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Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay

Author: The Ringer

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Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay dissect the biggest topics in black culture, politics, and sports. Two times per week, they will wade into the most important and timely conversations, frequently inviting guests on the podcast and occasionally debating each other.

51 Episodes
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss Michael B. Jordan being the fifth Black man named People’s Sexiest Man Alive (6:00), the Verzuz battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane (19:00), the Ball family’s success in the NBA draft (25:00), and the third wave of COVID-19 (35:00), before answering some mailbag questions (1:01:00).
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss Van’s first trip to the dentist since the early '90s (13:00). Then rapper Slim Thug joins the show to talk about the abundance of rappers being shot recently and his experience battling COVID-19 (22:00). Finally, Van and Rachel discuss the "Million MAGA March" (54:00) and the firing of Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz (1:03:00).
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay are joined by Dr. Jess Clemons to discuss mental health in general, as well as how to handle it during the COVID-19 pandemic (16:00). Then they give a recap of the latest episode of ‘The Bachelorette’ (42:00), answer a few mailbag questions (1:04:00), and give their Unexpected Allies of the Week (1:11:00).
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss how they reacted to the presidential race being called for Joe Biden and what they would like to see come out of the presidency (1:00). Then they praise Stacey Abrams for her efforts in flipping Georgia (23:00), discuss Eva Longoria’s controversial statements about Black and Latina women (31:00), and talk about the continued Van Jones–Van Lathan mix-up (42:00) before doing a 'Bachelorette' recap (58:00).
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss where the presidential race stands and how the voting has been split demographically (2:00). Then they discuss Measure J passing in Los Angeles and what that means in terms of defunding the police (33:00), as well as Ice Cube’s tweet about working with Trump (49:00). They end by answering a few mailbag questions (59:00). This podcast was recorded at 1:00 p.m. PT on Thursday, November 5.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss what we should do if President Trump is reelected (12:00), T.I.’s comments about how drinking tea will keep him from getting COVID (33:00), Lil Wayne working with President Trump (43:00), and how they will think about Trump supporters even beyond the election (1:01:00).
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay are joined by Jaime Harrison, who is running for South Carolina Senate against Lindsey Graham (5:00). They discuss the Supreme Court decision to extend acceptance on absentee ballots in North Carolina and Pennsylvania (21:00), Justin Turner testing positive for COVID-19 during the World Series (36:00), and the latest episode of 'The Bachelorette' (48:00) before answering a few mailbag questions.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss Saweetie’s comments about Birkin bags and what the line is when asking for things from a significant other (8:00). Then they talk about Rudy Giuliani’s scene in the new Borat movie (29:00), Kanye West's recent appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast, Adele’s controversial 'SNL' sketch (39:00), and Van’s continued excitement for this season of 'The Bachelorette' (1:07:00).
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay are joined by Saratu Abiola, a writer based in Nigeria, to break down the #endSARS movement and what exactly is happening with the Nigerian government. Then they discuss the final presidential debate of 2020, Quibi going down, and the latest episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay are joined by Natalie Manuel Lee, host of 'Now With Natalie' on the Hillsong Channel, to discuss her faith and how politicians sometimes use religion as a political tool. Then they talk about the backlash to Ayesha Curry dyeing her hair blond, Nuke Bizzle scamming the unemployment system, and Texas State University stopping its diversity training.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s dueling town halls, Ice Cube reportedly contributing to Trump’s “Platinum Plan” to help Black Americans, and the season premiere of 'The Bachelorette' before answering some mailbag questions and giving their Unexpected Allies of the Week.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss the nuances of Shaquille O’Neal and Snoop Dogg admitting that they are first-time voters in this election. Then they talk about Cardi B and Offset partying together, Bill Burr’s SNL monologue, and Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing beginning.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss Kamala Harris and Mike Pence facing off in the vice presidential debate, President Trump’s decision to not participate in a virtual debate, the NBA Finals' drop in ratings, and the arrest of several men for attempting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, before taking mailbag questions.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss President Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19, the Jaime Harris–Lindsey Graham debate, Tyga’s recent OnlyFans-adjacent situation, Megan Thee Stallion’s performance and message on 'Saturday Night Live,' and the body positivity shown in the Savage x Fenty fashion show.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss Tuesday’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the news that Gavin Newsom is exploring reparations for Black people in California, and the cast of the next season of ‘The Bachelorette’ being released. They close with a mailbag and their Unexpected Allies of the Week.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay are joined by comedian Amy Schumer to discuss the documentary 'My Octopus Teacher' as well as Amy’s perspective on social justice and how she’s trying to support the Black community. Then Van and Rachel hit on the details of President Trump’s tax returns that were released by The New York Times, the Clippers parting ways with Doc Rivers, and another installment of Is This Dumb?
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss the grand jury results in the Breonna Taylor case, and then civil rights and civil liberties attorney Novella Coleman joins to discuss the legal specifics of the case. Then Van and Rachel do a short mailbag and give instant reactions to Tory Lanez’s IG Live when he spoke about his incident with Megan Thee Stallion.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss the various wins and losses for Black culture at the Emmys, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s tragic passing, and the recent spat between Doug Gottlieb and Maria Taylor before another “Am I Dumb?” segment.
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss President Trump's bizarre town hall and interview, Cardi B and Offset filing for divorce, Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons getting married, Breonna Taylor's family getting $12 million, and the new Netflix documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher.'
Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay discuss the abhorrent shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles, how the election map looks 50 days out, Kansas City Chiefs fans booing players’ display of unity before the game, and the Verzuz battle between Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight.
Comments (19)

Julie Thompson

y'all getting spicy! see both sides to the paster thing.. we do not know the whole story I do not think.

Nov 18th

Marissa Candace

The story about Rachel's nephew made me cry at work. poor kid and it's troubling. systemic racism is REAL

Nov 13th


Van's storytelling is the most! He gets his point across no matter how far he takes the story.

Oct 6th


Van is my people! A brother who loves Seinfeld. One of the best shows ever. Classic

Sep 22nd

Marissa Candace

Rachel, the next time anyone asks you a hair question and they ask you "is that your hair?" the answer is yes it's my hair. because you paid for it and it's on your. The rest literally doesn't matter. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 and also, going bold and thinning hair doesn't have to be a man's destiny.

Sep 15th

Deon Stanford

First I love the show. Second in the segment about Dak Prescott, Shannon Sharpe didn't sit quietly. He educated Skip on being an athlete and they are first human beings. And he also scolded Skip about everyone deals with things differently. And it doesn't make you weaker than someone else. I love Big Rach's energy, but she was wrong on this one.

Sep 11th

Marissa Candace

"Being black, maybe that's the reason why they always mad Yeah, they always mad, yeah Been passed 'em, I know that's the reason why they all big mad And they always have been"

Aug 28th

Desmond Fisher

This was my first episode listening to. I really enjoyed it. It is now in my favorite podcast list.

Aug 13th

savannah biletto

Van talking about the dude who listened to the cardi B/Meg song had me laughing till I cried LOVE IT!

Aug 11th

Christi E

some of your audience knows who Talib Kweli is...come on!

Aug 5th

darwin low

Very best information on this site..thanks for your posting..

Aug 3rd

jay b

1. don't quote Adolf Hitler 2. creators must look into legal trademarking of work and identity to avoid shenanigans from deep pockets

Jul 11th

N Banner

Alexander Hamilton was from the West Indies, right?

Jul 8th
Reply (1)

April Brooks

can u please add a 3rd show per week..I need more of u guys.

Jun 26th

April Brooks

my favorite new podcast u guys r great together!!

Jun 21st

April Brooks

Black people absolutely can have lice I had it as a child. I will say that my mother was not big on putting a lot of products in my hair but, I did have it

Jun 19th

Jamillah N. Madlock-Taylor

My newest podcast couple. Love their demeanor and knowledge they bring to the table.

Jun 7th

Zarouali Ahmed


May 31st
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