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History & Factoids about today
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History & Factoids about today

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Podcast about all the interesting and historical events of that day, birthdays, national days, fun facts and trivia
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National drive-in movie day. Entertainment from 1987. D-Day, Snow in New England, YMCA formed, Electric iron invented. Todays birthdays - Nathan Hale, Levi Stubbs, Gary U.S. Bonds, Joe Stampley, Robert Englund, Colin Quinn, Paul Giamotti, Uncle Kracker. Patrick Henry died.Intro - Def Leppard - Pour som Sugar on me last drive in - Chris LedouxYou keep me hangin on - Kim WildeI will be there - Dan SealsGoing to the chapel - The Dixie CupsBirthday lead in- In da club - 50Cent't help myself - The Four TopsQuarter till three - Gary U.S. BondsRoll on big mama - Joe StampleyFollow me - Uncle KrackerEnd - It's not love - Dokken
National veggie burger day. Entertainment 1954. 6 Day war, Lizzie Bordon on trial, Robert Kennedy shot, farthest champage cork flight. Todays birthdays, Pat Garrett, Kenny G, Jeff Garlin, Richard Butler, Ron Livingston, Mark AWahlbertg. Ronald Reaga died.
National cheese day. Entertainment from 1956. 1st hot air balloon flight, shopping cart invented, ATM invented, Quadricycle makes its debut. Todays birthdays - Clara Blandick, Bruce Dern, Freddie Fender, Michelle Phillips, Parker Stevenson, David Keith, El DeBarge, Russell Brand, Angelina Jolie. John Wooden died.
National egg day. Entertainment from 1966. Andy Warhol shot, King Edward gives up thronw to marry a divorced American, Willie Nelson hit with $32 million tax bill. Todays birthdays - Jimmy Rogers, Tony Curtis, Ian Hunter, Eddie Holman, Deniese Williams, Danny Wilde, David Cole, Doro. Muhammed Ali died.
National donut day. Entertainment from 2016. Pontiacs Rebellion, US President Grover Cleveland married in White House, Velveeta cheese went on saie, Biggest Large Mouth Bass ever caught. Todays birthdays -Johnny Weissmuler, Sally Kellerman, Jerry Mathers, Dennis Haysbert, Dana Carvey, Tony Hadley, Wayne Brady, Zachary Quinto, Nikki Cox. Bo Didley died.
National go barefoot day. Entertainment from 2006. Kentucky became 15th state, Tennessee became 16th state, 1st pay telephones were installed, CNN went on the air. Todays birthdays - Andy Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, Pat Boone, Morgan Freeman, Rene Auberjonois, Ronnie Dunn, Powers Boothe, Teri Polo, Heidi Klum, Alanis Morissette, Tom Holland. Helen Keller died.
National flip flop day. Entertainment from 1976. Tulsa race riots, Tallest church, Widest tornado, Hilton hotel chain began, The Who perform loudest concert. Todays birthdays - Don Amiche, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Paycheck, Tom Berenger, Lea Thompson, Corey Hart, Brooke Shields, Colin Ferrell. Jack Dempsey died.
National Mint Julep day. Greatest female sniper, 1st car accident, andrew jackson duels, 1st Indy 500, Hernando de Soto. Todays birthdays - Mel Blanc, Gladys Horton, Marie Fredriksson, Ted McGingley, Wynonna Judd. Wilber Wright died.
Indy 500. Entertainment 1953. Pop up toaster invented, Wisconsin became a state, Rhode Ilsand became a state, step ladder invented. Todays birthdays - Patrick Henry, Bob Hope, Tenzing Norgay, John F. Kennedy, Danny Elfman, Annette Bening, Melissa Etheridge, Noel Gallagher, Melanie Brown.
National hamburger day. Entertainment from 1963. 1st monkey in space, 1st quintuplets, 1st indoor swimming pool. Todays birthdays - Ian Fleming, T-Bone Walker, Gary Stewart, Gladys Knight, John Fogerty, Roland Cliff, Phil Vassar, Kylie Minogue, Colbie Caillat.
National road trip day. Entertainment from 2013. Masking tape invented, last sea battle of iron clad battle ships, argentina anounces william shakespears death. odays birthdays - Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Lee Meriweather, Don Williams, Neil Finn, Peri Gilpin Todd Bridges.
National blueberry cheesecake day. Entertainment from 2015. 1st American indian war, drakula published, 1st family to drive a car across the US, Ellis Island is in New Jersey not New York. Todays birthdays - Al Jolson, John Wayne, James Arness, Peggy Lee, Stevie Nciks, Pam Grier, Hank Williams jr., Bobcat Goldthwait, Lenny Kravitz, Helena Bonham Carter. Matt Stone, Lauryn Hill. Eddie Albert died.
National Wine day. Entertainment from 1973. Constituional convention, SpiderDan makes history, worst airline disaster. Todays birthdays - Mr. Bojangles, Kitty Kallen, Tom T. Hall, Ian McKellen, Frank Oz, Connie Selleca, Mike Myers, Justin Henry.
National Asparagus day. Entertainment from 1975. Mary had a little lamb 1st published, 1st telegraph sent, Brooklyn Bridge opened, Youngest to summit Mt. Everest. Todays birthdays - HB Reece, Tommy Chong, Bob Dylan, Patti Labelle, Gary Burghoff, Priscilla Presley, Larry Blackmon, Roseanne Cash, John C> Reilly, Heavy D. Duke Ellington died.
National taffy day. Entertainment from 1985..Ben Franklin invented bi-focals, South Carolina became 8th state, Nylon invented, Bonnie & Clyde killed. Todays birthdays - Artie Shaw, Scatman Crothers, Rosemary Clooney, Joan Collins, Shelly West, Drew Carey, Jewel. Roger Moore died.
National waiter & waitress day. Entertainment in 1954. Lindbergh flies solo over the atlantic, Earhardt flies solo over the Atlantic, Tornado plucks a whole chicken coop. Todays birthdays - Raymond Burr, Ronald Isley, Leo Sayer, Mt. T, Judge Reinhold, Nortorious BIG, Cody Johnson. John Gielgud died.
National pick strawberries day. Entertainment from 1964. Levi jeans with rivots patented, 1st speeding ticket in the U.S., Cordell Kansas hit by a tornado 3 years in a row. Todays birthdays - David Hill, James Stewart, Joe Cocker, Cher, Jane Wiedlin, Dan Wilson, Bronson Pinchot, Jon Pardi. Gilda Radner died.
National pizza party day. Entertainment from 2014. Buffalo Bills 1st wild west show, Miss NY kicked out of Miss America, Youngest Doctor ever. Todays birthdays - Peter Mayhew, Pete Townshend, Grace Jones, Dusty Hill, Joey Ramone, Lainey Wislon. Jackie Kennedy died.
National no dirty dishes day. Entertainment from 2004. Bath school massacre, Mt. St. Helens erupted, Michelangelo's statue of David. Todays birthdays - Seth Wheeler, Perry Como, Pernell Roberts, John Paul II, Mark Mothersbaugh, George Strait, Tina Fey. Jill Ireland died.
National walnut day, Entertainment from 1974. 1st kentucky Derby, Wonderful wizard of oz 1st published, Hawaii coldest temp ever. Todays birthdays - Pirate Black Bart, Maureen O'Sullivan, Dennis Hopper, Bill Paxton, Bob Saget, Craig Ferguson, Enya, Trent Reznor, Joradan Knight, Andrea Corr, Nikki Reed. Donna Summer died.
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