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Author: Craig McKee

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Veterans face many issues when they get out of the military; first and foremost how to live and survive in the civilian world. When host Craig McKee got out of the Air Force he faced many of the same issues. In his more than twenty years as a journalist he’s covered a broad range of veteran issues, some he can relate to personally. ‘Homefront’ serves those who’ve served by focusing on veterans, their untold stories and the issues and solutions that give our veterans the honor they so deserve.

35 Episodes
Mission Medical Marijuana

Mission Medical Marijuana


The Medical Marijuana industry is booming and veterans are seeing it as a way out from dozens of prescriptions. Homefront host Craig McKee sits down with two veterans to discuss their journey and that of a physician who walked away from traditional medicine to focus on recommending medical marijuana.
Matt Louis was as lost as thousands of other service members who left the military and put on a suit and tie. Homefront host Craig McKee sits down to discuss Matt's journey and what empowered him to create a manual to help veterans transition and be successful.
Homefront host Craig McKee goes on a personal journey of discovery to reveal more about his great uncle's role as a navigator in World War II. Join him as he listens to a 102-year-old former B-17 navigator who discusses the trials and tribulations as well as his time as a prisoner of war.
John Osborne would stay up late at night after coming home from the Vietnam war to avoid the nightmares. Turning to art he was able to focus on something other than the nightmares. He explains to Homefront host Craig McKee why many of the military pieces go unfinished.
Army veteran Earl Harris has been on and off the streets for twenty years. Homefront host Craig McKee spoke to him about life on the streets and living illegally inside a self-storage unit. Welcome House of Northern Kentucky is on a continued mission to help all homeless individuals and with their new medical outreach RV are hoping to change the tide in Northern Kentucky.
A ban on transgender service members doesn't mean a ban on transgender veterans. The Cincinnati VA Medical Center created a support group specifically for trans veterans. As the year mark of its launch approaches Homefront host Craig McKee sat down with members of a task force created to bolster support for LGBTQ vets.
The Purple Heart is awarded to those who are wounded or killed in combat. Homefront host Craig McKee talks with three veterans about their journey, their service and their sacrifice.
He couldn't march but he had mechanical skills that would end up guiding his time in the Army. Homefront host Craig McKee sits down with 100-year-old Earl Wills to talk about his service, a wrench that changed his military path and the woman who would win over his heart and start a 72-year marriage.
He escorted Navy Seals to face off with Somali pirates and chased boats filled with drugs in South America. Homefront host Craig McKee sits down with Navy veteran Andrew Watts to talk about his time a Navy helicopter pilot and his new passion for writing military thrillers.
Since taking over as head of the Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie has made history with the amount of money he wants to spend and the number of people he wants to hire to fix Veteran Affairs facilities and operations. He sat down with Homefront host Craig McKee to discuss the issues and where he sees the future even if there's a change in administration.
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