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Alyssa was homeschooled from birth through high school and is now a homeschooling mom of five. We talked about her experiences as a homeschooled child and how she homeschools her kids. In addition, Alyssa is also the founder of Your Unbusy Life and helps moms simplify their lives and destress. Learn more about Alyssa and get the downloadable checklist here. This episode was recorded on June 13, 2022. p.s. We're replaying this episode because it is still helpful to homeschooling parents.
Feel overwhelmed? Need some motivation?  You'll gain momentum and boost your energy when you're getting things done! Listen to this episode for the inspiration you need to take care of business! Learn more about MIndset Mondays...
Do you and your kids want to learn more about history? Make it fun and easy with our curated collection of history podcasts!   Use our advanced podcast search engine to find any historical event quickly! With over 2000 hours and 1000 podcast episodes about history, you'll discover any historical topic you want to learn more about!
In this episode, Jackie shares how she became interested in mindset and why she shares this information with homeschooling parents. Learn more about mindset and life coaching for homeschool parents...
How do you help your high school student choose their major? What if your teenager isn't college-bound? This interview with Beth and Greg Langston, the founders of College Flight Plan, is full of the information you need to help your child decide on a career that aligns with their strengths and values. Teenagers & adults will find this episode helpful. p.s. We've replayed this episode because the information is still helpful and relevant. Recorded December 1, 2021.  Originally released March 2, 2022.
Do you think homeschooling your kids is hard?  If you're like many homeschool parents, you've had moments of frustration and have considered sending your kids back to school. If you're struggling with homeschooling, this episode will be helpful.  Sign up for a free homeschool consultation...
Define Learning

Define Learning


Have you considered the differences between schooling and learning? Let's consider what learning is so that you can homeschool your kids more effectively.
Are you showing up as the homeschool parent you want to be? In this episode, I share some ideas to help you become a more intentional homeschooling parent. Sign up for your homeschool consultation...
Dumbing Us Down

Dumbing Us Down


Do you want to know what is really being taught in schools? After teaching in New York City's public schools for over 30 years, and receiving the New York State Teacher of the Year award, here is a glimmer of what the late John Taylor Gatto shared in his book, "Dumbing Us Down:  The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling." So much of what we learn in school hinders us, and that's what this episode is about.  
Worthy of Love

Worthy of Love


Can you imagine telling your child you don't want him? "You're not my child," declared his mother. He was so sweet, and it was no secret that his mother didn't want him. Like every child, this little boy was worthy of love. Learn about our life coaching services for parents and discover more episodes about mindset at...
Do you want to improve your parenting skills? In this episode, you'll learn about four concepts you can use to guide your parenting. When applied, these four simple words can impact your children positively for a lifetime. Learn more about positive parenting...
Are you tired of complaining and ready to take action?   While it seems that nearly everyone complains, you don't have to join the crowd.   Changing your mindset begins with awareness.  Once you become aware of how often people complain, you won't want to be part of this group.   In this podcast episode, you'll start coming up with ideas about how you can replace complaining with better options.   Share these lessons with your kids and create a happier household.
In a world where children are picking up cell phones before pencils, the skill of handwriting is no longer deemed necessary by many people. Listen to this episode to learn why teaching your kids print and cursive is still important.
Do you have difficulty parting with things?  Have you wanted to declutter? In this episode, you'll learn why people keep things they don't really need and how to start decluttering more effectively. Learn more at:
Cathy Duffy is the queen of homeschooling curriculum and the author of multiple books. In our interview with Cathy Duffy, you'll get to know the woman behind the website. During our conversation, we discussed the broader topics of homeschooling, public school, the role of government in education, and parenting. Watch the video and discover more resources that were mentioned in this interview... p.s. We are replaying this episode because the content is still relevant and helpful to homeschool parents. This Interview was recorded on January 20, 2022.
Are you doing too much?  Do you frequently feel overwhelmed? In this episode, you'll learn about essentialism. This podcast episode was inspired by Greg McKeown's book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. You can get his book at the link below... Learn about our homeschool consulting and life coaching services for parents...  
Are you curious about what it means to use a classical education mode for homeschooling? This podcast episode will provide the information you need to understand what it is and whether it's the right choice for your family. Learn more...
In this episode, Jackie shares how she helps homeschooling parents through life-coaching and homeschool consulting services.   Sign up for a free consultation and learn more about individual coaching... Discover group coaching for homeschool parents...  
Should I homeschool my child?  What's the right decision for my family? You probably have many questions if you've been thinking about homeschooling your kids. Listen to this episode and schedule a call for one-on-one homeschool guidance.
In this episode, Jackie unveils THRIVE, an exclusive online haven for parents. Dive into a world where homeschooling meets life coaching. Inside THRIVE, you'll discover the support and guidance homeschool parents need. Tune in to learn more about this transformative experience!
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