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Author: Sean Feucht

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Hold the Line is a new movement focused on engaging with the church and young people across the country in a way that charges them to play an active role as citizens of this nation.Our mission is to Inform, Educate, and Inspire the next generation of leaders to take a stand for what is right.Our deeply held beliefs are falling out of line with the progressive agenda being forced upon America. It’s time to fight back!
3 Episodes
This week, Sean sits down with Eric Metaxas, to discuss Eric's new book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and what Bonhoeffer would do today. Eric is a brilliant thought-leader in the conservative and evangelical movements, and his fascinating insights are exactly what we need to help us Hold The Line.
You are about to hear an insane story from friends and longtime ministry partners who found themselves on the "high risk" TSA fly list and the recipients of a surprise early morning FBI raid. Find out how they continue to hold the line in the midst of adversity.
This episode features the youngest US Senator Josh Hawley & covers numerous topics including:⚡️Religious liberty⚡️Secular progressivism⚡️Interpreting Romans 13⚡️Role of believers in Govt⚡️Critical race theory⚡️Corporate wokeness⚡️Reclaiming our life from Big Tech⚡️Prophetic insight for leaders⚡️And lots lots more!!
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