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Enjoy hometown, small business marketing advice, training, and interviews with Elian.
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In today's episode Elian is talking all about Instagram and how to use it with your business. Be sure to download - 10 Steps To Maximize Your Instagram at next insta challenge’s episode is broken up into 3 parts:1-Goals2-Strategy3-ReviewLearn about:- Instagram trends and if your business should be on there or not. - How to properly set up your account.- Ways to strategically use IG to maximize your results.- Get Elian's business strategy based on where you are in your IG journey.Don’t miss an episode. Go to by
12 - Case Studies

12 - Case Studies


Today's episode Elian gives some case studies. Learn about the following:1.Learn her client process and who she works with.2.Case study – yoga instructor3.Case study – personal coach4.Case study – new book keeping company5.Case study – new printing company6.The steps to getting a great online marketing plan.Don’t miss an episode. Go to by
Today's episode Elian talks about putting more of your heart into business and how you can make that a differentiating factor between you and your competition.Listen in as she presents the following:1.Why leading your business with your heart AND mind is super important2.Being strategic and taking a 30,000 foot view of your business3.Some specific techniques and examples you can use to show more heart to your target market4.Learn how to get the bonus material that compliments these topics5.Talking about your ideal client and how to talk to them more easily.Don’t miss an episode. Go to by
Today's episode is part two where Elian sits down with small business marketing experts Stephanie Acker of In the Know Upstate and Starr McKinney of Southern Starr Promotions to discuss social media and what is working now.Listen in as we discuss the following:-The importance of good images-How to research your market-Apps they recommend-Ways to save time with your social media-Tips about how to connect with your audience-How to easily utilize youtube-Facebook strategy tips-The answer to “where should I be” as a small business-How to juggle it all-Posting tipsWant to get a list of all the tools with links mentioned in the show? Follow the link to grab that list. Included is my list… which was not recorded on the show.’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian traveled to Greer, SC to host a discussion on branding. She sits down with small business marketing experts Stephanie Acker of In the Know Upstate and Starr McKinney of Southern Starr Promotions to let them share about the importance of good branding of your business. This is part one of a two part series.Listen in as we discuss the following:- Learn about the services and offerings from these two businesses.- Tips with your branding- What consistency means and where to apply it- How to handle competition- Tips on creating raving fans & words about follower counts- Tips on creating a good brand & consistent messaging- Learn their recommendations to keep sane with all the possible activities you could do to promote your business- Learn different ways to grow with networking… both on and offline- Find out some great tools to use to make things easyDon’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian interviews Paige Bowser of Breezy Quarters, a cute personal care shop in Abbeville, SC. Tune in to learn the secrets of her hometown marketing success.1:13 Learn about the history of her business1:48 Hear about the cool products & the development of her business3:28 Learn about why she moved away from craft sales, festivals & farmer’s markets4:38 Hear about what she did to tweak her business to become profitable5:55 Listen in about how she reached out to her community7:55 Her thoughts about competition10:05 Paige’s strengths & about perseverance13:28 Learn about how she has help with her store15:35 Hear about benefits of having procedures16:04 Learn about her biggest challenges and how she handles things19:54 Techniques for reaching out to her customers and new potential ones22:46 Advice for new business owners27:30 Special discount & wholesale optionsDon’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian talks about how to help your business survive when things are stressing you out. Tune in to learn these secrets.Listen in as she discusses the following:0:59 Learn about 4 businesses on the brink of collapse3:09 Hear about the common themes for these businesses and how to make adjustments5:48 Get exact 6 steps on how to stream line and simplify your business9:18 Learn tips on how to clarity on your long term thinking for your business10:38 Get the list of all the required areas you must cover11:25 Learn the steps of where to get started in refining your company14:33 Learn about the status of the 4 businesses after their “turn around”Don’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian Leslie Schweitzer of 313 CAFÉ in Seneca, SC. Recorded May 9, 2018. Tune in to learn the secrets of this hometown marketing success. Listen in as we learn about her amazing shop.2:05 – Leslie’s background in hospitality2:34 – How Leslie picked just the right "product" for her community3:13 – Learn about some of the CAFÉ’s unique features5:18 – Hear about how they picked their name7:50 – How Detroit is shaping their menu8:18 – Learn how they found their great location12:26 – Hear about how 313 handles competition14:03 – Learn about their biggest strengths15:17 – Discover how they got the wonderful look and feel for their Café17:29 – Hear Leslie’s advise for new business owners21:54 – Learn about finding great staff26:40 – Meet barista Lauren Rick30:54 – Meet barista Wade KellyDon’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian talks about building your business by hosting events. Tune in to learn the secrets of this hometown marketing success.Listen in as I discuss the following:2:08 Find out what a local bakery is doing to build their following.2:46 Learn the things to watch out for when hosting events.3:25 Learn the best way to get feedback.4:14 Hear about a great way to celebrate your fans.4:39 Learn a great trick to multiply your efforts.5:07 I share how frequently you should have events.5:24 Learn some about great promotion.9:20 Hear examples for events by different industries.12:40 Listen in to avoid these top mistakes.Don’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian talks with Adam Kelley, owner of Leopard Forest Coffee Company located in Travelers Rest (TR), SC. Tune in to learn the secrets of this hometown marketing success.Listen in as we talk about what it’s like to run a successful 14 year old coffee house in a growing hometown community.1:13 Learn about the longevity of Leopard Forest & it’s history2:48 Learn about the company moving around TR4:21 We talk about the marketing of their brand 5:40 How they reach folks who aren’t using social media6:45 Learn how they market the Café & distribute their coffee beyond8:04 Learn how they handle competition9:08 We touch on standard operating procedures for consistent product delivery11:38 Learn about how they have customer retention and repeat business12:29 Learn about white labeling13:52 Lastly, get advice from Adam if you have a new business or are thinking about starting oneDon’t miss an episode. Go to by
In today's episode Elian talks all about email marketing. One of the biggest marketing bottle necks is with email marketing. What if all social media were to cease? No more Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter. Could your business survive? You’d have to increase your advertising budget so that you could keep in front of your customers? You’ve got to build that email list of yours. Think of it as just another way to cultivate your raving fans. Think of it as a fan club. This episode is in 4 parts: 1. Mindset2. How to start3. What to say4. How to grow your listHere is how to know if today's episode is perfect for you:1. If you’ve been in business for over a year now and you have less than 500 people on your list.2. If you are not growing your list by 25 people a week.3. You already have a decent sized list, but you get no response.4. If you have any doubt about your business.5. If you are in business for the long haul.Produced by
Welcome to the Hometown Marketing Podcast with Elian Tyson - a podcast aimed at small business owners in towns of 15,000 people or less. Today's guest: Terri Earl Brooks of The Mercantile in Pendleton, SC. This is a charming building chock full of great treasures. If you are in the area, be sure to check them out. In this episode you will learn:[0:38] Find out what awesome milestone they have reached.[2:06] Learn about their biggest promotional challenge and how they’ve tackled it.[4:25] Find out an easy way to get seen on social media.[6:04] Get their number one business advice for all small businesses.[12:06] Find out an innovative way to sell more stuff.[24:12] Get Terri’s tips for business promotion.Produced by http://hooked.mediaFree resources for you:Ultimate checklist for rocking out your business (touches on marketing and operations) out our awesome blog!
001: Marketing Foundations

001: Marketing Foundations


Welcome to the first episode of the Hometown Marketing Podcast with Elian Tyson! This podcast is aimed at small business owners in towns of 15,000 people or less. Today I discuss the basic marketing foundations every business (big or small) needs to address.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN:[0:36] Why I choose the number 15,000.[1:11] What the plans are for the podcast. [1:29] Who our first guest will be 😊[1:49] The Marketing Foundations.[5:18] Do this task to look professional and polished.THE ONE THING TO TAKE AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE:Marketing is not an option. Having a cohesive, professional presence is a must in today’s ever competitive environment.AWESOME, FREE RESOURCES FOR YOU!These are available on our website at you know of a small town business owner that would be great featured on the show, please share their name with us!Produced by
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