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Hold Me Back

Author: Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi

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Gen X and Gen Z live together, but we occupy different worlds. As the generational gap widens and conventional wisdom on parenting and education fails, is it even possible to understand one another? In this unique son-and-father podcast, Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi hash out a new contract between generations, forcing them to violate comfort zones on today’s most charged topics: social media and screen time, bullying and loneliness, inequality and privilege, sex and drugs, education and etiquette, even politics, religion, and sports. All to uncover a path toward greater harmony and a hopeful future for the next generation
8 Episodes
In this two-part episode, Ash and Aidan discuss the biggest threat to Gen-Z: the erosion of critical thinking due to the digital world. They debate what's been called an "epidemic of cognitive contagion" with no end in sight. The boys explore the three biggest culprits to this epidemic: Motivated Reasoning, Tribalism, and the rampant spread of Misinformation. In Part 1 they welcome Alex Lickerman, M.D., a renowned physician and author, to discuss why healthcare is particularly vulnerable to misinformation and what Gen Z can do to separate fact from fiction in a world of unlimited and unfiltered content. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
With practically unlimited access to a world of unfiltered content, real or fiction, do parents need to fundamentally rethink how they monitor and control their children's access to content? Do they have to start over with well-established content rating systems to account for this new reality? Join Aidan and Ash as they unravel this thorny topic, share some controversial research, and discover how parents might need to reconsider their views on managing their children’s access to content to prepare them for a new reality. Things get tense in this controversial episode. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
Should I be reading my teenager's texts? Why are so many children opposed to apps that monitor their location? Aidan and Ash explore a topic that's becoming increasingly challenging to navigate in the new digital age - setting appropriate boundaries when it comes to adolescent privacy “invasion.” In addition to sharing some eye-opening research, the boys propose a fundamentally new way for parents and teens to negotiate this topic. You might be surprised what developmental and family psychologists have to say about what’s at stake if parents get this wrong. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
For Love or Money

For Love or Money


The boys welcome their first expert guest, Mark Lush, as they tackle the topic that makes the world go round - money. Aidan and Ash explore what it means to have a healthy relationship with money and whether their generations share a common perspective. Should Gen X tell their children to follow their passion or that money will buy them happiness? Is that even the right question? The research might shock you. Is there truly a “price of privilege?” And how transparent should parents be with their kids about their finances? You’ll be surprised what’s revealed in this in-depth episode. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
Put that phone away! Or don't? Device usage and screen time often becomes the most contested topic between kids and parents. Aidan and Ash dive into the research and compare the findings with the realities in their own household. Hear them debate the best age to give your child a smartphone, the appropriate amount of daily screen time, the potential long-term psychological impacts, and the many false beliefs held by parents and kids alike. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
Is Gen X ruining youth sports for Gen Z? Aidan and Ash discuss how youth sports might be the topic that most exemplifies the growing generational divide. In this emotional and extensive episode, father and son open up to each other on a topic in which they both have many regrets and unresolved conflict. Aidan shares how the pressure he felt to perform impacted his self-esteem and mindset, while Ash reveals what was driving the expectations he was placing on Aidan. Rather than taking sides, father and son find common ground in this unique episode. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
It's the topic that's near and dear to Aidan's heart: Swearing. Is swearing that big a deal? Find out what the research says, what his dad and other parents think, and what Aidan's friends tell him. Hear the surprising psychological benefits of swearing and when it might actually be a good thing, why it’s still considered taboo, and how swearing can affect your reputation and personal brand. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at
Welcome to Hold Me Back. It's Gen Z's time, but are previous generations holding them back? In this pilot episode, meet Aidan (son) and Ash (dad) as they hammer out a new social contract between their generations, and uncover a path toward greater harmony and a more hopeful future. Hear why a divide exists between Gen Z and previous generations as they discuss eye-opening research as well as their own experiences. Also learn about what to expect on the podcast going forward
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