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Join me in this episode as we delve into a potent yet often overlooked strategy for enhancing your local service business's visibility. Tune in to learn how partnering with your local Chamber of Commerce can provide a winning edge in the digital age of marketing.Resources discussed in this episode:Leave me a 5 star review on Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio,  or  wherever you get your podcasts if love it. Reviews help others find me. This link should work across devices and platforms. Become a Member of Organized to get instant access to exclusive content we created to help you attract your ideal clients Check out social media management services by Home Pros Marketing 
Social media is now a huge component of interacting with clients and ideal clients. Discover which social media platforms you should be on to get clients as a professional organizer. Join me as I share valuable insights on how to stay ahead of the competition and attract your ideal clients with your online presence.Click for show notes.
Looking for info on how to market house cleaning services or professional organizing services? We have a full list of resources to help you attract your ideal clients.Click for show notes. 
The key to social media marketing for your home services businesses is to build relationships on the right platforms. Here's how to do that through each stage of your business. Click for show notes. 
A long-term sustainable business is one that gives you life... and also multiple revenue streams. In this episode Lisa Malone shares how she's developed several corresponding lines of business and fostered unique partnerships with other service providers to diversify income sources and and grow wealth. Click for show notes. 
Part of creating a successful business is adapting to new things. In this episode, Pro Organizer Coach Samantha Brown shares the evolution of her business and how she's using her unique skillset to help others. Click for show notes. 
Social media is a great tool for reaching and connecting with your ideal clients. But if you're not careful, it can quickly eat up your time and energy. Click for full show notes. 
Every professional organizer knows a good system is worth its weight in gold. Infrastructure systems- like client onboarding- can help you easily and effectively scale your business. In this episode, professional organizer Amy Fredericksen shares the systems she created for her businessClick for show notes. 
Everyone can be productive, but identifying the specific ways in which you are most productive can help you create and repeat the ideal conditions. In this episode, Certified Productivity Coach Ellen Faye describes a personalized approach to productivity that you can use in your own business plus help clients find- and maximize- theirs.Click for show notes. 
The only thing about social media that is constant is that it’s changing. Algorithms change, meaning who sees your posts changes, consumer behavior changes, and how people use the different platforms change. In this episode, you'll learn some great reasons as to why social media is worth your time... and an easy formula to make regular posting easy.  Click for show notes. 
Email marketing for professional organizers is a great way to remind clients they should hire you again, but you need them to open the email.In this episode, you'll learn the importance of  email subject lines and how to craft them to easily get the maximum opens.  Click for show notes. 
Social media algorithms are *always* changing, partly because consumer behavior is always changing and partly because the social media platforms have their own goals. For instance, videos have been long prioritized on both Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Meta), and now even more so with continued emphasis on IG Reels and FB Watch. Also, over the last couple of years, Facebook has been pushing Groups, meaning putting Groups in your newsfeed they think you might like (based on your profile) and then showing new comments and other activity of your Groups frequently in your newsfeed. This is because they were catching so much heat about people sharing misinformation and they’re taking emphasis off of individual posts. This is partly why you don’t see every single personal post of every single person you’re friends with on Facebook. Knowing and understanding social media updates can help you take advantage of new features and what Meta’s prioritizing right now. Click for show notes. 
A professional organizer marketing plan details your strategy to package and sell your professional organizing services.In this episode, you'll learn the critical elements of a professional organizer marketing plan and how to create one, which will help you save time and money as you attract clients.Click for show notes. 
Confidence and mindset are keys to attracting clients as a professional organizer. Use these mantras to attract more clients and earn more money. Click for show notes. 
Paying attention to (and improving) the client experience in your professional organizing business will not only delight your existing clients, it will keep them coming back for more. And? They'll probably even tell their friends how much they loved working with you. In this episode, systems strategist Amber Barrett joins Shanna to talk about the benefits and elements  of great client experiences  and how those systems can even save you time, money, and possibly even grey hairs! (Who wants to manually do 10 tasks when they can be automated?!) Click for show notes. 
Learning how to boost sales as a professional organizer will help sustain you through the slow times. Here's how to get your phone ringing for your organizing services when you feel like you've done everything. Click for show notes. 
To grow a sustainable business as an organizer, you have to have a solid strategy in place to continuously attract ideal clients. Click for show notes. 
Cas Aarssen from Clutterbug and Hot Mess House on HGTV  joins Shanna on the podcast today to discuss additional revenue streams that can make you thousands of dollars every month. Click for show notes. 
In this episode, Shanna talks through lead magnets: what they are, why you need one, and how to create them with more than 30 ideas of lead magnets you can make today. Click for show notes. 
Online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a simple sales funnel you can implement today to attract clients.  Click for show notes. 
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