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Highly Inspired presents a variety of topics relating to life in the 21st century. Whether it be on topics regarding technology, business, science, or entertainment, we encourage all opportunities for growth of the mind. The show's hosts, Jordan and Ella, dissect relevant current events, pop culture, and psychology, but with a comedic twist. Join us on the endless journey of self-development. Explore ideas. Be a generalist.
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We did an episode on the "Great Reset" about a year ago. This was the very first time we had come across the topic and discovered the true agenda stemming from World Economic Forum. Since then, a lot has changed, more truth has been revealed, and our perspectives have broadened. Even though we seem to be moving faster and closer to the 2030 plan in less than a year, luckily, there seem to be even more awakened people this year, and the resistance is growing every day worldwide. Thus, it is critical - now more than ever - that we attach ourselves to this hope. In this episode, we take a trip down memory lane to compare our perspectives from a year ago to now and kick off the new year with some exciting announcements! Tune in to hear more.Support the show (
Travis Scott's Astroworld was the scene of the crime of 10 deaths. Following this news, first-hand stories exploded across social media, with concert attendees posting their experiences directly to the world. We heard every explanation under the sun, from stampedes to cardiac arrests, to people being injected with needles, to even claims of this event feeling like actual hell. Yet, even with the abundance of these easily accessible first-hand accounts, the mainstream media and so-called "journalists" have seemed to bury this story. And we don't know why. With so many questions still unanswered. Such as, was this Travis's fault? Why was Live Nation, so ill-prepared? Could this have been prevented? Why were young people going into sudden cardiac arrest? Concerts are meant to be a positive, fun experience, not something to be fearful of attending.We send our love and condolences to the victims and their families.GoFundMe for the victims & their families: the show (
Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum released a video introducing the concept of "Own Nothing and You will be happy." Explaining how in the future we will rent most of the items we need to live. As technology improves, we won't need as many materials goods we can downgrade our lives and experience a better world in the digital space. At first, at face value, the idea sounds great. Life is about to get cheaper, more convenient. Every experience will run as efficiently as getting a package from Amazon Prime. But if you dig a little deeper, you realize this concept of owning nothing will make us happy is a lie.Should we be less greedy? Yes. Should we work to become less materialistic? Of course.But we can do those things without some world government entity taking away our money, our land, and ultimately our bodily autonomy. They claim a carbon tax, a wealth tax, a capital gains tax; the list goes on... are the solution. All well, they travel the world in their private jets, emitting more carbon than you could produce in a lifetime. We all want cleaner oceans, clearer air, and a beautiful planet, but no one wants to be lied to on how to achieve that. Support the show (
New York City has erupted in recent weeks with people from all walks of life coming together to protest in the name of freedom. Chloe joins us to share her first-hand account of this hopeful spirit that has spread all over the city. She has a fascinating perspective on how she grew skeptical of the US government. Interestingly enough, during this same time, she took control of her health and started becoming vegan. In addition to being on the front lines of these critical protests, she and her boyfriend make independent films together. Chloe's worldview hits a variety of unique intersections that hopefully makes her story relatable to you in some way or another. The truth is we've inherited freedom for a while now, many of us have gotten what it looks like to fight for it. This episode is a reminder of what's at stake to lose if we don't rally together to speak out. Chloe Pelletier:- Twitter: @ChloePees- Instagram: @chloe_is_on_insta_wtfCody Clarke:- Twitter: @CodyClarke- Instagram: @killthelion- Youtube: to Support the Fight for Freedom in NYC: !!! Follow and vote for !!!Instagram: @votedabyView and Like the Following Videos: the show (
Sophia Jasmine joins us this week to share her personal health story on how she got off multiple prescriptions, including topical steroids and birth control, and switched to more holistic healing and reproductive health methods. Many people across the U.S. have been kept in the dark about the long-term effects of some western medicine. And specifically, women have been misled about what their birth control options are. With the help of modern technology, there have been many new emerging non-hormonal birth control options that are highly effective, including Natural Cycles, which is even FDA approved. Yet, many women across the country are unaware that these options exist. Why aren't doctors and healthcare providers informing them of this option? Why aren't schools including this information in their sex education programs? Why are we not empowering women to retake control of their bodies? Sophia provides thoughtful insight into answering these questions with her educational background in human development and family studies.Sophia Jasmine Instagram: _sosoyoga_ Support the show (
As the U.S. has become more secular, we have been looking to fill the void of idolizing some higher entity. For thousands of years, many earlier civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, and Romans, all had gods and royalty placed on pedestals of worship. But America has been different. We are a democracy. There is no ruler; there is no mandatory U.S. state religion. You have the right to be an atheist here. Our theory is that we've replaced the role of traditional rulers and even gods with celebrities. So when our celebrity class fails us, let us down, and turn out not to be the people we thought and grew to love... What do we do? Who can we turn to or trust? That is what we hope to uncover in this episode.Support the show (
For decades, our country has been teaching its students to repeat, memorize and follow the rules without question. A streamlined one-size-fits-all experience has replaced classical education; students have been robbed of learning critical thinking fundamentals. Instead of being encouraged to ask the "why" questions, students are told to accept everything at face value. This kind of thinking has resulted in an entire generation of journalists who publish clickbait from their beds instead of doing field reporting, medical professionals who treat science like religious dogma instead of a series of ever-changing discoveries, and teachers who can implement rules but are failing to inspire. So, in a world where the propaganda machine is stronger than ever, we decided to take a step back and uncover the difference between synthesizing and regurgitating information. Support the show (
Escaping La La Land

Escaping La La Land


Americans have been asleep at the wheel this summer with the opening up of our country, even in places like California. We have been back to work and having fun for the most part. There was a glimmer of hope things were finally back to normal. But as we move into Fall, things like the "Delta" variant are being discussed, and talks of lockdown, vaccine passports resurface. All well, Tik Tok influencers are working as White House interns. The "summer of fun" is starting to fade as reality kicks back in. Tune in to hear our thoughts on what's to come and how we can all work together to protect our biological health, land, resources, and ultimately our freedom.Support the show (
Imagine that you're at a friend's house with 20 friends, good music starts playing, and two people start dancing. Shortly after, a police officer sees them dancing from the front window. They come in and shut it down with either a $1,000 fine or an arrest. What if we were to tell you that this is what's occurring in Australia right now? Yes, we were just as surprised to hear this as you are. Since many mainstream outlets haven't reported on the current state of Australia, we decided to have a witness come on and share her firsthand account of the situation with us. Tune in to learn more about how the police state is taking over this formerly free nation.Support the show (
Hi, We're Alive!

Hi, We're Alive!


The past couple of months have been hectic, to say the least. We have been focused on being as present as possible during our final days at college. Since the pandemic threw a wrench in our fall semester of 2020, we wanted to ensure that we maximized our final semester of senior year. And still, here we are... with another heartfelt episode for you guys! Although this one is mostly a check-in to recap what we've been up to, we share some valuable wisdom through lessons we've encountered in the last four years. The experiences, memories, education, relationships, and maturity made available to us are priceless. Highly Inspired is an incredible outlet to relay our thoughts on them all. Tune in to this one to hear about some wild night-out stories, our pseudo-graduation, the death of our guard-dog "Bones", Jordan tumbling off a boat, and much more. Here's to kicking off summer!Support the show (
Happy Earth Day, Everyone! We have been blessed to have these two wonderful people come on the podcast to speak about their experience with sustainable practices and maintaining a healthy spiritual life. With Carla growing up in Peru, and Benen growing up in Hawaii, they definitely have unique perspectives to bring to the table of alternative ways to embrace a lifestyle that involves being more connected to nature and the beautiful world around us. Both of them have exciting views on where the world is heading, as we become more of a digital world and imaginative solutions to restore a more nature-filled, in-tuned, and slowed down life.Support the show (
What many people wrote off as “conspiracy theories” months ago is now finally here with corporate and government’s effort to enforce a vaccine passport. You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Aren’t some types of vaccines already required for international travel?” That may be true, but there has never been all-encompassing documentation to decide whether you can participate in average daily life activities. You may forget, but YOU are the only person who should be making decisions about what things get put into your body. This is called informed medical consent. It is vital we uphold this freedom, especially with new experimental medical shots like the COVID-19 one. We are pro-science & medical advancement is dope, and in no way are we telling you whether or not to get the covid vaccine. But we must make sure science does not become dogma and erase the freedoms we hold dear. A vaccine passport is not our ticket to freedom but a ticket to enslavement. It guarantees big Pharma a 100% sales rate of their vaccines at the expense of your biological autonomy. Tune into this episode to hear more about our take on the vaccine passport and how it will most likely lead to more harm than good.Support the show (
This week we are joined by two close friends who have grown their fun, high school side-hustles into fully-scaled businesses. We have been blessed to go to a college where collaborating on side projects outside of the classroom is not only encouraged but normalized. As we work to maintain a free society and towards a decentralized workplace, we've found it fitting to bring two guests on who continuously model these principles in their own lives. Cam Daly is the co-founder of Nice as Heck, a clothing company inspired by adventure, focused on creating functional yet stylish outdoor clothing. Andres O'Beirne is co-founder of an award-winning production company focused on producing commercials and branded content from conception to execution. Cam and Andres first started collaborating back in 2017 and have continued to work together on projects together such as their newest videos, Fudge and Timber. We hope you guys enjoy this episode and become energized to get out there and get after this crazy thing called life.Cam Daly O’Beirne the show (
Here we are, with another episode packed full of topics revolving around our changing world. Because of everyone's newfound preference for digital existence over physical presence, monumental shifts are occurring within software development. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are taking advantage of the revolutionary tech called Blockchain. And even NFTs are increasing by mostly all metrics. A lot of this vocabulary is still so new to us, yet, we feel hurriedly forced to continue staying up to speed with every revolution. After watching the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle documentary, we had some chilling epiphanies regarding "The Firm" and the institutional power of globalist elites as well. It seems to us that a solution to much of the current chaos is mass decentralization and empowering individual freedom via decentralized capitalism. We may soon have computers and Blockchain handling all admin work behind the scenes to foster peoples' ability to pursue more creative career endeavors. Join us this week to hear some takes on where we see current decentralization trends heading and what they indicate about the near-future.Support the show (
Everyone who's anyone, ranging from Joe Rogan, to Elon Musk, to Tim Dillon, to Logan Paul, and to even your average Tik Tok-er, is getting out of LA ASAP. What are they seeing that the rest of us are missing? Is California just simply too big to be governed? Will Hollywood be the only remaining skeleton of the once flourishing city, now that everyone and their cousin is figuring out how to monetize their lives by just having conversations on Clubhouse? Or is LA just in a temporary coma-state and will return to its formal glory post COVID-19? These are the questions we dive into on this episode.. so tune in to hear our takes on the death of LA, the rise of Tim Dillion, and this new channel for communication called Clubhouse.Support the show (
Too Many Options

Too Many Options


Have you ever felt overwhelmed when deciphering between too many options? Especially with big life decisions, it can be draining sometimes.  America is not only the land of opportunity, but the land of pretty much all possibilities. But that limitless freedom comes with the caveat of not knowing what paths to take. Never before have we had this much information about the world fluttering around the digital space; therefore, it can be tough to actually retain every piece of content we absorb. Although there are strategies, it takes real effort to put them into practice and make them apart of our daily routines. There is no rule book to figuring out your purpose in life. And in this episode, we try to shed some light on the state of options in our country and how the pandemic has shifted certain areas. We also hope to make us feel a little bit better about navigating all this shtuff.Support the show (
Politicians have been calling for unity for quite some time now. While the morale for unity has been at an all-time low, it finally emerged in the strangest form… MEME STOCKS. Most of us, republican or democrat, or somewhere in between, can agree to back the common man over the Institutional Wall Street Elite. Over the past 48 hours, we have witnessed a true movement of "sticking it to the man". The global elite class has limited free speech with censorship. And now, their new enemy is free markets and the common man's access to increased personal wealth. Today companies such as AMC, Nokia, and GameStop have been taken off trading platforms such as Robinhood. Do not be fooled. This is not for your benefit; it is wealth creation censorship for everyday Americans. It is time we recognize the real fight is not left vs. right but The People vs. The Elite.Support the show (
We all had high hopes for 2021 after how much of a disaster 2020 turned out to be. Unfortunately, between the capital takeover, increased tech censorship, prolonged lockdowns even with a vaccine, a second impeachment for President Trump, and the current military state in DC, things are not looking too hot so far. In this episode we dive into these heavy topics is most light hearted and causal way possible. And we bring to light a few funny tweets and headlines that will hopefully calm some nerves during all of this continued chaos. Cheers.Support the show (
The Great Reset

The Great Reset


Times are strange, to say the least. What we all initially thought was "two weeks to slow the spread" and an extended spring break, has turned into almost a full year of isolation and lockdowns. The world is definitely in a crisis state, and is simultaneously experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. According to history, you could say the world is in a state of re-normalization. But don’t take our word for it. Many powerful people and organizations such as Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been openly calling for a “Great Reset”. In this episode we will be diving into the truth behind what this “Great Reset” entails. Is it good? Is it bad? Or somewhere in between? That’s for you to decide. As always, we encourage our listeners to learn about these topics through the lens of skepticism and we hope everyone comes to an understanding of what The Great Reset will mean for our future.Support the show (
Hot Take on Modern Feminism

Hot Take on Modern Feminism


Women talking about women... Feminism is quite a multi-dimensional conversation topic; as well as a subject we've never really covered on this show before. In this episode, we reference a notable book titled "Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women's Movement" by Sue Ellin Browder, which brought up some fascinating perspectives on many key time periods within the evolution of feminism and a few rather alarming realizations. We have always held strongly-formulated opinions surrounding women's roles in the working world, how we picture ourselves fitting into the puzzle of society, and the notion that all women are inherently empowered. However, today, the idea of feminism is presented in many different ways. Therefore, it's important to highlight what may be controversial, what may be disadvantageous for females, and what we can do to improve, all while resonating in the best way for both men and women. Roles are shifting! We are excited about this episode and are thrilled to share our opinions on the entire concept of feminism.Support the show (
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