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Author: Ashley McAllister & Matthew Ali

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Honest To Pod is an independent gay podcast birthed from the friendship of Ashley McAllister & Matthew Ali. From LGBTQ, race and gender issues to mental health stigma and pop culture - these two peas have you covered. Tune in each week for a juicy helping of the topical and the titillating.
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68 Episodes
Here we go, episode 1 of Honest To Pod; and Ash & Matt don't hold back. Granted, they have some teething issues with regards to sound & structure - plus the editing never happened... so essentially it is a 2 hour call is with your best mate! So grab a cup of tea and join Ash & Matt as they talk about everything from Queer Eye to The Bingham Cup! Touching upon Trans, Beyonce & Pansexuality in between. Enjoy For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Ashley joins Matt in London this week after a stag do, husky voice and all! Listen to Matt talk about gay athletes, or lack there of and Ashley question is Pride is too commercial?? Not to mention Glitter Jizz… (don’t ask)… Listen, Enjoy, Subscribe. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Matt wonders what reality TV shows would be like if they were more diverse... from Gay Love Island to Lesbian Gladiators, meanwhile, Ash talks about politicians like Ted Hickman spurting hate, straight pride, and Brian Sims fighting the good fight! Listen! Enjoy! Subscribe! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Do you have any hellish Tinder dates stories? How do they compare to the disaster Ash discovered? Fear not - he has tips to help you avoid The Killa' - meanwhile Matt talks through his recent experiences with social dating - and the psychology behind hook-up apps. Join us in a fun, friendly and fierce episode of Honest To Pod - and make sure you subscribe and tell your friends. MUCH LOVE! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Grab the tissues, but leave the lotion, as this week Matt and Ash talk about falling in love, first loves/heartbreak and those feelings of limerence that make you think you gone cray-cray!! Ash also opens up about his teen struggles around his loneliness, school bullies and suicide.If you are experiencing feelings then it is important to get help from groups like The Trevor Project or The Samaritans. Much love this week xxxxx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
They promised this week it would be funnier, and they delivered - in a sense. This episode is not for the weak stomached as Ash & Matt talk about porn, but it is Matt's worm-hole viewing habits that will leave you reaching for the bucket! Then the duo talk about heritage and if POC should feel they need to know their heritage... Matt unlocks some of Ash's deep rooted daddy issues before they end on some TV chat... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Ash & Matt talk work work work work work work... the good, the bad and the ugly jobs that they have had so far. Then it is on to the UK change in Law regarding Medicinal Marijuana, CBD oil and asks should weed be legal? We hope you enjoy this episode of Honest To Pod... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
This week Ash & Matt go deep! Ash quickly talks a bout Hardy Billington, who claims gay sex kills more people than smoking... then Matt talks about his recent experience with privilege after spending time in a white supremacist pub whilst holidaying. Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America also gets talked about along with how everyone should be doing more to help those in need! Enjoy you beautiful lot! xx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Back again for better or for worse... and this week Matt dishes Ash's secrets, they talk bad habits/guilty pleasures and then the discussion of Jack Whitehall being Disneys first gay character... what do you think? For information regarding your data privacy, visit
After some family drama, Ash & Matt return in another episode of Honest To Pod. This week Matt gives an update on his family trip around Ireland... Ash retells his first experience at a hurling match then the pair dig deep into hot topics of the week which include Tess Holliday's "controversial" Cosmo Front Cover... and Eminem's "homophobic" lyrics... and you would almost thing Christmas is coming from some of the references that Ash throws in... excited much? For information regarding your data privacy, visit
With a head cold setting in, Ash sniffles his way through episode 11 of Honest To Pod! Thankfully Matt is on hand to keep things going as they talk about Roxanne Pallett on Celebrity Big Brother and what her crazy actions could mean for other victims of abuse. Next they talk XXL London and Mark Ames' outrageous rant about men wearing heels to his club is simply disturbing. Lastly its Serena Williams under the microscope as the pair dissect her recent actions at the US Open Final.... Please make sure you go and leave an apple review if you can, as it really boosts our performance and reach and follow us on social... @honest_to_pod (instagram & twitter) For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Back after another unplanned break, sorry, Ash joins Matt in London (along with some random background noises) to talk all things weddings... having just attended one of his first same-sex ceremonies. Congrats to the happy couple... Matt then talks through how it is possible to be in a city and still be Lonely! Then talks about Kebabs and Unstable Unicorns... Go Enjoy! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
This week, The Gay Cake Drama ends with Ashers getting their verdict from the supreme court... Ash & Matt discuss whether the ruling was right or wrong (to their opinions) - then, over in London, Matt talks about the "advice" given from the police to the public after a string of sexual assaults against women... Quite the powerful episode this week. We hope you enjoy xxx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
What the what is going on? Spider season is upon us and it is freaking Ashley out!!! Listen to him and Matt talk about their phobias, and more importantly the fate that waits for anyone who crosses Ash's path! Then they talk about Cuffing season - what is that? Listen and find out... Lastly Matt tells gives an update on his latest page turner: Adam Kay's This Is Going To Hurt... all freak-outs and frolics in this episode of Honest To Pod! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
WARNING - Ash realised near the end that his mic was not turned on BUT you can still hear that soulful husk when he speaks clear enough so fear not. He and Matt talk about how scary it is that people out there approach life in a way that justifies the denial of human rights to minorities. Especially in the era of Trump vs Transgender. Then Ash & Matt talk about why Blackface is NOT ok - but things get heated when they talk about other potential forms of cultural appropriation... we would love to hear your thoughts on this one... Make sure you let us know on Twitter & Instagram @honesttopod :) xxxx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Husky Ash and not so husky (but oh so hunky) Matt come together this week to talk about al things [insert inoffensive word]... From International Men's Day to Mixed-Race Heritage & those out there who perhaps take advantage of this.... Ash & Matt ask the question: can you identify as particular race? Ash also gives some insight into his weird world of personal space invaders... We would love to hear your thoughts on one or all of the topics featured today over at @honest_to_pod on both Instagram & Twitter... Much Love as always, and thanks xx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Ash brings a whole lotta veg talk this week after an encounter that seemed to suggest that being Vegan is the moral food choice - but, is it... really? Matt then recounts his observations on the apps around the increasing number of potential suiters that are actually in open or polyamorous relationships - has the world gone mad or are Ash & Matt just behind the times? Who knows? - who cares? - just be happy :) - Listen and discover what this deliciously delicate duo have to say - and don't forget to subscribe & tell yo friends! xx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Welcome to episode 18 of Honest To Pod where after Ash talks about how he got the number from a straight guy and Matt's update from his latest date... it is sleeves up and down to business! December 1st is World AIDS Day and our hosts would be the first to admit they do not know nearly enough! Do you? It was called "Gay Cancer" in the late 70s/ early 80s - and is a virus that is still incurable. Go on and educate yourself with this episode AND, please send any corrections to mistakes that Ash/Matt make to - they will be sure to read them out! Discover more about World AIDS Day at thanks xx For information regarding your data privacy, visit
In this short but sweet episode of Honest To Pod, Ash & Matt talk about what is an acceptable pursuit of criminals on mopeds? Is there a risk of police exploiting their power? What does Matt sound like when he sexy talks? And is thieving a 1.50 euro tub of Pringles worthy of a two month prison sentence? Find this out and more, in an awesome episode of Honest To Pod! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Ash and Matt get the perfect balance of lols vs non-lols in this week's episode of Honest To Pod - after recounting the perils of their Christmas parties, Matt ... being Matt and Ash being Oprah.... Ash then discusses the attitude of football fans to top clubs Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea after they wore rainbow in support of a global activation about LGBT inclusivity in sport. Matt then talks through his findings of which he initially thought it was a joke... "escape whites" - a tag line for a female POC relaxation retreat... needed? not needed? Let us know your thoughts on this and all the topics covered.... we can review them next time as for now ... we need to go, our sausages are done... For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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