DiscoverHistory of Indian and Africana Philosophy
History of Indian and Africana Philosophy
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History of Indian and Africana Philosophy

Author: Peter Adamson, Jonardon Ganeri, Chike Jeffers

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Peter Adamson, Jonardon Ganeri, and Chike Jeffers present the philosophical traditions of India, Africa, and the African Diaspora. Further reading and info at
120 Episodes
T. Thomas Fortune uses newspaper editorials to put forth a theory of civil rights and set out a plan of political action for protecting them.
Edward Blyden gains appreciation for Islam in West Africa and gradually moves from political nationalism to cultural nationalism.
Africanus Horton looks toward a future of self-government for West Africa beyond slavery and colonialism.
Wilson Moses speaks to us about his research into early black notionalism, as represented by Crummell, Douglass, and others.
Alexander Crummell moves from pan-Africanism to reform of African American culture, identifying progressive “civilization” as a means of liberation.
Mary Ann Shadd and Samuel Ringgold Ward reflect on what Canada can offer African Americans, differing on the problem of racism.
The moral crusades of Sojourner Truth and Frances Harper, activists against racial and gender oppression.
He is called a “father of black nationalism,” but Martin Delany also promoted integration in American society. Can the apparent tension be resolved?
Henry Highland Garnet encourages, or actually demands, that enslaved Americans throw off their chains and debates Douglass over how best to resist slavery.
In two speeches marking holidays, Frederick Douglass champions the idea of world citizenship, the power of appeals to conscience to bring change, and the role of violence.
Frederick Douglass' journey from slave to leading figure of 19th century American thought.
Melvin Rogers joins us to discuss Hosea Walker, Maria Stewart, and Hosea Easton.
Hosea Easton’s Treatise provides an overlooked but fascinating theory of race and racism.
Maria W. Stewart’s public addresses bring the concerns of African American women into the struggle against racial prejudice.
David Walker defends violent resistance and encourages self-improvement in his incendiary and influential Appeal.
An interview with James Sidbury about the emergence of a self-conscious African identity in the diaspora.
Questions of political autonomy and group identity in the emigration movement led by Paul Cuffe, Daniel Coker, John Russwurm and others.
Building black institutions in early American history, with Prince Hall and the Masons in Boston, and Richard Allen and the Methodists in Philadelphia.
An interview with Doris Garraway on the background, intellectual basis, and legacy of the Haitian Revolution.
The Baron de Vastey unveils the horror of colonialism as a system and defends the monarchy of King Christophe in the tense early years of Haiti’s independence.
Comments (7)

Katie Louise Tyers

Is it possible to obtain an audio version of the vedas available? Thanks Katie

Jan 24th

Nicolas De Belder

History of philosophy

Jan 9th

Mally Waxx

what about ancient American philosophy. before colonialism there were people and cultures that we know about and evidence has been uncovered making America older than the rest of the world. and the connection to America and the ancient world must be discussed as well

Oct 19th

Manas Avijit

Good fucking stuff.

Jul 28th

steve yeeve

absolutely amazing podcast. my favorite.

Jun 22nd

Mukesh Raaz

Nice podcast

Sep 10th

Chandrashekar Ram

While this was a good presentation, you seem to have omitted many of the Rig Vedic insights into philosophy focusing more on History and Vedic society. Especially the Nasadiya Sukta of the Rig Veda that is purported to be one the earliest non-theistic accounts of creation in the world. The problem of the one and the many is also dealt with in the Rig Veda and that could have been a worthwhile discussion. Hopefully there's an episode on these topics in future episodes.

Jul 6th
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