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Author: Chris Hasler

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This is the History of the World podcast!!! The incredible story of the human history of the world. Come and join us on this incredible journey!
182 Episodes
1037 – 1194 - From humble beginnings in the lands of the Oghuz Turks, Seljuk traveled east to become Islamised and start a movement which would conquer the lands of the Middle East and directly permanently influence the politics of Eurasia and religion.
750 - 945 - The Abbasid Caliphate marked the Golden Age of Arabic culture when Baghdad became the cultural and economical centre of the world, but many dynastic entities rose to power creating an empire of intense competition.
661 - 750 - The Umayyad Caliphate grew to become the largest land empire that the world had ever seen, but such were the challenges of keeping the Islamic world united that constant civil wars would underpin this dynasty's rule of the caliphate.
632 - 661 - This episode tells the story of the life of Muhammad and his struggles to follow his life's purpose to spread the word of Islam.  We also tell the story of what the Islamic world did after the death of Muhammad and the success of their proliferation.
200 - 600 - The Sasanians were firmly in control of their Silk Road branch while Rome and China languished.  This period saw the rise of the Gupta, Maya and Aksumites but was also the age of the mysterious Hunnic tribes of the Eurasian Steppe.
100 BCE - 200 CE - The emergence of the Silk Road saw the rise and fall of four great global empires and the spread of trade encouraged the spread of philosophy and religion across the whole of the Eurasian landmass.
400 - 100 BCE - Classical cultures flourished very quickly during this period.  Empires grew to significant proportions and this time, not just in one area of the world.
700 - 400 BCE - From the time when the Assyrians were the greatest power on the planet, a sudden surge of culture and learning from east to west would bring the world forward from a relative dark age to an age of modern thinking.
250 - 900 - Before the canoe building Mayans that Europeans encountered, Mayan ancestors dominated the Guatemala highlands hidden in the dense rainforest and building great temples and palaces to honour their traditions and rituals.
600 BCE - 750 CE - The greatest multi-pyramid site of the Americas and a very mysterious home to some of the most comfortable regular citizens of the entire ancient world.
500 BCE - 750 CE - Ethnic Zapotecs make up part of the modern Mexican population today, but they were once the dominant civilisation of Mesoamerica.  The Classical Age Zapotec Empire ruled from the stratified city of Monte Albán.
100 BCE - 800 CE - The Nazca and the Moche were the two main cultures to emerge in the remnant of the Chavín.  We will explore the incredible large geoglyphs that were created on the desert landscape and take a closer look at what the temple sites can tell us about the lifestyle of these people.
30 - 230 - The episode required to tie together all of the previous seventy episodes of this volume.  East meets west as Han China negotiates the Kushan Empire and the Parthian Empire to develop a trade relationship with the Roman Empire, with the same intention occurring in the reverse direction.
208 - This is the legendary story of the Three Kingdoms of China and how the warlords Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan could not overcome one another, meaning that China would have to be split into three separate kingdoms, Cao Wei, Shu Han and Eastern Wu.
108 BCE - 208 CE - While trade and subjugation brings wealth, corruption and warfare brings expense, and The Han Dynasty's later years tells the story of this precarious balancing act and its consequences.
210 - 108 BCE - Some of the great characters of ancient China lived through this period such as Liu Bang and his consort Empress Lu, the great patriarchal leader of the Xiongnu Empire, Modu Chanyu, and then later on the Emperor Wu with his well traveled envoy Zhang Qian.
900 - 210 BCE - How the outlying Qin state come to rule over the whole of China, and the unique story of the first emperor and how this short lived dynasty has left an immortal legacy for the emperor who wanted to be immortal.
1046 - 256 BCE - The longest of all dynasties in Chinese history but certainly not the strongest.  This episode covers the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period with special reference to Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism.
1300 BCE - 900 CE - History has seen repeated tensions between the three Abrahamic religions whose history is intertwined and all come from the same original theory of there being one almighty God.  The different interpretations of God's teachings have divided the monotheistic followers into distinct religions and sects of those religions too.
3300 BCE - 570 CE - How did Hinduism and Buddhism emergence and how did each religion cope with the fragmentation or their followers?  Why do we see so little of Buddhism in India despite the continued protection and preservation of the Bodhi Tree there?
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Jarred Hayes

I've been history lover since playing Age of Empires as a child and I've been a listener for just about a year now and I've only caught up during the latest round of unscripted podcasts. I discovered your podcast during a very difficult period of my life and I'd just like to give my thanks for the help it gave me and for the work you continue to do. You've reaffirmed and expanded my knowledge of history and I cannot wait to see how the podcast grows. 10/10

Nov 18th


Hello Chris.. I am an avid listener of your podcast and I just want to say well done for such an amazing show. Cheers!!

Nov 10th

Un Be

Well done Chris. Best History podcast. Like being at UNI. Thanks.

Jan 16th

Greg Pearcey

finding you through Castbox from a YouTube omments recommendation Love what you're doing and how, especially the admissions that much of 'history' is subject to interpretstion and debate

Dec 9th
Reply (1)

E.G. Young

Oops...forgot to add a hashtag and link to History of the World Podcast

Dec 3rd

Melanie Paulmery

Hello Chris, I am crazy about your podcast. I'm so glad I came a cross this one. I have listened to volumes 1 and 2 twice! From far my favorite podcast together with the history of English. Thank for sharing so much knowledge. Mélanie from France

Aug 26th
Reply (1)

Dan S

Fantastic work Chris, very well researched and always an engaging listen.

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

Brian Nolan

just started listening and am enjoying learning. Thanks.

Jun 25th
Reply (2)

E.G. Young

Chris, I was so delighted this morning when I checked Castbox for new podcasts of HOTW and discovered that Episode 1 of Vol. 3 is out. I have been avoiding HOTW withdrawal by listening to the unscripted shows, but I am so glad Vol. 3 is now underway. As with all your episodes, Episode 1 of Vol. 3 is expertly presented. I enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to more. Thanks for all the hard work that i know must go into the HOTW podcast. Eric Young (proud HOTW Podcast Illuminati member)

Dec 17th
Reply (1)

Gavin Bussenschutt

Great podcast, was looking for a way to learn about history and think I've found it.

Sep 30th
Reply (1)


Fantastic podcast series. I have always loved learning about history, and have given up watching "Normal" TV in favor of documentaries. I have had a more consise and structured learning experience listening to this podcast, then watching nearly 10 years of YT videos. Chris does a fantastic job of explaining historical events, and the most impressive thing is he states opposing viewpoints historians have relating to historical events. Chris is also very clear about what is speculation, based on available facts, compared to what can be proven. The only negative criticism I have, is in reponse to an episode when Chris explains his lack of "credentials" and he doesn't want that to distract from the information he is providing. That, in my opinion, is exactly what makes this series stand out more then most. Academic credentials, tend detract from looking at all viewpoints, unfortunately. Anybody with even a slight interest in history, I believe would enjoy this series and season 2 episode 10 should be required listening for people. Thanks for your time and effort in producing this podcast Chris.

Sep 22nd
Reply (1)

The Derstine

hahaha you're assessment of fertility goddesses fails to notice that worship of the goddess was the first religion with only a minor role for men 😂😂😂. Men didn't even know how reproduction happened. Women obviously understood and put that knowledge to use first. We bled but didn't die. New humans were spawned from our bodies. We likely seemed super human. No men needed, as far as they knew.

Aug 6th
Reply (4)


CHRIS: PLEASE DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR A "LONGER THAN USUAL" PODCAST EPISODE! YOU ARE AMAZING & I COULD LISTEN FOREVER. Thank you so much for all your hard work, time & effort constructing this remarkable podcast.

Jul 26th
Reply (2)


THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST!!! CHRIS IS SO KNOWLEDGEABLE & HIS NARRATIVE STYLE IS EXCEPTIONAL. I subscribe to several history casts & this one is my favorite. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Jul 26th
Reply (2)

FPS Knifer

What a fantastic resource! When I first found this podcast, I found it so engaging that I was compelled to listen to the entire series in sequence, over the course of a few days. Each episode is so packed with information, I've listened to most of them more than once. Chris is a fantastic presenter and a truly calming presence. I would have loved to have had professors like him back when I was in university. I can highly recommend this show to any person who feels that their knowledge of the progress of human civilization might have some blind spots. Very enlightening!

Jul 5th
Reply (1)

E.G. Young

I am consistently amazed at how informative your podcast is. I found you on Castbox and am now into Volume 2. I listen every day. Keep up the good work! Eric from California.

May 7th
Reply (1)

E.G. Young

I discovered your podcast about three weeks ago, and I'm hooked. I'm an ancient history and prehistory researcher and writer and I think your podcast is brilliant. I'm at Episode 19 and I've enjoyed them all so far. Keep up the good work. Eric from California

Apr 24th
Reply (1)

Enerel Narangerel

I love this podcast! hope you the best. Thank you very much

Feb 9th
Reply (1)

Yukie Tanaka

Liking it very much! :D A fantastic way to study History + English, thanks a lot!

Oct 18th
Reply (1)


Nope, "descended from monkeys" is where I step off. Apes aren't monkeys.

Oct 4th
Reply (1)
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