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Author: Professor Alfred Nevhutanda

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The Home of Sufficient Grace. Higher Grace Church International is a ministry built to bring the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to humanity. This ministry is under the leadership of Prof. Alfred Nevhutanda and His wife Dr. Nevhutanda, the Senior Pastors of Higher Grace Church International. We have branches in Uganda, DRC, Malawi and the main Church in Pretoria South Africa. The Church is vibrant, Loving and welcoming. We believe that through God's undying, unfiltered love we can change lives for the better.
15 Episodes
Join Senior Pastor Alfred Nevhutanda as He speaks and Teaches on how Unique believers are, and as a Kingdom nation, what benefits we carry as we value God and stick to the word of God. Pastor Alfred Nevhutanda is the Senior Pastor of Higher Grace Church International located in Pretoria, South Africa, Annlin.For more information please visit
Join in as the Resident Pastor of Higher Grace Church International Gauteng expresses a word on "How much God loves us". This word will restore you to God. It will empower you to love God more.For more information please visit
Join in as Dr.Apostle Rachel Nevhuthanda ministers on being Forgotten but not Forsaken.For more info visit
Professor Alfred Nevhutanda, Senior Pastor at Higher Grace Church International brings a different dimension and view of what the underlying cause of the pandemic is and why we should not allow the devil to push far. Jesus is Lord.For more information please visit
Easter is a time of celebration. Why do we celebrate, we celebrate the Lord's Death. The death of Jesus is extremely beneficial to every believer and non- believer out there. Whosoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life the bible says. In this episode with Holy Communion, God's servant expresses vital important matters concerning the Good Friday.Visit us for more information at
Watch as Professor Alfred Nevhutanda teaches all humanity that nothing is impossible with God. All things are possible with God. This message will uplift your faith and bring you to a place of strength and power in God.Please visit to find out more about Higher Grace Church International.
Listen as Professor Alfred Nevhutanda expresses God's revelation on why you must stop weeping. God is on your side and ready to launch you forward.Please visit to learn more about Higher Grace Church International.
Prayer for the Sick

Prayer for the Sick


Litsen as Professor Alfred Nevhutanda prays for the sick during the Corvid-19 Pandemic. Wherever you are Join and believe God for your Healing.Please visit for more info and updates at Higher Grace Church International
Litsen as Professor Alfred Nevhutanda expresses what Higher Grace Church will be embarking on to make sure that you get access to all the materials of Higher Grace Church International.
Get our latest Episode where Professor Alfred Nevhutanda expresses that there are sicknesses that do not lead to death but to the glory of God.
Knowing your Position in Christ is vital and crucial to your walk with Christ. In this Podcast Professor Alfred Nevhutanda teaches believers and Non-Believers on the values of knowing your position in Christ.
The Presence of God

The Presence of God


Understanding the presence of God is vital to winning in life and Enjoying God. Without the presence of God, we are hopeless. The professor expresses vital issues in the presence of God.
Worship and Revival are great needs for the Kingdom of God. We need worship and the spirit of revival so much in the times that we are living in.
The Grace of God

The Grace of God


In this Podcast Professor explains the great Grace of God that comes through the Lord Jesus Christ and what to expect from it.
In this podcast, Prof. Nevhutanda welcomes you to Higher Grace Church International.
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Dineo gift

Amen Daddy. The message revived me to worship God in Truth and Spirit. What is a being without the breath of God? ... Indeed our Redeemer Lives and I am following Jesus in a meaningful way.

Feb 16th
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