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Hangover Tales and Tips #43

Hangover Tales and Tips #43


What's the worst hangover you have ever experienced? Charleen and Ellie share their own stories - everything from hospitals, house parties and hanxiety. The girls also have some helpful tips on how to combat a hangover. We've got your dilemmas help in Secrets From The Stalls. What to do if you feel your co-worker is your soulmate, but you don't want to overstep a boundary with your boyfriend? How to feel if your boyfriend tells you that he is bi-curious? And what can you do if you have a low sex drive, but your partner has a high sex drive?
Ready to hear more Secrets From The Stalls? Charleen and Ellie are ready to answer! Should you let things fizzle out with a boy you've met once and won't see again for 10 weeks? How should you feel if your boyfriend's friend's girlfriend doesn't like you? What do you do if your boyfriend hasn't made up for a really bad mistake he has made? And facing the fear of dating when you've never been on one and don't like yourself."
Imagine multiple episodes of Hold My Drink in one...that is what this is. Charleen and Ellie chat about some of their debs stories, what to wear and do on a first date, tips on how to feel confident in a bikini, and their "pinch-me" moments. For Secrets From The Stalls, the girls are discussing marriage breakdown, is it a red flag if he doesn't text that much, but you have good dates, and the importance of reassurance in a relationship. Also, let us know what dress code you'd like for the live shows!
More dilemmas, more answers! Charleen and Ellie are helping out with some more of your Secrets From The Stalls. Should you be afraid of your boyfriend cheating on his lads holiday, if he has already cheated in the past? What to do if your boyfriend and best friend hate each other? And should you consider moving in with your long-distance partner?
How do you spot a f*ckboy? What do they dress like, how do they act etc.? You'll find out in this episode, as Charleen and Ellie talk about their experiences of f*ckboys and if/when you should entertain them. Could there be a case of a f*ckboy in one of our Secrets From The Stalls too, as a partner has gone from intense effort in a relationship to very distant in a short space of time? And should you go on holidays when an ex is going too? Plus, Charleen is live from New York again this week, so hear about her boozy picnic in Central Park, while Ellie experiences her first final in Croke Park.
Your dilemmas residents, Charleen and Ellie are back for another bonus episode to try help you out. What do you do if you're a very confident texter, but not confident at all to meet up in person? Does your friend only want a boy because you're interested in him now? And how to drop hints to someone to show them you like them, when they think you're not interested?
Charleen is coming to us live from the Big Apple for a catch-up on her travels in New York. Ellie is looking after the Hold My Drink studio back home, and went to see Westlife last weekend, as well as having an encounter with the Gardaí. No distance could keep your Secrets From The Stalls away. The girls are answering whether or not it's okay if your boyfriend paid for an OnlyFans account, and what you should do if you feel like you've hit a slump in your long-term relationship.
Charleen and Ellie are answering even more your dilemmas in this bonus episode. Has your friend with benefits caught feelings for you? What do you do if your friend's boyfriend is slipping up on lies, but she thinks you're trying to break them up? And have you made the right decision in breaking up over three years ago?
He's a 10, but...#39

He's a 10, but...#39


Charleen and Ellie are hopping on the "he's a 10 but..." trend in this week's episode, to find out what makes or breaks a man. Black socks? Chicken nuggets and chips? Android phones? The girls also help out with advice for Secrets From The Stalls, including should you leave a friendship if it's making you unhappy, and how to deal with worry when you're boyfriend is away and posting pictures with other girls?
It's your bonus fix of Charleen and Ellie, and they are answering more of your Secrets From The Stalls! How would you react if you find out that your friend and boyfriend have a sexual history? Should you try things with a guy you matched with on Tinder years ago, but he has a girlfriend now? And why can you not stop dreaming about your ex?
The Break-Up Episode #38

The Break-Up Episode #38


It's the one you've been waiting for. Charleen and Ellie talk about their break-ups, and things get emotional. As well as helping each other through their dilemmas, the girls also help you for Secret From The Stalls, including deciding if you should tell your friend that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and what to do if you have a higher sex drive than your partner?
Get ready for more Secrets From The Stalls in this week's bonus episode! Charleen and Ellie answer your dilemmas. How should you feel about your ex bringing another girl on holidays to a place that you two were suppose to go to? Why are your ex's friends keeping tabs on you? And what to do if you're missing your partners birthday for the first time in your relationship?
What was expected to be a step-by-step guide on how you can become a bad bitch, turned out to be a lot raunchier than expected. Let's just say, if you ever wanted to know how to seduce a man, you're going to learn it in this episode. Charleen and Ellie answer your dilemmas in Secrets From The Stalls, including what to do if you find old texts that your boyfriend had sent about you from before you were together, and does he really like you if he acts different each time you see him? Hear about Charleen's very supportive friends, who went "ex-boyfriend" spotting in Wait Til I Tell You.
On this week's bonus episode, Charleen and Ellie answer some extra dilemmas. They discuss whether it's forgivable for your significant other to not get you anything for your anniversary, how should you feel if your boyfriend gets a lap dance, and what does it mean if you're attracted to someone else when you're in a relationship?
Charleen and (a half-broken) Ellie are back for another episode. Ellie fills us in on her injury ordeal from over the weekend, and the girls also chat about their thoughts on this year's Love Island cast so far. An important topic of conversation this week is emigration, as a few of Charleen's friends are making the big moves very soon. Find out if the girls have any plans to move abroad soon and where to if so. As always, we have more dilemmas to help you out with on Secrets From The Stalls, including trying to figure out why your ex boyfriend (who has a new gf) is still viewing your Instagram stories, and does your sex dream about your boyfriend's brother mean anything?
Charleen and Ellie are back for this week's bonus episode, and as always, there are lots of extra dilemmas to digest. As the Leaving Cert began last week, what are some tips for getting through it? Should you still go to New York if your ex (who was your boyfriend at the time of booking) is coming? And should you stay with your boyfriend at home when you've been seeing an older man abroad?
Charleen and Ellie reveal the good the bad and the ugly of cosmetic surgery in relation to their own personal journeys. In this episode, find out their experiences with boob jobs, nose jobs and fillers all packaged up with changing hair colour and wigs. The girls open up and answer some all-important questions such as, would you still get surgery if you were not an influencer and did the procedures give you more confidence? Alongside your questions answered in this week's episode in Secrets From The Stalls, including your gym crush struggles and the ordeal of your partner and your bestie not seeing eye to eye.
It's your extra fix of Charleen and Ellie. The girls are answering even more of your dilemmas in this bonus episode. Did your boyfriend ever care about you if he broke up with you over a voice note? Should you still have feelings for a sneaky fling from 4 years ago? Is he a bad texter or does he just not want to talk to you? And should you be worried if your boyfriend has recent pictures of him ex saved?
My Head's Wrecked #34

My Head's Wrecked #34


This episode may hurt your head and cause you to think about things you've never thought about. How do phone sounds work? Are we relocating to Mars? How do traffic lights know when to change at night? For a bit of an easier listen, you'll also get to hear all about the latest addition to the Kelly family. Charleen and Ellie answer your dilemmas in Secrets From The Stalls - including how to deal with phone-addicted friends (and loud eaters!) in social situations, and should you worry that your ex is now in a relationship with a friend that he had throughout your relationship?
On this week's bonus episode, Charleen and Ellie answer some sticky dilemmas. Do you let your housemate stay in the house when they've hurt everyone living there? Is it okay for your boyfriend to pay for an OnlyFans subscription? And should you continue your relationship if your other half is going travelling?
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