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This is the History of the World podcast!!! The incredible story of the human history of the world. Come and join us on this incredible journey!
89 Episodes
480 BCE - Following defeat at Marathon, the Persians were back.  Had the Greeks done enough to prepare for the return and would the interminably militant force of Sparta make the difference?
490 BCE - The Achaemenid Persians had been succesfully expanding their influence across the known world, but when the Athenians supported a revolt of Greek people within the Persian Empire, the Achaemenids sought revenge.
750 - 550 BCE - For a couple of centuries, the people of the Greek poleis all jumped into their boats and scattered in all directions.  Where were they going?  What were they doing?  Why were they doing it?
565 - 493 BCE - The Peisistratid tyranny came under pressure as Athens demanded democracy so vehemently that even the mighty Spartans could not impose their authority over the Athenians.
800 - 565 BCE - We walk through the journey of the Greek capital during the Archaic period and discover what this independent city did to avoid tyranny before succumbing to it.
1200 - 600 BCE - Exactly what did happen in Greece after the Late Bronze Age Collapse and the disappearance of the Mycenaean culture, and what are poleis?
609 BCE - 651 CE - What is Zoroastrianism and how did it originate?  Which belief systems did it influence and which belief systems existed alongside it in Iranian lands?  How did the Persian elite view and use Zoroastrianism in their respective empires?
226 - 651 CE - The rise of the Persians who would rule their own traditional lands once again, and the journey through the centuries which would lead them to the ultimate climax against the Romans at Constantinople.
329 BCE - 224 CE - Plotting the progress of the Persian Empire after its fall to Alexander the Great, and leading into the incredible and inevitable conflicts with the Romans.
522 - 329 BCE - A closer look at the dramatic stories of the empire under the rule of Darius the Great, Xerxes I and Darius III.
609 - 522 BCE - This episode will bridge the gap between the fall of the Assyrian Empire and the rise of the Achaemenid Empire including the life of Cyrus the Great.
1750 - 700 BCE - Continuing the journey through the Bronze Age, crossing over the Late Bronze Age Collapse and into the Iron Age, to a time where history meets the origin of modern religion.
3000 - 1750 BCE - The rise of powerful kingdoms and civilisations in Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley, bronzeworking in Europe and China and long distance trade and construction in the Americas.
10000 - 700 BCE - The Neolithic Revolution was a huge leap forward for humankind, but it came at a price in regard to our health.  How did we interpret these new ailments and diseases and how did we combat them?
2500000 - 700 BCE - Why did we start killing each other and how come we were so good at it?
7000 - 700 BCE - Starting in Mesoamerica, we head south to explore the rainforests, highlands and savannah of South America, before heading to the Arctic tundra and heading south again to the grasslands and woodlands of the modern United States.
3500 - 200 BCE - In the mysterious Peruvian highlands, people were gathering from far and wide to take a psychedelic journey into a dark labyrinth to meet the ferocious looking jaguar deity of the Chavin.
31: Vol 2 Ep 31 - The Olmecs

31: Vol 2 Ep 31 - The Olmecs


1600 - 400 BCE - Just what was the Olmec fascination with rubber balls all about?  Did the Olmecs copy the Egyptians by constructing the first Mesoamerican pyramid?
1750 - 1046 BCE - Plotting the rise and fall of the Shang dynasty where archaeology meets traditional stories.  An incredible bronze age with innovative techniques and the comparison of cultural advances with the rest of the world.
7000 - 1750 BCE - What happened before the Shang dynasty?  We have the traditional stories to go by, but does it stack up against the archaeological evidence?
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