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1066 - Both the Kingdom of England and the Duchy of Normandy had matured into states that faced each other across the English Channel, and had their futures entwined with each other as a consequence.  One powerful duke of Normandy called William had great ambitions for his neighbours across the water.
845 - 1194 - The Normans take up a much larger role than many initially know and this episode looks to tell the entire story of the Normans of Normandy.
1014 - The story of the history of Ireland and the Irish folklore legend of Brian Boru and how he managed his unlikely inheritance in a medieval world of fierce competition on both local and national levels.
878 - The inevitable showdown between the Danish Vikings whose intensity against the Anglo-Saxons reached breaking point.  We discover more about King Alfred the Great and how he set the foundations for the nation that would become England.
1179 - 1241 This episode tells the life story of the Icelandic saga  writer and statesman who lived during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries during the closing years of Icelandic independence.
862 - 1242 - The story of the creation of the medieval nation state that was the birth of a unique modern culture with a rich history that would have a fortune changing influence on European and global politics.  The fusion of Viking and Slavic cultures.
793 - 1035 - Glorious literature tells us that the Vikings were savage raiders who sailed the seas and plundered from others.  This episode investigates what we do know about the Vikings and their history and whether those preconceptions are completely fair.
410 - 939 - From the abandonment of Britannia by the Romans, the island became a place of tribal warfare for many centuries, but from the chaos emerged the beginnings of a modern English nation.
43 - 848 - When the Romans invaded Britain they discovered people who  had decorated their bodies with bright colours.  Who were these people  and what became of them?
955 - East Francia was a struggling new nation facing the threat of new European invasions from the peoples of the steppe.  It would take military intelligence and bravery for East Francia to be able to deal with the threat of the Hungarians on this occasion.
778 - The battle that involved Charlemagne and gave us a surprising result.  It is immortalised by the Song of Roland, but this episode looks to revise the later medieval romantic poetry and find out the truth from the contemporary voices.
715 - 987 - Early Medieval France was as important as any nation of Europe in its history.  This episode deals with the rekindling of kingship through the Carolingians and their relationship with the Papacy, and how their succession tradition proved to damage the empire and make way for the fragmentation of the Frankish Empire.
732 - The Frankish expansion was impressive but the Umayyad expansion was intercontinental and seemingly unstoppable.  It would fall on the shoulders of a man called Charles Martel to unlock the solution to the insatiable desires of the Muslims.
451 - 718 - A number of culturally linked Germanic tribes were initially united by King Clovis who expanded their realm significantly.  The kings would gradually lose power, to be led by their senior statesmen until the time when Asiatic peoples entered Europe, this time from the west.
476 - 774 - The fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 did not signal the end of romanitas in the Italian peninsula, but it does signal the injection of Germanic culture there.  It should have added depth to the peninsula, but instead it brought bloodshed and poverty.
238 - 712 - The Visigoths were one of two major branches of Gothic tribes who originated in eastern Europe and migrated to the west where they carved out their own fortune and cemented their place in the evolution of the modern countries of the Iberian peninsula.
1453 - Was the Fall of Constantinople a foregone conclusion, and is it correct to regard it as the fall of the once great city?  The fascinating story of the city, the characters and the sequence of events that led to the dramatic end of Roman culture.
1071 - The Seljuk Turks came to power and threatened Byzantine territory more than any other society before.  The Byzantines required a strong leader to stand up to this new powerhouse of the Middle East, and so a battle would take place with wider reaching ramifications to the world around it.
1014 - The tensions between the Bulgarians and the Byzantines reaches the point of no return when two great military monarchs called Samuel and Basil meet in battle, and a strategical match plays out which results in the ultimate destruction of one nation.
976 - 1422 - The glorious period of Basil the Bulgar Slayer rampaging through Bulgaria and destroying it was the last great imperial act of the Romans before their slow and painful decline began.  We even speak of a conquest of the Byzantine Empire by Crusading Christians before the rise of the Ottomans even happened.
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The Derstine

any advertisements whatsoever ruin the podcast for me.

Jun 20th

Tommy Leonard

definitely not a knock on you, probably just the podcast host app, but your episodes are all out of order past about half way through volume 3. not sure if you're able to do anything about that, but it would be helpful if they were in the right order. other than that, great work!!!!

May 11th

Heather in Vegas

I love this podcast, thanks so much for undertaking this project! I do have a comment that's pretty irrelevant since it's been so long since these episodes were created. It would seem to me that you mean stationary, not sedentary. It's a bit distracting for me every time I hear it, because I don't think you could make an argument that these people were in fact sedentary. That seems to be a relatively recent thing.

Jan 30th

Alejandro Nicolez

I absolutely love your podcast, and so does my brother. The only trouble is that I will never reach the end as I can't stop listening to all the pre-history, over and over and over. I dropped history 22 years ago at GCSE as we did agriculture and it just seemed to be memorising pointless dates and ever since I've been really into history. I may look into studying it with the OU if they have good options. I tell everyone you are the number one podcast for history and The Fall of Civilisation Podcast is number two. keep on doing what you do so well. Alex.

Dec 15th

Jarred Hayes

I've been history lover since playing Age of Empires as a child and I've been a listener for just about a year now and I've only caught up during the latest round of unscripted podcasts. I discovered your podcast during a very difficult period of my life and I'd just like to give my thanks for the help it gave me and for the work you continue to do. You've reaffirmed and expanded my knowledge of history and I cannot wait to see how the podcast grows. 10/10

Nov 18th


Hello Chris.. I am an avid listener of your podcast and I just want to say well done for such an amazing show. Cheers!!

Nov 10th

Un Be

Well done Chris. Best History podcast. Like being at UNI. Thanks.

Jan 16th

Greg Pearcey

finding you through Castbox from a YouTube omments recommendation Love what you're doing and how, especially the admissions that much of 'history' is subject to interpretstion and debate

Dec 9th
Reply (1)

E.G. Young

Oops...forgot to add a hashtag and link to History of the World Podcast

Dec 3rd

Melanie Paulmery

Hello Chris, I am crazy about your podcast. I'm so glad I came a cross this one. I have listened to volumes 1 and 2 twice! From far my favorite podcast together with the history of English. Thank for sharing so much knowledge. Mélanie from France

Aug 26th
Reply (1)

Dan S

Fantastic work Chris, very well researched and always an engaging listen.

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

Brian Nolan

just started listening and am enjoying learning. Thanks.

Jun 25th
Reply (2)

E.G. Young

Chris, I was so delighted this morning when I checked Castbox for new podcasts of HOTW and discovered that Episode 1 of Vol. 3 is out. I have been avoiding HOTW withdrawal by listening to the unscripted shows, but I am so glad Vol. 3 is now underway. As with all your episodes, Episode 1 of Vol. 3 is expertly presented. I enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to more. Thanks for all the hard work that i know must go into the HOTW podcast. Eric Young (proud HOTW Podcast Illuminati member)

Dec 17th
Reply (1)

Gavin Bussenschutt

Great podcast, was looking for a way to learn about history and think I've found it.

Sep 30th
Reply (1)


Fantastic podcast series. I have always loved learning about history, and have given up watching "Normal" TV in favor of documentaries. I have had a more consise and structured learning experience listening to this podcast, then watching nearly 10 years of YT videos. Chris does a fantastic job of explaining historical events, and the most impressive thing is he states opposing viewpoints historians have relating to historical events. Chris is also very clear about what is speculation, based on available facts, compared to what can be proven. The only negative criticism I have, is in reponse to an episode when Chris explains his lack of "credentials" and he doesn't want that to distract from the information he is providing. That, in my opinion, is exactly what makes this series stand out more then most. Academic credentials, tend detract from looking at all viewpoints, unfortunately. Anybody with even a slight interest in history, I believe would enjoy this series and season 2 episode 10 should be required listening for people. Thanks for your time and effort in producing this podcast Chris.

Sep 22nd
Reply (1)

The Derstine

hahaha you're assessment of fertility goddesses fails to notice that worship of the goddess was the first religion with only a minor role for men 😂😂😂. Men didn't even know how reproduction happened. Women obviously understood and put that knowledge to use first. We bled but didn't die. New humans were spawned from our bodies. We likely seemed super human. No men needed, as far as they knew.

Aug 6th
Reply (5)


CHRIS: PLEASE DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR A "LONGER THAN USUAL" PODCAST EPISODE! YOU ARE AMAZING & I COULD LISTEN FOREVER. Thank you so much for all your hard work, time & effort constructing this remarkable podcast.

Jul 26th
Reply (2)


THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST!!! CHRIS IS SO KNOWLEDGEABLE & HIS NARRATIVE STYLE IS EXCEPTIONAL. I subscribe to several history casts & this one is my favorite. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Jul 26th
Reply (2)

FPS Knifer

What a fantastic resource! When I first found this podcast, I found it so engaging that I was compelled to listen to the entire series in sequence, over the course of a few days. Each episode is so packed with information, I've listened to most of them more than once. Chris is a fantastic presenter and a truly calming presence. I would have loved to have had professors like him back when I was in university. I can highly recommend this show to any person who feels that their knowledge of the progress of human civilization might have some blind spots. Very enlightening!

Jul 5th
Reply (1)

E.G. Young

I am consistently amazed at how informative your podcast is. I found you on Castbox and am now into Volume 2. I listen every day. Keep up the good work! Eric from California.

May 7th
Reply (1)
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