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History & Factoids about today
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History & Factoids about today

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Podcast about all the interesting and historical events of that day, birthdays, national days, fun facts and trivia
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National tater day. Pop Culture from 2017. Daylight savings time, Eiffel tower opened, US took possession of Virgin Islands. Todays birthdays - Lefty Frizzell, Richard Chamberlain, Gabe Kaplan, Shirley Jones, Christopher Walken, Tommy Heath, Rhea Perlman, Tony Cox, Ewan MacGregor. Saelena died.
National fold laundry day. Pop culture from 2007. Alaska bought and paid for, 1st operation under general anestesia, Pencil with an erasure invented. Todays birthdays - Vincent Van Gogh, John Astin, Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton, Robbie Coltrane, Paul Reiser, MC Hammer, Celine Dion, Nora Jones, Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett. James Cagney died.
National little red wagon day. Pop culture from 1977. Washington D.C. can vote, Vikings sack Paris, Last U.S. troops left vietnam. Todays birthdays - John Tyler, Pearl Bailey, Terry Jacks, Christopher Lambert, Bobby Kimball, Perry Farrell, Elle MacPherson, John Popper, Lucy Lawless. Patty Duke died.
National hot tub day. Pop culture from 1987. Roman Emporer Diddius, 1st washing machine, Three mile Island nuclear plant meltdown. Todays birthdays - Concheta Ferrell, Rba McEntire, Cheryl James, Rodney Atkins, Vince Vaughn, Julia Stiles, Laday GaGa. Dwight Eisenhower died.
National spinach day. Pop culture from 1956. Fire extinguisher invented, 1st Jews sent to Auschwitz, battle of Iwo Jima ended. Todays birthdays - Leonard Nimoy, James Caan, Diana Ross, Steven Tyler, Vicki Lawrence, Martin Short, Teddy Pendergrass, Charly McClain, Jennifer Grey, Kenny Chesney, Keira Knightley. Walt Whitman died.
National waffle day. Pop culture from 1966. 1st US medals of honor awarded, 1st color tv's go on sale, Billboard released 1st country music chart, largest banana split. Todays birthdays - Aretha Franklin, Paul Michael Glaser, Elton John, Bonnie Bedelia, Ronnie McDowell, Marcia Cross, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeff Healey. Buck Owens died.
National cheesesteak day. Pop culture from 2016. Soldier falls 18,000 feet and lives, Elvis goes into the army, Phillipines freed-sort of. Todays birthdays - Norman Fell, Steve McQueen, R. Lee Ermey, Ncik Lower, Louie Anderson, Robert Carradine, Kelly LeBrock, Lara Flynn Boyle, Nena, Jim Parsons, Alyson Hannigan, Jessica Chastain. Jules Verne died.
National tomale day. Pop culture from 2006. 1st elevator, "give me liberty or give me death", Polygamy banned. Todays birthdays - Joan Crawford, Tony Burton, Ric Ocasek, Chaka Khan, Amanda Plummer, Catherine Keener, Marin Hinkle, Keri Russell. Elizabeth Taylor died.
National common courtesy day. Pop culture from 1986. Alcatraz closed, 1st Rock & Roll concert, 1st Comic-Con. Todays birthdays - Johann Sebastian Bach, Rose Stone, Timothy Dalton, Eddie Money, Roger Hodgson, Gary Oldman, Sabrina Le Beauf, Mathew Broderick, Scott Eastwood. Chuck Barris died.
National ravioli day. Pop culture from 1996. Napolean returns to Paris, 1st comic book published, 1st aircraft carrier. Todays birthdays - Carl Reiner, Fred Rogers, Hal Linden, Jerry Reed, William Hurt, Spike Lee, Holly Hunter, Chester Bennington. Kenny Rogers died.
National corn dog day. Pop culture from 1965. Knights Templar burned at the stake, Deadliest tornado, Pilsbury dough boy debuts, Biggest art robbery.. Todays birthdays - Grover Cleveland, Peter Graves, Charley Pride, Wilson Pickett, Irene Cara, Mike Rowe, Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Adam Levine. Chuck Berry Died.
St. Patricks day. Pop culture from 2015. US launches 4th satalite, Rubber band invented, Californium discovered. Todays birthdays - Nat King Cole, Eunice Gayson, John Sebastian, Patrick Duffy, Kurt Russell, Gary Sinise, Paul Overstreet, Rob Lowe, Bill Corgan, John Boyega. St. Patrick died.
National artichoke day. Pop culture 2005. My Lai Massacre, Samoset meets the pilgrims, 1st liquid fueled rocket. Todays birthdays - James Madison, Jerry Lewis, Chuck Woolery, Jerry Jeff Walker, Erik Estrada, Nancy Wilson, Lauren Graham. Frank Sinatra Jr. died.
National peanut lovers day. Pop culture from 1975. Maine became 23rd state, Escalator invented, 1st intenet domain name registered. Todays birthdays - Andrew Jackson, Carl Smith, Judd Hirsch, Mike Love, Sly Stone, Dee Snider, Bret Michaels, Mark McGrath, Mark Hoppus, Eva Longoria, Will.I.Am. Julius Caesar died.
National potato chip day. Pop culture from 1985. Last Quaker hung in Boston, Cottin Gin invented, 1st President to have to pay income tax. Todays birthdays - Albert Einstein, Michael Caine, Quincy Jones, Michael Martin Murphy, Billy Crystal, Rick Dees, Alexy Pajitnov, Grace Park, Chris Klein, Taylor Hanson. Stephen Hawking died.
National take a nap day. Pop culture 1995. Microsoft stock went on sale, U.S. Army killed 6,000 sheep in Utah, Pope Francis elected, Earmuffs invented. Todays birthdays - Neil Sedaka, Donald York, William H. Macy, Charo, Dana Delany. JP Morgan died.
National Ruth day. Pop culture from 1954. Coca-Cola 1st sold in bottles, Girl Scouts formed, Denace the Menace debuted. Todays birthdays - William Thomas jr., Barbara Feldon, Al Jarreau, Liza Minnelli, James Taylor, Holly Williams. Charlie Parker died.
National dream day. Pop culture from 1964. Mt. Etna erupts, 1st armored car robbery, MacArthur flees the Philippines. Todays birthdays - Christian Kent Nelson, Lawrence Welk, George Kooymans, Bobby McFarrin, Terrance Howard, Lisa Loeb, Johnny Knoxville. Merlin Olsen died.
National Ranch day. Pop culture 2014. Last naval battle of revolutionary war, 1st telephone call made, Grant takes over Union armies. Todays birthdays - Chuck Norris, Dean Torrence, Sharon Stone, Jasmine Guy, Nenah Cherry, Robin Thicke, Edie Brickell, Daryle Singletary, Jon Hamm, Carrie Underwood, Olivia Wilde. Harriet Tubman died.
National get of it day. Pop culture 2004. Battle of the Iron Clads, Poncho Villa attacks New Mexico, Barbie doll went on sale, Worst bombing in history. Todays birthdays - Amerigo Vespucci, Mickey Spillane, Yuri Gagarin, Mickey Gilley, Raul Julia, Martin Fry, Mark Linsey, Jeffrey Osborne, Juliette Binoche, Emmanuel Lewis. Chris Le Doux died.
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