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Author: Ashley McAllister & Matthew Ali

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Honest To Pod is an independent podcast brought to you from the brains of Ashley McAllister & Matthew Ali. Tune in each week where these two peas serve you a juicy helping of the topical and the titillating in, what should be, a very funny pod!
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Not how the episode was planned, but this week sees our first therapy session as listener Ryan asks what is the best way to handle a friend who is a bit of a negative nancy... Matt talks about his own experience with a troublesome friend, so it's a double therapy session for Agony Aunt Ash - and I guess the Same Sex Marriage can wait a bit longer for N.I... sigh (we'll have our day one day).
Ruby episode 40 of Honest To Pod looks at pride and it's variants: Black Pride & Straight Pride - plus secrets...shhh don't tell anyone :P - and how about getting some solid bad advice from Ash & Matt - let us know a scenario (real or fake) and we will give advice.
Welcome back to another episode of Honest To Pod, this week Matt talks about Israel Folau's return to the news for another short stunt of look-at-me- fame whoring! Absolute douche! Ash then talks about the London Spitting Girl and what he would do if someone spat at him, then - to keep it classy, lets talk about shit! Literally, porta-loos... YAS... something different innit! Hope you enjoy!
Matt and Ash are very sporty this week as they talk about the fitness mannequin's at Nike Town London - what sort of message does a plus sized mannequin say? What are your thoughts? Also, Tyson Fury's comeback is one of legend (apparently) but does his history of mental illness give him a free pass to not be held accountable for some of the abhorrent things he has said before - again, let us know your thoughts?
A husky Ash and a limping Matt tune in, still wrecked, to recap on their weekend together in Dublin for the Union Cup. Ash (ex-player) joined Matt (current pitch perfectionist) with the rest of the Kings Cross Steelers - the worlds first gay inclusive rugby team to take part in the European tournament! The highs and the lows of the weekend are summarised in this special episode. Enjoy! 😊
Hello, and welcome to episode 36 of Honest To Pod - this is your weekly dosage of some things that are on point, others, not so much - we love opinions, share them freely on our page - agree with us or disagree with us, just head to instagram follow us and leave a comment on one of our posts... if it's provoking (and respectful) we may even read it out! This week Matt rejoices that love island is back - ash doesn't give any f*cks - meanwhile Ann Widdecombe is being a crusty ole witch - and some people are just not seeing it! Why? Blinded by - 'awww, old people" 🙄 - not on my (Ash) watch! Thanks for listening, and look forward to reading your opinions ON OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE!
This week, Ash and Matt go heavy with two topics that are very serious! The Protests outside schools from Muslim Parents not wanting their children to learn about Same-Sex relationships. Next Matt talks about the newest Gillette Ad that showcases a trans kid learning about his first shave from his father - some find it beautiful, other think Gillette have lost the plot! What do you think? Thanks for listening everyone, we love you like family! xxx
Join Ash & Matt this week where a hungover ash talks about M&S and their LGBT sandwich - needed or virtue signalling? Matt then talks about Sex emojis, masturbation and sex toys... talk about making a boy blush! Ash loves it...
SSSSHHHHHHH - Spoilers! (No spoilers are given in this episode) more of a rant about ppl who spoil.... In the age of social media and the human desire to get attention, it seems the world is going spoiler crazy ESP as media is getting smarter and the story twists are more complicated! This is all to Ashley's annoyance as he hides from Game Of Thrones spoilers every Monday. Matt opens up about how addiction has affected his family and what are his options should addiction rear its ugly head again? We hope you enjoy this episode and would love to hear your thoughts on Instagram or Twitter on our HTP accounts! :)
Episode 32 is one of those little episode that is perfect listening while you chill in the sun and watch the world go by with a beverage of choice. Light hearted and cosy all in one! Starting off, Matt tells us about female drag queens (not drag kings) - then Ash talks about Straight Crushes and how it is the experience of nearly every gay guy out there. Lastly, Ash gives Matt some one-on-one dating advice to get past the stigma of date 2.... listen now!
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Sam Duffy

Good honest chat lads and some banter. helping me through the nightshift. keep up the good work.

Oct 17th
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