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Imagine a true believer writing a letter to God. How would they reconcile reality vs. their belief system? I wrote a satirical letter - I wanted to imagine what it would be like, if a True Believer wrote a letter to God, what they would say, and how they would sound while trying to reconcile reality and what's in their own head - their belief system. Would the facts of real human pain and suffering matter when it comes to their faith? I read out this fictional letter on this episode. Listen to the full show at
This episode was inspired by 4 separate interactions I had online - 3 with my friends and 1 on Twitter. The Twitter video I discuss on the show is just one of a million other things that have happened just this week alone, to show that god doesn't do crap, and hasn't done crap, or even raised a damn finger, EVER, to help a single person who is suffering or in pain. Time to wake up and open your eyes to truth and reality. And I hope against hope, that you will see the light some day. Stop thanking a completely worthless, useless, non-existent God who has not done crap for anyone EVER in the history of humans. So instead, thank those who actually exist and have actually done real things to help you: Your parents, teachers, mentors, supporters, doctors, nurses, waiters, partners, employees, co-workers, even your stupid luck. Thank your stupid luck, or call it your lucky stars, your great fortune, luck of the draw, chance, coincidence, happenstance, whatever. Listen online at
Everyone is born atheist. Atheism could be argued as the default position of all humans - especially babies. When a baby is born, it has no concept of God, doesn't believe in a God, doesn't know about a God, doesn't pray to a God, and just doesn't care about the existence of a God. Most of that could easily be said about atheists too! Faith in God and Religion both start with family- and childhood indoctrination. Values, morals and ideologies are embedded deep into us from an early age, by a large number of people around us while growing up. Listen online at 
God vs. Superman - 2

God vs. Superman - 2


God vs. Superman, Unfalsifiability, an interview with a guest from the future.  You're about to hear history being made! I'm going to do something that NO ONE EVER in the history of humans has ever done before. And that is, I'm interviewing someone from the future. 2000 years into the future. From the year 4021! I'm going to talk about the logical fallacy known as Unfalsifiablity, and why God is an Unfalsifiable being. What an imaginary Osama Bin Laden trial would've looked like, if we approached it based on Faith, and not on Evidence. And I'm going to share something deeply personal and painful, that I've NEVER EVER shared with anyone other than my wife. Listen online at 
I did not start this podcast because I'm trying to "convert" you into an atheist. Atheism is not a religion. Or even a belief system. Atheism is not a rejection of God, it is a lack of belief that there is a God. It is just a position, that until there is some demonstrable evidence that there is a god, we choose to not believe that there is one. So I don't care if you believe in one god, or many gods, or in a religion. I'm NOT anti-God. I am anti-religion though, because I do believe that the world would be a better place without organized religion that pits humans against each other just because of their belief system. Links mentioned on the show: Our website:
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