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Author: Olympia Megrikyan

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Hi, I am Olympia, and for the past 30 years of my life, I thought I could never find a single person to relate to until I opened my big mouth on Instagram and began to share my life experiences with my followers, unique as I thought they were. It's not always easy talking about the tough stuff and the things we think to ourselves. People can be cruel and judgmental, so I decided to start a podcast where my listeners could feel like they can be open and comfortable with themselves with what they think and feel. Something magical happens when we relate to one another; we feel normal as shitty as that word is; it's the damn truth. Throughout the years, I have acquired a unique outlook on life that has helped me get through some tough days, and I'm going to be sharing my thought process with all of you. I want all of my listeners to feel like they aren't alone in this great big, fast-paced world. So join me on my podcast, where I will be talking about all of my life experiences and stigmatized topics that I feel need to be discussed. Some will be good, some bad, and also bringing guest speakers on the show to share their stories as well to help you figure out for yourself if you really are that highly un-relatable.
12 Episodes
“I don’t want you to be struggling, but I want to know that I’m not alone in my struggles!!!”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes TWO special guests to her show: Ella Kajoyan, Founder of Mom Cave Foods, and Dr. Aggie, Essie’s Clinical Psychologist. Ella shares about her spice company, the underbelly of the spice business, and opens up about her experiences growing up with her mom who is Autistic, and her advice to others who have grown up with Autistic parents. Dr. Aggie explains how Autism Spectrum Disorder contributed to Ella’s struggles with her mom and how you can  explain to kids about their parents/grandparents.Connect with Ella: WebsiteBusiness InstagramPersonal InstagramConnect with Dr. Aggie:InstagramConnect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“Our then-boyfriends told us that they would take rings back or leave us BEFORE they would leave their friendship with each we HAD TO figure it out.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes her best friend Stella Chilgevorkyan. Stella and Olympia talk about their “perfect friendship”, how they met, how they fight, and the importance of trust in their friendship. They also discuss the power of presence in grief.Connect with Stella: InstagramConnect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“Keep the people who are there for you close and appreciate them!”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan opens up about one time she was thrown a curveball when her daughters were young, how that motivated her to lose weight, and the tummy tuck experience that followed the weight loss, and society’s obsession with how women look after childbearing and childbirth. Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“I think the thought of therapy is scary, because we don’t want to ‘open a can of worms’. The truth is when we keep it in, it comes out in different ways...and it rots.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes Gayane Aramyan, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Gayane defines postpartum depression and offers suggestions about recognizing it. She also illuminates the connection between anger and other feelings, shares about the 5 Love Languages and connection, how to work through your triggers, communication in marriage, and how our childhood affects us as adults. Connect with Gayane: WebsiteInstagramConnect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“My secret to self-awareness and not stressing over it all is to journal it out - write it down. Do your gratitude. Write it down and it becomes a keepsake.” In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes Greta Gasparian, serial entrepreneur and founder of Plan Chicly. Greta shares how she balances being a mom-wife-entrepreneur, how she stays productive, her system of organization, and why she doesn’t like social media. They discuss parenting in a technological age, cancel culture, and all the difficulties surrounding marriage.Connect with Greta:BlogPlan ChiclyConnect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“Normal is an illusion.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes Narine Tadevosyan to the podcast. She’s a multi-faceted Coach and author of The Boss of Me: How to Own Your Life and Live In Peace. She shares about how the loss of her mom affected her life and her community, what happens when you grow into yourself, and the power of owning your past and learning from it. She also probes Olympia’s loss with the death of her mom. They also discuss what they lacked in their educations and how they could change that and the importance of normalizing treating mental health.Connect with Narine:WebsiteInstagramSnag her book on Amazon.Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“The simple act of following up with a customer sets them apart.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes Dayana to the show. Dayana is the creator of the No Apologies line of clothing and shares how - at 20 years old in the middle of a pandemic - she launched her own clothing line. She also shares about body image, how her relationship with her father has helped her succeed, how she lost friends, her strategy around clothing design, and the sacrifices you have to make to follow your dreams.Check out Dayana’s No Apologies Collection here and follow her on Instagram.Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“My whole life I’ve wanted to help people...God had other plans for me, I was going to help people just by being me.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan tackles a tricky topic: fears. She opens up about facing her phobias of travel and airplanes, how fear gives the illusion of control, how to view social media in a healthy way, how fear influences parenting, and the values she hopes to instill in her children.Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“Everyone processes grief differently.There’s no algebraic equation to get through it.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes her friend Vrej Pasmakian to the show. Vrej is a photographer, a veteran of the entertainment industry, works in the construction industry, and a daddy-blogger. He shares his passion for involved fathering, insights about masculinity and different generational mindsets, funny parenting stories, the value of artistic work, and what he’s learned from his dad’s sudden death.Connect with Vrej:BlogInstagramConnect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“Essie is so huggable - that’s what I love most about her.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan welcomes her first guest: her daughter Katharina! Unpredictable and vivacious - Katharina shares her definition of Autism and about her sister Essie, dishes all about school, talks about a special project she did, and even tries her hand at some ASMR.Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“There have been many times that I had to suppress my outlook on life, where I couldn’t voice what I was thinking. But I was SO ANGRY, and that expressed itself as harshness...thankfully, I’ve evolved from that place.”In this episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan shares more about her life through her childhood, outlining the standards her immigrant parents had for her, what their discipline looked like at home, her experiences with butting up against the cultural expectations for women in her community, how she changed after she got married, and how she learned the art of discretion and evolved into who she is today.Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
“I built a community for myself after opening up about my daughter's autism diagnosis, because I felt that no one else could relate to my struggles. As it turns out - THEY CAN!”In this first episode of Highly Un-relatable, host Olympia Megrikyan shares how talking about her daughter being diagnosed with Autism led her to starting the Highly Un-relatable Podcast, about her friend Ren who pushed her to get out of her comfort zone, and her hopes for what to accomplish in this world filled with her highly un-relatable yet relatable stories about her life. She also answers a few top questions she gets about her life.Connect with Olympia: WebsiteInstagram
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