MiGroPonics Contact Us: First recorded on January 26th, 2022.
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