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Author: Emma Norman & Cass Anderson

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Welcome to Honeydew Me, a podcast that goes into the bedroom and beyond with your hosts Emma Norman and Cass Anderson. We believe that everyone deserves to have great sex, feel good in their bodies and love themselves and while we may not be experts, our guests are. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of sex, bodies, confidence, and all those burning questions you've been dying to get answered.
43 Episodes
In this episode we’re getting wet n’ wild with Dr. Tanya Bass and bringing you the low down on LUBE. We chat about the different types of lube, when and how to use them, and why it’s so damn important. Lube makes everything better, and HONEY, you deserve better.
In this episode we’re making sweet sweet love… TO OURSELVES. Sex and pleasure educator Rachel Maine is here to walk us through the ultimate act of self-love, masturbation. We bust through shame, learn how to spice up our stale routines, and even find ways to include a partner. If you’ve got a v or you love someone who does, this episode is sure to change the game!
In this episode, pleasure educator Carly S. covers the logistics of the almighty 69. Whether your overwhelmed by all the moving parts, looking for a less vulnerable modification, or ready to spice it up even more, you’ll find your answers in this very honest guide!
August McLaughlin walks us through the logistics of doing it doggy style, including positions, rhythm, and all those potentially embarrassing moments like queefing and slippage. Whether you’re looking to increase the intimacy or add a bit of spice, this episode is sure to help you up your doggy style game.
If you’re ready for a rundown on all the things that men should have learned in sex ed, but didn’t, this is the episode for you. Kristopher Lovestone is a sex educator and author of the book Conscious Cock: The Empowered Sexuality Manual For Men. From lasting longer in bed, to prostate health, to grade a communication strategies, this episode has all of the “cock talk” you’ve been missing in your life.
Kink educator Mistress Kay walks us through how to start sticking stuff up HIS butt (or really anyone with a penis/prostate). We cover fingers, toys, and even pegging. After this episode, you’ll be fully equipped to knock on someone’s back door.
Usually, we’re all about adding spice, but this week we’re adding a little lightening to your sex life. Cue sex educator, Sunny Megatron; here to give us the ultimate rundown on all things electricity play. Not sure what that is? No prob, because as always we cover the basics before diving into the how to’s. Electricity play is a form of sensation play and can also be used in BDSM (but don’t worry, you don’t have to enjoy pain to reap the benefits.) In this episode, you’ll learn which toys are worth trying, how to start incorporating them into sexy time, and perhaps most importantly, how to have hands free, solo orgasms…Yep. You read that right.   Resources from the episode: Use code SUNNY for 15% off at The Stockroom (aka go get your neon wand!)   Connect with Sunny: @sunnymegatron on Instagram   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok  
Gear up, Honey…you’re entering THE SPLASH ZONE. In this episode we’re going full force and talking about SQUIRTING. We chat with the lovely Shae Alexander, a sex educator and true expert on the elusive juices. She breaks down the basics (I.e. what the heck squirting even is), before diving into the logistics of how to squirt!Whether you’re a curious kitten or your ready to make you’re splashing debut, this is an episode you do not want to miss.   We also talk about: The G-Spot The difference between squirting and orgasms Clean up Talking with your partner about squirting   Connect with Shae: @shaeislove on Instagram Talk Sex Education with Shae on Youtube @talksexwithshae on Clubhouse   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
Buckle up, Honey, because you are in for a WILD RIDE. Intimacy expert Susan Bratton quite literally had us picking our jaws up off the floor, so when we say this episode is a game changer, we are not fucking kidding. We cover libido, desire, throat orgasms, cock worship, a salad dressing recipe and SO. MUCH. MORE. If you’re ready to revamp your sex life and GET HORNY, go ahead and hit that play button!   We also talk about: The difference between libido, desire, and arousal How to care for your libido The Soulmate Embrace (this is our favorite part...)   Susan's Resources: Susan's Website:   Connect with Susan: @susanbratton on Instagram   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
We’ve talked A LOT about sex, but this week we’re doing something a little different and talking about how to find someone to have sex with... AKA dating. Francesca Hogi is a love coach with all the wisdom and advice we wish we had when we were 15, but hey, better late than never. We dive into mindset (spoiler alert it’s v important), red flags, how to know if someone is “the one,” and of course we couldn’t help but talk about our one true love, SEX. If you’re ready to have your world rocked and your dating life reinvigorated, you better hit play because this is a game changer Honey.   We also talk about: Franny's Puke Test Dating during COVID How rejection isn't real   Connect with Franny: @dearfranny on Instagram Dear Franny Podcast   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
PSA: Blow jobs can be pleasurable for EVERYONE involved. Yep, you read that right, even the giver. WHO FRICKIN KNEW?! Lucky for us, sex and relationship coach Azaria Menezes is here to give us all a rundown on how to give a killer blow job and perhaps more importantly, how to enjoy doing it. We cover logistics (i.e. what to do when you're down there), how to add some spice, and SO MUCH MORE. Tune in for an episode that could just change you life (no promises, but like maybe!)   We also talk about: BALLS How to feel into your body The power of "fuck YES"   Connect with Azaria: @azaria.menezes on Instagram Getting Intimate Podcast   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
In this episode we take a trip down south with pleasure coach, Luna Matatas (aka going down, eating out, oral sex with a vulva, you get the idea). We start out by busting through ALL. THE. SHAME. Smell? Look? Taste? No worries here, honey, because Luna talks us through all of it. Then we dive head first into the logistics of eating out. You’re gonna learn the best tongue tricks, how to incorporate fingers, what positions you gotta start trying and so much more. Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, this episode is overflowing with all the juicy tips you need to have a great time when you or your partner heads downtown.   Connect with Luna: @lunamatatas on Instagram Luna's Youtube Channel    If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
We're taking a deep dive into fetishes this week with Master Fetish Trainer Jet Setting Jasmine.  As always, we cover the very basics, like what a fetish even is, before jumping into the big stuff like how to start engaging in your personal fetishes (spoiler alert: you definitely have one). We end the episode by narrowing in on impact play and covering the logistics of it from start to finish. Do NOT deprive yourself of this fun, funky, fetish filled episode!   We also talk about: How SEXY consent can be What it's like to be a Master Fetish Trainer Common fetishes   Connect with Jasmine: @jetsetjasmine on Instagram @jetsetjasmine on Twitter   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
Welcome to the first episode of our new segment: Emma & Cass Dew where we take on a sexy subject, try it out, and tell you how it went. In this episode we take a deep dive into butt stuff, only this time, we're getting personal. We took on the mighty task of trying butt stuff for the first time and we're ready to tell you all about it. From anal beads, to butt plugs, to anal sex, we're getting brutally honest and very vulnerable. We're sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, alongside our top tips for butt stuff beginners. And let's just say, we feel like whole new women...   We also chat about: What we would have done differently The biggest "issues" we ran into Our major takeaways   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram @honeydewme.podcast on TikTok
Pucker up, Honey, because this week’s episode is taking you to first base. Kissing. Our guest Kody Elsayed gives us a refresher on the basics before diving into the spicier side of locking lips. We cover how to use your tongue, what to do with your hands, and how to kiss places other than lips. From novice to expert, there’s a little something in this episode for everyone.   We also talk about: How to initiate a kiss How to practice kissing without a partner What NOT to do   Connect with Kody: @ohhkody on TikTok @ohhkody on Instagram BOY TALK Podcast   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!
PSA: Hand jobs are still cool. In fact, they can change lives. Just ask Ashley Manta, an award winning sex and relationship coach who is said to give the Ferrari of hand jobs. Yep, you read that right, and she came on Honeydew Me to teach us all how to do the same. We cover the basics, like stroke and pressure, all the way up to more advanced positions and tricks that we can’t wait to try out. Tune in if you’re ready to put those hands to good use!   We also talk about: What to do with the balls What to do when they...finish Lube and other necessary prep   Connect with Ashley: @cannasexual on Instagram   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!
Orgasms, what a gift. AMIRIGHT?! Here at Honeydew Me, we firmly believe that the more orgasms in your life, the better, so we brought on Nell Walker, an orgasm expert and pleasure coach whose life goal is to help every vulva owner GET OFF. Not only does Nell walk us through the basics of what an orgasm actually is, she also gives us the lowdown on how to optimize our sex lives for BIGGER, BETTER (and even MULTIPLE) orgasms. Count. Us. In.    We also talk about: Masturbation techniques  Types of orgasms (nipples, butt etc)   Connect with Nell: @nellthepleasurecoach on Instagram @nellthepleasurecoach on TikTok   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!  
TW: Sexual assault, rape, abuse Want to get to know yourself better? Turns out your sexual fantasies are a great way start. Dr. Joe Kort, psychotherapist and clinical sexologist, joins us to discuss what our sexual fantasies mean, where they might come from, and how incredibly NORMAL they are. If you think your fantasies are "weird" or "wrong", then this is the fun and funky episode for you because SPOILER ALERT... there's no room for shame in the fantasy game (but consent is always required).   We also chat about: Common sexual fantasies What to do when you and your partner have mismatched fantasies How to start exploring your fantasies   Connect with Dr. Joe Kort: @drjoekort on TikTok  @drjoekort on Instagram   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!
Hope you're ready to get a little fun and funky this week, because your hosts are bringing you that and so. much. more. We asked friends, strangers, and exes (yes…EXES) to give us their cringiest sex questions and then gave ourselves two options: answer OR drink. Spoiler alert…we did a lot of both. From queefing to shower sex to our most embarrassing attempts at role play, this episode covers it all. As per usual, we're very tipsy, extremely honest, and just doin the damn thing.   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!
Saddle up, Honey, because we're getting ready to ride! Tyomi Morgan, AKA Glamazon Tyomi, is a certified Sexologist, Pleasure Coach, and Cowgirl expert. We start off with the basics of being on top and how to become the confident rider you're destined to be. If this isn't your first rodeo, no worries, we also learn how to take this sex position to the next level and leave your partner (and yourself) *whimpering* for more. Despite the name, cowgirl position is for EVERYONE (including queer couples), so grab your partner and get ready to say "YEEEHAAWW."   We also chat about: Becoming d!ck assassins Positions and strokes What about my butthole?! and other common concerns   Resources: Sign up for the Cowgirl Workout HERE!   Connect with Tyomi: @realglamazontyomi on Instagram   If you love us, check out: @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!    
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