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Author: Ashley McAllister & Matthew Ali

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Honest To Pod is an independent podcast brought to you from the brains of Ashley McAllister & Matthew Ali. Tune in each week where these two peas serve you a juicy helping of the topical and the titillating in, what should be, a very funny pod!
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In a pre-recorded episode Matt & Ash FINALLY talk about Northern Ireland - at the end. Before that, they tackle a first hand agony aunt situation in Ash's dating life AND how social apps, like Grindr and Scruff should look at their ability to stop CatFishing through tighter security - much like Hornet is doing. The guys would love it if you listen in and share with your friends - and don't forget to let them know any situations you need some advice to?
Ash and Matt sit down to talk about the Rugby World Cup Final where England were destroyed by South Africa in what has to be the mo embarrassing moment ever for England, except for that time where they didn't get out of the pool stage of the tournament they hosted. EEK!! (Written by Ash) - but also, we spoke about Matt's book he is enjoying: Reni Eddo-Lodge's - Why I'm No Longer Talking (To White People) About Race. Also Ash talks through a lovely little article (also from South Africa) around positive movements by religious groups. All this and some Agony Aunt Ash & Big Momma Matt moments... join in the chat - let us know how we can help on our website and don't forget to follow us on insta @honest_to_pod
Matt's back and has he got stores to tell...? Nope! But tune in anyway as Ash has a new haircutting story... but nope, that also got cut.
This week is a pre-recorded one as Matthew decided to spring a surprise trip to the states on poor Ash. But do you think that would stop these talk non stop for the 2nd of the double bangers? Course not! Join them this week as Ash talks about how he "pays It forward" but giving unrequested etiquette guidance to "innocent" scruff users. Then Ash talks about how awesome the Brit School is as a place of safety for LGBT pupils and the two reminisce on memories of growing up and the punishment received for being bad wee f*ckers - this and more in the latest Honest To Pod - and make sure you follow us on instagram & share this with your friends.
This week Ash bounces round to Matts where, on the squeaky bed, they deliver insights into Ash's latest Grindr messages. Then the two talk about Craig Stoddon, the Scottish man who punched a 9 year old and then shouted homophobic names at him. Listen to this corker and leave us a review on apple podcasts
Ash and Matt catch up over nothing, as Matt does not offer beverages, and talk about their weeks. Pub quiz regulars, Ru Paul's Drag Race UK and Ash has a moan about CrossFit, or lack there-of. Matt and Ash reflect on a really positive article that came out of New Zealand TJ Perenara and how the world is ready for a gay All Black. Then its some personal issues with Matt and personal space and lastly, the two deep dive into a great issues suggested by one of Honest To Pod's listeners. How do you approach "coming out" at work... ? Let us know what you think through our instagram @honest_to_pod
Bit of a different one this week - I've Got News Babe is an episode where we go through a few more of the headlines over the week and less of a deep dive into issues. We hope you enjoy this trial format where we cover Gay Rugby (accidental) kiss & Israel Folau, World Cup Rugby, Brexit and what it may mean for Prep, Ash's rimming the edge of the RuPaul glass thirsty for a sip & loads more.
Hey hey hey, this week Ash and Matt pick up where they left off last week - focusing on Gareth Thomas, the Welsh rugby legend who captained the British and Irish Lions and his groundbreaking move to come out and tell his story of living with HIV. You don't need to have seen his documentary but if you haven't you should check it out. It is amazing and on iPlayer. anyway, enjoy this weeks episode and thanks again for listening and tuning in xxx
Here we go again - Tune in this week to listen to Ash and Matt talk about the topical and the tasty! Get involved in next weeks episode where we talk about Gareth Thomas & his story. His Documentary should be on catchup now along with Jesy Nelson's. This week we focus on cyberbullying, how to handle it and the affects it has on its victims.
Jim Wells, the DUP politician and all round trumpet (in our opinion) was recently on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Suzanne Reid where he talked about his concerns over sam-sex dancing partners being shown on Strictly Come Dancing BEFORE the watershed (9PM) - utter madness.
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